INTERNeX Camping Trip Review

We survived the camping trip and have returned as real men and women! After 3 hellish days of running through the wilderness, foraging for food and fighting bears we….Alright, alright of course I’m kidding!

We had tons of fun though!


Day 1. We arrived at our camping site at around 4:30pm without a hitch – or so I would like to say. Actually, it took us a while to find the hidden passage to our site. But eventually we found it and the place looked amazing! We were also lucky to have a couple of friends bring our sleeping bags and set up the tents. Thank you Michael and Steve!

Finally arriving at our destination we immediately opened our first beer which was long overdue. Then we stowed away our bags and took another look at our location with the view on the ocean. Interestingly enough there was an island right across from us with smoke constantly rising from its forested area. There was even a helicopter or two flying into it. Pretty scary huh? According to our campground ranger, we were safe though – as long as we didn’t start a fire ourselves. Because of the fire ban in place all across BC, we sadly couldn’t have any campfires.

Oh well, we made due with a portable gas grill. We fired it up and made hamburgers and sausages for everyone, eating it together with lettuce, tomatoes, chips and beer. Now that’s what I call a great camping dinner!

Afterwards we kept the alcohol flowing, chatted to get to know each other better (there were some new faces) and played lots of fun games, one of which was called Jungle Speed. That one got really intense! With people falling over each other and a couple of scratches here and there.

We played several more games long past dark until sleep finally claimed us one after the other.

Day 2. We all got up feeling kind of groggy, debating if we should take showers. But who cares? It’s a camping trip! Instead we made an excellent breakfast with bacon and eggs. Oh yes, it’s not a typo we actually had bacon and eggs! Followed by this was making sandwiches in preparation for our hike.

We took off around 12:30, excited to begin hiking and of course that’s when it started raining. Unperturbed, we soldiered on, wanting to complete our goal. What awaited us turned out to be no easy hike. It was set at intermediate level and beginning was really steep!

Still, we moved on and after about 2 hours of rigorous hiking we were rewarded with our first of many amazing views right under the gondola towers. We even had tourist waving down to us from their passing cabins.

Moving on we found the next view further up which was even better because there weren’t any gondola towers and lines obstructing our sight.

And finally! We reached our initial goal of getting to the Upper Shannon Falls. It only took 3 hours! The scene before us was absolutely incredible and definitely worth all our effort up to this point.

So what now? We had 2 options: Go back down the way we came or continue on the Sea to Summit Trail where the gondola rides end. Although already pretty exhausted we had tasted blood. There was no other alternative than keep going up!

During the next 2 hours of hiking (and the occasional climb) we were able to enjoy a couple more breathtaking views down onto the ocean before we reached the top, at last. Mission accomplished!

We rewarded ourselves with coffees and hot chocolates before returning to the camp. This time we took the gondola though.

Back at camp what we needed was beer, a shower and food. In exactly that order!

We fired up the grill once more to finish most off the food we had left, but leaving enough for breakfast the following day.

We had also stocked up on more alcohol earlier since we had been running low.

Now all set we were ready to party again! After a little while it seemed the rain really had it out for us because it began pouring once more. In defiance, we quickly decided to move to one of our 4-person-tents and managed a squeeze 9 people in there!

When the clock struck 12 we had yet another reason to party. That night we celebrated into Laura’s birthday. We had a hilarious time!

Eventually, we ran out of booze and sleep took us again soon after. We also had to get up quite early in order to catch our bus at 11am.

Day 3. The next morning we packed, fired up the grill one last time for bacon and our leftovers and made our way back home to Vancouver.

We left no trace of this amazing camping trip except for what was etched into our memories.
Thanks to everyone who came along. It was truly awesome!




Your PR Team

Trivia Pub Night Review

Ooohoyeah, I liked the Trivia night at the Moose’s Down Under last night! Did you too?Surprisingly, we did not know a lot of answers, but I don’t think that affected the fun we had!

Thanks for showing up guys! We had a nice big group with two teams.

The quiz existed out of four rounds with each ten questions. These questions varied from history to pop music and from movie titles to book titles. Between every round the teams could play games. The first game was heads and tails. Everyone was asked to stand up, the host flipped two coins and the participants had to predict whether it would be two heads, two tails or heads and tails by placing their hands on their head or back. If one would predict wrong, they were out of the race and the winner won a round of shots or beers for their table! Nice prize I’d say!

In between the second and third round the game to be played made use of big badminton shuttlecocks and a net, one participant from every team had to throw all three shuttlecocks in the net in order to obtain as many points as possible. The team with the most points won a round of beer or shots. None of our teams won this round.

However, team Just Germans, including one Dutchie, won the third game: rock, paper, scissors. We won a round of shots! YAY!

Both INTERNeX teams, Just Germans and Three Nations, ended up with a tie! The winning team could win a $150 cash jackpot, but they choose to raise the jackpot instead and get another chance of winning next week. This means that the jackpot is $200 next week!

After the quiz the bar closed fairly soon and therefore some of us decided to have another drink at the Cambie, which was packed!

I’d say it was another good pub night!

Next week INTERNeX organizes a club night, check the event for more info!

See you laterrrrr!

