INTERNeX Canada: About INTERNeX – 3 Top Reasons to Love Vancouver

I arrived five weeks ago and right now, I can say that this place is my new home. The home I picked myself from tons of places in the world. But what is so special, what distinguishes it from other cities, what are the arguments to choose Vancouver over any other great destination for an experience abroad? Here are my 3 top answers. They are different for everyone as people are different but these are mine.

1. I love Vancouver because it is so different and yet so familiar.

When I decided to leave home again, I was sure it was going to be a place on another continent and 6 hours on the plane from Germany at the absolute minimum – just to get the real feeling of leaving everything far behind and going on a true adventure, you know. 😉 After I had eventually made it all the way across the Atlantic Ocean then, I soon realized that the lifestyle in Vancouver didn’t come as a total culture shock for me. For sure, it’s more easy-going and apparently more “North American” than the European cities I know but Vancouver didn’t give me a very hard time to adapt. So home is where the heart is? Yes, I agree.

 2. I love Vancouver because it has taken all sorts of boredom from my life.

As a kid from the countryside who studied in the ‘megacity’ Salzburg and did some internships in Munich, I’m not exactly used to big city life and also not too keen on full time entertainment. So what do actually I want then? And that’s exactly the thing about Vancouver: You can pick your own pace. There is every opportunity to go wild each night or hike every day or kayak or shop or chill on the beaches. Right now, I love my status of a busy person at work whose free time is packed with tons of dinner or movie dates, party invitations and awesome stuff in the outoors on the weekends. INTERNeX plays a major role in that, so thanks! 🙂 Nevertheless, I know if I decide to rest and take it easy for a while – Vancouver is such a chill place, it’s not going to be all that hard to find a quiet spot somewhere.

3. I love Vancouver because it attracts young people from all over the world who are just like me.

“…who are just like me” sounds kind of cheesy, I know. But it’s true! I have always been an outgoing person who wasn’t afraid of meeting new people but the problem before I came to Canada was, that I simply didn’t meet that many people to begin with. Over here, however – oh my God. I had never before talked to a stranger on the Skytrain and decided to meet up for a drink the next time we accidentally bumped into each other on Robson Street, for example. What a random friendship but it’s great and we still hang out!  People are just more open-minded and willing to make new friends. At work, on the street, at the bar – I constantly find myself talking to strangers. And some of these strangers become friends if you put some effort in it. What a wonderful life it can be if you have the chance to actually look for the people you spend your time with and it’s even better when you reach the point where you realize they like you in return.

Why do YOU love Vancouver? Please add your reasons to the list!! Or what do you expect Vancouver to be like in case you’ve never been here?

I’ll see you around 🙂


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INTERNeX Canada: Culture Shock

Having lived in Vancouver, Canada since I was 7 (now 23), I asked myself: what am I still culture shocked with? I can only recall my experience from the move to Canada. The lifestyle was the biggest shock to me.

In Hong Kong, everyone’s lives moves at 150 km per hour because they seem to be busy all the time. Working 12 to 13 hours, excluding overtime, is the norm, and yet the locals go out to eat or drink afterwards like sleep doesn’t matter.

Moving to Vancouver, the pace of the Canadian lifestyle was definitely a shock.People are much less self-absorbed in that they would say ‘hi’ to you on the street if you pass by them. On the other hand, I had a conversation with someone the other day about how there is nothing to do because stores or restaurants close fairly early. Even the bars generally close at 2am. As Vancouver becomes more metropolitan, these restrictions are definitely changing.

Yet contrary to those thoughts above, I was having a chat on Facebook with a fellow Canadian friend, Joe, who is currently studying hospitality management in Switzerland. I asked him what are the cultural differences in Switzerland or Europe compared to back home in Vancouver.

His thoughts are what inspired this post.

Joe said that people in Europe hold a higher sense of traditional values and persuasions. This is obvious in that Canada is a very young country, having only been constituted in 1867. Our upcoming holiday, Thanksgiving, is one that we celebrate religiously every year, on the second Monday of October. I was surprised to learn that it has only been around since 1957.

Joe also told me that in Europe, people tend to be much more laid back and aren’t constantly rushing around like in Vancouver. He says Europeans seem to enjoy the quality of life more or find ways to do so. I found that kind of odd because I find Vancouver pretty easy going already, most of the time anyway. Maybe then, Vancouver is the best of both worlds, where it’s becoming a bigger and more vibrant city, but on the other hand, there is still the nature, mountains and ocean to escape to when you need a break.

