How was your weekend?

Once again, the weekend was just flying by and we are back to our daily routine. And personally, I am looking back at a crazy weekend.
I’ve got a very special visitor from Germany here at the moment, so we spent the weekend with all the stuff you “need to see” around here. And for once, I actually get to be a tourist here in Vancouver one more time. IMG_5701.JPG
On Saturday our lovely Sophie invited us to a very special occasion, she finally turned 19! Therefore once again, Happy Birthday from the whole INTERNeX family!
On Saturday, the INTERNeX crew went to play Lasertag. One of the events I have been waiting for, for a while now. 
And to be frank, I only had one mission: Beating the Swedish self named “Lastertag-king”, just you know … because :D.
Anyways we got to play in an huge area over 3 floors and with new and overwhelming equipment. In three different games, we got to prove our fighting skills, by not only shooting with laser, but with using different special features as well. Turned out, no shield could have saved me. And if there would be any important Lasertag-war ever, you should probably not let me fight in it. Except if you are trying to loose, or challenge yourself :D. So you might figure, that I failed my very personal challenge to beat Bertil. 508c336f-fa65-4c9b-ac5e-0f16373806fa.JPGAnd not only that, I think I came last in pretty much every game. And yes I was very disappointed about myself, please be kind and don’t rub it in my face, even if I do deserve it .. at least a bit!
However, we had a fantastic time and I wouldn’t have thought that this would be sooo exhausting. I actually had to change my clothes afterwards, as all of this hiding, hunting and running around was worth a weeks work-out :D. On the way home, we took a nice  long sightseeing trip in the bus towards the opposite side of downtown. Now you might wonder, why would she do that? Well, I do have two explanations… either the bus driver randomly went the wrong direction or someone (maybe me) decided to take the wrong bus… I think the answer is obvious .. it was option 1 :P.
Thank you guys so much for joining, it was great seeing you all again.
Anyways, I am currently taking my time to recover from this active and adventurous weekend and hopefully see you all on Wednesday at Steamworks, 7pm. Till then, go out and enjoy the beautiful snow <3. 
See you soon 
— Nadja xx 
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