New ‘Kids’ on the Blog

Three new INTERNeX members made their way to Vancouver this week! Well, some of them have been here for a little longer, but they are starting their volunteer practicums just now. 😉 Let me tell you more about the new trio.

I’ll start by introducing you to Sarah, who is more than thrilled that she just finished her language course. She’s a masters graduate from Germany and will do her practicum at an integrative pre school here in Vancouver. When she’s back in Germany she’ll work further on her doctor’s degree, which funny enough wasn’t even planned. Her professor liked her work so much that he asked her if she’d like to do her doctor’s degree with him and she just couldn’t say no to that. 😀 This should be a nice time out from studying then an it seems Sarah is using every single minute of it. She’s already traveled to Banff, Jasper, and to Seattle, where she cheered on a Canadian baseball team. 🙂 When I asked her about Vancouver she said that it’s pretty, but she’s also very concerned about the homelessness and people ignoring the issue rather than trying to find a solution for it. That’s a very accurate impression in my opinion. Even though she’s seen a lot of things here already, there’s something else on her bucket list. Sarah really wants to see a killer whale in the wild and she was very specific about that. 😀 I’ll keep my fingers crossed for her. 🙂

Xenia will do her practicum together with Sarah. She just graduated High School in Germany and is on her way to start university. She’d like to become a teacher for English and Nursing. Looks like she found the perfect opportunity to try and see if she really likes it. Her main goals while in Canada are improving her English and meeting new people. She’s definitely at the right place fo that. 😉 But why Canada? First of all it’s far away from home, she says, and secondly it has been one of her dream destinations for a while. Xenia is going to stay two months with us and she just arrived a few days ago, so all she can say about Vancouver is ‘big’ and ‘beautiful’. Don’t we all agree? In her free time she likes to play tennis, to play piano, to go swimming, or to go on trips to explore the world. When I told her about the upcoming Rockies trip, she was in with no hesitation. Are you?

Kim-Sarah is the third in our round. Her major in Germany was business psychology. Now she’s trying to find out what her next step will be. How to do that better than with work experience in a foreign country? In her practicum of arts counselling she’ll be practicing research, event planning, and marketing, amongst other tasks. She’s eager to try as many different things as possible. Before coming to Vancouver, Kim-Sarah already went to Toronto for five weeks of language school. She liked it so much that she would’ve stayed even longer to explore more parts of the East Coast. Even though her first impression of Vancouver was rainy, I’m sure she’s soon going to love it here, especially with the weather getting better this week. I mean, if her gut told her to come to Canada, then it was probably for a reason. 😉 Another great match with the West Coast is her plan to go hiking. In my opinion there’s no better place for it, since BC has a lot of beautiful mountains with stunning views and great hiking trails. The diversity of nature is the greatest I’ve seen so far, so I’m sure that’s another point to win over her heart. 😉

Please give them a warm welcome at tonight’s pub night, 7pm at Mango’s.

See you there!


Laura 🙂

INTERNeX Canada: INTERNeX Internship program

Tired of studying and more studying? Are you looking for something different and do you want to gain real experience??

Putting your skills into practice and facing real challenges is more important than memorized facts, so don’t miss our internship program.

An internship involves long hours and hard work, but it’s a great opportunity to gain experience in your chosen field; it’s a brief taste of your future real full-time employment. It’s also a perfect moment to make new friends and to make contacts within the industry.

7188154797_1152258a77_mAnd why to choose an international internship?

Being abroad is an amazing opportunity to broaden your horizons, to improve your language skills in a foreign language and to self-develop. During your time off you can explore the local culture,  travel and experience new things.

Summarizing, it’ll be an experience that it’s not just about a professional career, if not to grow up as a person and to develop yourself in both ways of your life: profesional and personal.

So don´t miss out this is the perfect occasion which gives you so many benefits: to improve your English, your resume, your real knowledge and of course to live the experience of your life!

Contact us to know more about our programs.



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INTERNeX Canada: PuB NiGHT Review – Study Time @ Library Square

Hey folks,

Yes, just like every Wednesday, we did it again: Gather at one of the city’s coolest spots  and have a great time with both old and new friends in Vancouver! This week’s location was the Library Square Public House on Georgia St, right next to the Public Library (that was easy eh?). What started off with six people turned out to be one of the busiest PuB NiGHTs in quite a while! About 25 people squeezed together and many of them enjoyed their first real Canadian beer like some of our new candidates from Denmark. Speaking of the Danish, they literally invaded us last night!! Seven of them could still not beat the German record though, sorry guys. 😉 A language crash course in Danish – contents are not going be published here – made me realize that German is definitely NOT similar to Danish at all. Even a standard sentence sounds like a succession of tongue twisters to me. Fortunately, there are many more nights to come where all the non-Danish of us can practice their language skills.

So thanks to everyone who came out and had a blast and a special thank you goes out to Denmark for letting go of all these awesome people – we’re happy to have you guys here. Hope to see you all of you soon, for example at our W or W? Wakeboarding Event on Tuesday next week! Make sure you sign up soon and don’t forget to check out last night’s pics on flickr.

Any comments on last night and suggestions for next week’s PuB & CluB NiGHT on Friday are highly appreciated! 🙂 Soak up some BC sun and have a splendid day!


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INTERNeX: Casual Friday

Don’t you think the English language is challenging? Compared to other languages English has some strange rules. That is why I would like to share this video with you today of a 102 year old man challenging the English language. It is a funny video and you might learn something from it. Enjoy.

If you have a video, quote, picture etc. you want to share with us on our casual Friday blog post.

Send it and WIN amazing prices !!!!

Have a nice weekend.



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Candidate Exposé

Meet Gudrun, a young mind from Germany who is ready to conquer anything Canada throws her way. I first met Gudrun at the INTERNeX office a few weeks ago, and then again at INTERNeX PuB NiGHT! We chatted for awhile about her internship and how she was enjoying her time spent in Canada. She was so interesting to talk to, I thought I would ask her to share more about her experiences so far.

Why did you decide to come to Canada?
Canada was my destination of choice as I decided I would like to spend time in an English speaking country and Vancouver has a reputation for being innovative and very keen on sports. I think living and working overseas is an important learning/life experience and in today’s global society, it is getting more and more important to gain a more international perspective.

How did you find out about INTERNeX?
INTERNeX is in collaboration with my German organization, which arranged everything for me.

What program are you currently participating in?
I’m doing an unpaid internship!

Do you like program offered by INTERNeX?
Yes, I think they offer many different kinds of options, so anybody will find the right program.

What do you enjoy about your job?
I enjoy learning a lot about the structure and work processes within the company. It’s great to have the opportunity to work unsupervised and to display initiative.

What skills do you use at work?
I use my computer skills along with my verbal and written English language skills.

What would you tell others about Canada as a country?
You have to experience Canada yourself, but I would recommend Canada to anybody. It seems to be a country with lots of international influences and many opportunities, regarding sports, culture, nature, shopping and sightseeing… and the Canadians are all very friendly and open-minded.

Can you sum up your experience in 10 words or less?
Vancouver is awesome, I’ve enjoyed every minute so far!

What kind of activities have you done since living in Canada?
There is still so much to do, but I’ve been to Seattle already, I also enjoyed Stanley Park and the Aquarium, Granville Island, The Capilano Suspension Bridge and of course some pubs in Downtown.

What are your plans for the future?
After my internship I want to travel first before I’m going back to Germany. Afterwards I will either apply for a new job or doing my PhD. I haven’t decided yet.

Not sure which program is for you? Visit for more information on how INTERNeX can make your trip to Canada happen!

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