INTERNeX Canada: Casual Friday!

I have been writing this post for a while and I have to be sincere I didn´t know what to write about this time, so I just started to read the title again and again… Casual Friday, casual?  And then a lot of things come to mind…

Do you believe in the coincidences? In the destiny? Or in the casual things?

Googling a little bit around this topic it´s crazy all the information and coincidences that you can find in it. Even it exist a classification around coincidences!! Reading more there are more than one history that wow, it´s incredible, almost seem a film.

Here are two of the most interesting I found:

In 1900, King Umberto I of Italy was dining in a restaurant whose owner was born on the same day and city that the monarch and they were both really similar physically. They were married the same day with a woman of the same name. The restaurant owner had opened the establishment on the same day that Umberto I of Italy was crowned king. Everything was such a coincidence that the king invited the owner to an athletic championship with him the next day. Unfortunately that moment never happened. The owner was shot, and in the same instant that they were telling the king about what has happened, the anarchist Bresci shot and killed the King.

Another terrifying coincidence is around the lives of two famous American presidents: Lincoln and Kennedy. Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy were appointed Congress in 1847 and 1947 respectively. Lincoln was elected president in 1860, just one hundred years later in 1960 Kennedy was elected president. They measured 1.83 meters and their names were seven letters.  Lincoln’s secretary, named Kennedy, and Kennedy´s secretary named Lincoln, advised them not to go to places where they died. They were both killed on Friday by bullets in their heads, shot from behind and in front of their wives. They both were assassinated by southern. Lincoln´s killer was Andrew Johnson who was born on 1808 and Kennedy´s was Lyndon Johnson and was born in 1908.

And this is the moment of stop! Because Wow. That´s is totally crazy!!!!!!!!!!Oh my god!

I was just trying to make a philosophical post but right now I am kind of scared…what would  happen if the coincidences are not coincidences and the casual is not casual anymore? What would happen if we are just part of something really big that we can´t control?

I just prefer not to think too much, just enjoy the casual or not-casual-but-seem casual circumstances that the life offers!

So read this post and then just forget it! FORGET IT!

Have a super nice Casual Friday!



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