Meanwhile in Vegas…

You might wonder why it was so quiet on the Blog this week. The answer is, INTERNeX went to Las Vegas for the 4th of July celebrations and I obviously couldn’t miss out on that. Still tired, I feel the last couple of days in my bones while sitting back at my desk in Vancouver. It was my very first time in the city that never sleeps and I understand now, why people say that. Here’s a little POV from our trip.

We’re on the plane early in the morning, excited to arrive at the shiniest place on earth. The city is so big you can see the flickering ads on the buildings from up in the sky. After refreshing ourselves at the hotel we decide to take the Monorail (kind of like a skytrain that runs parallel to the Las Vegas Strip) and go down to the famous ‘Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas’ sign to take a nice group photo. The last station of the Monorail however, is a bit further away, which means we have to walk quite a bit to get to the sign.

At first that seems totally fine, but it is 42 degrees pure sun shining on us, so it gets harder with every minute of walking. I really feel that I’m in the middle of a desert. In the distance we see something… is that a Fata Morgana? A yellow ‘M’ appears on the horizon and it whispers ‘Air Condition’ and ‘food’. Thankfully we are right, it’s a McDonalds that was going to save us. It feels really good to cool down, eat and drink an iced beverage before continuing our journey.

Surprisingly we all made it to the sign, just to find out that there’s a long queue of people waiting in the heat to take a photo. We find a way to sneak to the side and skip the line by taking a photo there instead of right underneath the sign. If you are ever planning on going, keep that in mind! Another thing we’ve come to realize, it’s cheaper to take an Uber or Lyft when you are travelling with a group than it is taking a bus, plus it’s more convenient as well.

After spending some free time we all meet again at a nice Mexican restaurant to have dinner and drinks together. The tacos are amazing! The first day has been successful, but tiring. Matt plays a round of Black Jack at the Casino but gives up pretty fast, I guess it’s time for bed. We decide to keep it chill and save our energy for the next day.

A few of us are going to a pool party, the perfect place to be on a hot sunny day, and indeed it is so much fun! I’d recommend buying tickets in advance as well as eating and drinking lots before going because prices are insane; $57 for a cocktail… Everything else is totally worth it though, we’re having a blast! Another group of us is taking the day to explore the city some more.

In the evening everyone is out to see the Independence Day fireworks! My favourite view is from the Bellagio Fountains. There’s a fountain show with light, music and the fireworks in the background. Even at night it’s nice and warm in the city. I actually prefer the night over the day in Vegas! Everything is sparkling in bright lights, and the sun doesn’t burn you. 😀

There’s definitely always something to do and the time of our departure came too fast. After two days it’s time to say Goodbye to Vegas. We all agree it’s a very unique place. It doesn’t seem like a regular city, it’s its own little world. I still feel like I need to process the past days, so much happened in such little time, and with barely any sleep. But I guess that’s how it is when you visit Las Vegas. 😉

Have you ever been to Vegas? Would you go? What do you think of it?

I’d love to chat more about it at tonight’s pub night, 7pm at The Blarney Stone! See you there!


Laura 🙂

INTERNeX Canada: Smart Saver Vancouver !

In this side of the world, flights are not precisely cheap. If you compare with Europe, where we all can flight with those low cost companies which you can take a flight for just 30 Euros round trip, in Canada and USA we don’t have such a deals !

For that reason, I’m gonna try to give you a few advices to travel with a reasonable price while you are here in Canada!

One of your options if you wanna travel a little bit in the  States West Coast  if you are in Vancouver is going to Seattle or Bellingham. You can check  Boltbus out; they have bus tickets from $1! A plus of the boltbuses is that all of them have power outlets and wifi available, so the trip is more enjoyable for all of us !! Another bus company with reasonable fares is Greyhound. If you book in advance you can get a round ticket for less than $40 !!

These companies also travel to Portland, if you are interested !!

If you wanna travel further, you can travel to the amazing Las Vegas. Sin City is always one of the most affordable options (well, if you don´t like to gamble a lot of course). You can find always good deals of flight + hotel in Expedia, to visit one of the most famous and visited cities in USA !! You can get as good deals as $400 dollars for a flight and 3 or 4 days of accommodation ! Is good, isn’t it ??

If you wanna relax, and you don´t like to gamble or you just don´t like the heat of SinCity, you can always take a flight to San Francisco ! With Lufthansa or Air Canada, you can get a round trip flight for less than $300 ! For that, you can check Skyscanner out. I find this website very useful when I just wanna look for a flight !

I hope you liked this post, and don’t be shy to comment if you found also a good deal that you want to share with all of us !

Have a nice day, and ENJOY TRAVELING !



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INTERNeX Canada: News/ Fun fact

For the Europeans to travel for example to Hawaii is insane expensive, and you don´t go there if it´s not a really special date of your life like your honeymoon

But nowadays we have the opportunity to go to incredible places for prices much more affordable that if we were still in Europe!

Here there are three examples of international trips to go:

Las Vegas

Las Vegas was basically a desert just over 100 years ago but now it´s the city of excellence to have fun “what happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas”. There you can find the most glamorous, unique hotels in the world and it´s the best place to play at casinos, pools, health spas and golf courses. And of course perfect if you want marry each other!!!


The only separate United States full of wild nature is not that expensive if you travel from here.

You can find flights for less than 300$ or you can make a cruise around the main places of Alaska without paying a lot of money! Cool! And cold too!


Have you ever seen Lost? Imagine being in that beaches and paradisiac places while you sunbath yourself and take and exotic cocktail. OK, Irene stop imaging..

Christian one of our INTERNeXer is going to go there and the flight cost him around 300$ and the hostel more or less 100$!

For less that 500 $ you can spend a few days in one of the most amazing places of the world.

But it´s no necessary to cross the border to find amazing places! Actually we live in one of the most livable places all over the world and there are awesome places around the city as well.

Rockies, glacier lakes, natural parks…BC has everything!

Do you want to travel? And have fun? So just join us for the trips! Actually now we are organizing a super fun trip to Whistler in October!



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A new testimonial!

Most of you know that I’m living at the INTERNeX Staffhouse. This is a great experience, especially because I meet so many people from all over the world! The only sad thing is that sometimes I have to say goodbye to them as well. Last week 4 people left, because they all finished their internship. Fortunately they usually leave a testimonial behind! Today I have a testimonial from Bas (The Netherlands) for you.

My time here in Vancouver was fantastic! I’ve been here for 5 months to do my graduation internship. To do my internship in Canada was one of my dreams actually and it came true! I worked in a clothing company where I worked as a International sales assistant, to help out where I can. I got the chance to work at a trade fair in Las Vegas with some staff members and meet lots of old and new clients. That was the highlight of my Internship to be honest, it was so much fun! The atmosphere was really relaxed at my internship and I helped the manager with lots of new things. In that way he could have more stuff done, when I was helping him.

To read his whole testimonial (he will tell more about Vancouver and the staffhouse) or to read testimonial from other INTERNeX candidates, go to our website!

See you tonight @ the INTERNeX PuB NiGHT!!



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