Now, my friend’s thoughts may just be his own generalizations and may not apply to other people’s experiences, but he has taught me that you need to try out different cultures and lifestyles in order to be able to compare to your own. You wouldn’t know if you are stuck in a bubble or doing the same routine unless you get out there and experience something different!



INTERNeX International Exchange
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Smart Saver Vancouver

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Shake Off Your Turkey Jerky!!!


A Thanksgiving Feast


Ah, tis the day after the Thanksgiving weekend.  We have all gorged on the delicious table-full of foods: stuffed turkey with heaps of cranberry and gravy dressing, rich and creamy lasagna, pumpkin pie with gallops of ice cream, butter-infused mashed potato, and of course, accompanied by wine.

All this has got to wreck havoc on our waistline!

Is it the day after, and you habitually put on your pants, only to find that they are a little too snug? And you even try on the elastic-band pants but still feel the elastic too close for comfort?

Well, it might be time for some hard-core detox, which calls for buckling down and steer our paths back to the sure and tried way of a healthy lifestyle.

The best way to get back into shape is immediacy.  I just walked by a billboard that said “Procrastinator’s Anonymous Meeting”.  Then underneath the sign, it said “cancelled again”.  It is meant to be a joke…but it is so true.  We keep procrastinating from getting back into a healthy routine, that we procrastinate to the point where it becomes a habit to do so.

So…what does it mean to shake that turkey jerky? You know the turkey “junk in your trunk”? Well, you just have to jerk it off: dust off your work-out clothes, hop back on the treadmill, follow up with consistent and adequately proportioned meals….and with much persistence, you will see a difference!

I myself am trying to start up this routine.  It is excruciatingly painfully hard and tough…but I am determined to keep at it…until Halloween and Christmas roll around.  But I will do all I can before the holidays take over!

Some programs you can do:

-dance classes

-bootcamp (which usually runs outdoor ran or shine)

-gym membership


Just remember, have fun while doing this, and love every second of it, even the sweaty, frustrating parts because that’s what makes you stronger!



Summer 2010 List

So now that I am done all my final exams and papers I have started to put together a list of all the places, activities, foods, etc I am determined to do/try. Once I have completed these items I will let you know about them and give you a little bit of an introduction to these list items and perhaps you could try them yourself!

1) Number one on my list, surprise surprise it involves food. As some of you know today is my 22nd birthday so I have taken the entire day off to celebrate and I am filling it with all the things that I love. Starting off the day with a nice session at the Steve Nash Gym cause I am going to be indulging in some serious treats and I want to feel guilt free when I do. After my gym session I will be heading over with some of my friends to the Medina Cafe located downtown at556 Beatty Street, between Pender & Dunsmuir.

This quaint little cafe is known around the city for its unique bistro-inspired food served simply and conveniently in a comfortable, chic environment reflecting the lifestyle and desires of the neighbourhood and Vancouver at large. Medina provides a fresh and eclectic alternative with a pioneering attitude towards café culture.
Sister to neighbouring night time hot spot Chambar, Medina is a quaint café serving connoisseur-savvy coffee, Belgian waffles for sweet sustenance and a full breakfast, lunch, and brunch menu comprised of eclectic dishes created by co-owner and chef, Nico Schuermans.

When I go later I will for sure be trying their infamous Lavender Latte, will let you know how it goes!

2) The other week after my last final I headed out with one of my good friends to just have a great meal at one of Vancouver’s best kept secrets. Locate on the vibrant Davie Street at 1326.

This small Mexican Restaurant boasts some of the best food in the area and offers some reasonably priced menu items. I recommend starting off with the guacamole dip which comes with several layers of flavorful dips and a side of oven baked tortilla chips. Oh and of course you need some drinks to start the whole thing off!

Lolita’s is famous for its pint sized sangria cocktails filled with lots of tropical fruit to sink your teeth in. I might have had a few of those so I highly recommend those, they make you feel like your sipping them somewhere tropical. Its nice way to temporarily escape from your realities. After the appetizers, we moved onto the main course and we decided to share the halibut tacos…yum! After that meal were stuffed but the atmosphere was just so relaxed that we ended up staying there for a few hours. This restaurant is a little hidden so keep your eyes out for it! Great place for a date night too *winkwink*

Ciao for now