Pub Night at The Metropole

banner fb
Release the singer in you, ‘cause tomorrow, May 6, we’ll have a karaoke pub night at the Metropole!

There will be happy hour from untill 10 p.m. as well as great deals on other drinks and shots! They offer food too! Besides karaoke, you can play a game of pingpong.

Let’s meet up there at 8 p.m.! The address is 320 Abbott Street, between West Hastings and West Cordova in Gastown.

So, be there or be square!

Pub Night Review

Yesterday was our favorite day of the week again, which does not include Saturday and Sunday of course. We had again a super nice pub night at the Cambie.

We actually planned to have our pub night at the beach, but since it was pretty windy outside we decide to go to the Cambie instead. The Cambie is nice pub, which has long tables and you can even sit outside! As usually our pub night started at 7pm. We were lucky enough the get one of the tables outside, so we could enjoy the sun a little longer. We ordered some food and drinks, I definitely recommend the burgers there however this time I went for a caesar salad which is also delicious. After a while it got a chilly outside so we went inside to continue to Pub Night.

We had a lot of laughs last night and we are all exiting for the summer months and the fun stuff you can do while you are here in the summer. For those we do not join us this weekend to the rafting trip, we would recommend you to go for a hike near Vancouver, maybe Grouse Grind?, and afterwards you can relax on the beach. Or maybe rent a bike for a day and go around Stanley park and bring some lunch so you can have a little break on one of the nice beaches.

We hope you enjoyed the Pub Night yesterday and we will see you on the Rafting Trip

INTERNeX International Exchange
International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada -V6B 6N9-

Upcoming Events

Tuesday means we are a day closer to the weekend, and to brighten you even more up here is a list with our upcoming events and trips.

On Friday 28th at 7.00pm it is time to return to The Cambies for another great Pub & Club Night. We will officially welcome our ‘new’ intern Daniela and say goodbye to the lovely month February and welcome March with some food, drinks and dancing. Check our facebook event for more information.

March 8th and 9th it is time to return to Whistler for an epic weekend of skiing, boarding, zip trekking, tubing, nightlife and all the other fun activities. We will stay in a hotel with fully equipped kitchen and hot tub, what else do you need? We will depart at the 7.00am on March 8th and come back around 7.30pm on March 9th. See our post about whistler for more information or check our facebook event. If you want to join, please make sure that you pay before Thursday 5.30pm, you can stop by our office to pay. If you have any question, we are happy to answer them.

Friday 14th we will watch the Giants playing Kelowna Rockets at 7.30pm. The tickets will be around $20, depending on the attendances. It will be the last chance for you to see the Giants play this season, since the season will be end mid March. Keep an eye on the blog and facebook for more information.

And of course we have our weekly Pub Nights on March 11th (yes, a tuesday), and March 26th.

We hope to see you at the events!

INTERNeX International Exchange
International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada -V6B 9N9-

Whistler Yay or Nay?

INTERNeX goes Whistler yay or nay? The PR-department is planning on a Whistler over-night trip, however we would like to know how many of you are seriously interested in going to Whistler during the weekend of March 8th and 9th.

Whistler has been voted among the top destinations in North America by major ski magazines since the mid 90’s. It hosted most of the alpine events during the 2010 Winter Olympics and annually over two million people visit Whistler. Whistler is not only known for their 8 100 acres of trails, but also for their incredible nightlife. If you are not a big fan of skiing or snowboarding, don not worry, Whistler has more in store for you than you think!

The trip will start on Saturday March 8th at 7:00am and we we will return to Vancouver approximately at 7:30pm on Sunday March 9th. The price for the tour is $158 and includes a night at the Coast hotel with breakfast, hot tub and a kitchen, a guided tour of Whistler village, free entry to the SLCC Cultural Museum and a VIP Nightclub Admission. Furthermore great discount on optional activities, such as Peak to Peak Gondola, snow tubing, zip trek or bungee jumping and apres ski discounts at the Longhorn Saloon are included. If you want you can also bring a friend along.

Discount prices:
Peak to Peak Gondola $47
Snow Tubing $20
Zip Trek $105
Bungee Jump $125
Lift Ticket $90
Ski/Snowboard rentals $35
Lesson package (Lesson, rentals & lift ticket) $130

A trip to Whistler is exactly what you need and deserve after a serious week of hard working. Please let me know, preferable by Monday,  if you are interested in joining the trip via Facebook, phone, office visit, carrier pigeon or whatever you like.

I hope to hear from you all on Monday and to make this trip happening!

INTERNeX International Exchange
International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada -V6B 9N9-

PuB NiGHT Announcement

Tomorrow is time for your favorite night of the week, PuB NiGHT. This time we will host the PuB NiGHT at the Hastings Warehouse and we will have a special guest coming, our new intern DANIELA!

Special offers at the Warehouse:

– $5.75 Kokanee Beer

– $ 4.95 Menus

The Hastings Warehouse is located on 156 W Hasting, which is just around the corner of Hasting and Cambie st. The Hastings Warehouse is open for all ages! Click here to join the event.

Come and say hi to Daniela at 6.45pm at the Hastings Warehouse!