INTERNeX Canada: Fun Facts about some Vancouver Sculptures’

Art turning heads. Vancouver has a lot of pieces of public art and installations scattered around town. Some of them are really curious, either because they are cute or funny, or because they create a controversy (after all, they are bought with public money… a lot of public money). Anyway, I strongly recommend going around the city and looking for the 350 outdoor art works that Vancouver has; in parks, transit shelters and even on random street corners.


Giant Laughing statues at English Bay


Maybe “funny” is the perfect term to describe this installation. In fact, it’s recognized universally as a sign of happiness. The real name is A-maze-ing Laughter and consists of 14 enormous bronze statues – in all different poses – of a shirtless guy laughing hysterically. Vancouverites and tourist love these statues; it’s one of the most common spots where all the people want a picture. One couple was even married right in the middle of it all. The Chinese artist Yue Minjun created it. It costs $1.5 million.


Digital Orca


You can find this sculpture, created by Douglas Coupland located adjacent to the Vancouver Convention Centre in Vancouver. Visually, it’s very curious, and immediately can draw the attention of the visitors. The artist said that he tried to capture the spirit of Vancouver, making a familiar symbol of the West Coast become something unexpected and new. He also tried to highlight the importance of technology and nature in the province.


The Poodle


The most controversial installation of Vancouver, beyond all doubt. It’s Located in 3333 Main Street. Basically, is a 25-foot steel pole with an enormous poodle on the top. It can be very funny, at least before you know that this thing cost to the Government… $62,000. Mary Frances, the artist said, “What I love about it is that on Main Street nothing is out of place. The out-of-place is in place. You are supposed to be surprised,” Hahahaha.


Pile of rubble


Maybe you saw this installation, but you didn’t realize that this is an installation. Located on Georgia Street (Downtown) that appears, on first glance, a simple pile of rubble. Well, you can think that it’s a very stupid artwork, or maybe you can think that it’s fascinating. The piece, titled “Calm,” was created by a Chinese artist collective called MadeIn.


So, Should all the art always be accepted because the artist made it with a elaborated concept behind? Even if this concept it’s only creating controversy? When do you think that an artwork it’s simply ridiculous, it’s because we are stupid ignorants? Is the artist a stupid ignorant? Am I so boring because I’m making many questions about art during one Sunday? 


Happy Sunday,



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INTERNeX Canada: The picture of the week

This picture explains it all. It just so happens to capture the perfect moment of our PR Intern Irene dancing the night away. With her arm high in the air, she seems like she’s having a great time on the dance floor! It was so much fun during the pub and club night at the Pint last month in January! So many people made it out to celebrate the night away as the Vancouver Canucks won 5-0 against Anaheim Ducks, and of course not to mention, it was a farewell party for our dear PR interns Irene and Queenie. There was dancing, laughter, cheering, and just about all the happiness in the world that night.



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PuBNiGHT in Banff!

To all the great people working in Banff. Be prepared! A group if INTERNeX interns from Vancouver, joined by me “The Proud Dutch” and my sidekick “The Insane Dane” from the INTERNeX office, is coming to your hometown this Saturday! It would be awesome to meet up and have the first ever  INTERNeX PuBNIGHT in Banff!

We will be having dinner at 7.30 pm at The Paddock Bar & Grill and after that, who knows?? We are depending on you guys working in the area to show us what kind of fun your hometown has to offer, and where we can go to get our groove on!

Let us know if your up for a night filled with laughter, beers, and maybe new friendships! Send an email to or to get some more details, and some phone numbers so we can arrange where to meet up etc.

Look forward to meeting you all and to have a blast of a night in Banff!

– Manouk