What to do on the weekend?

It is already Friday again, which means we will provide some tips for you on what to do on the weekend! Since we already experienced our weekly event at the Canucks Hockey game, you will need to make some plans by yourself for this weekend. With these tips we hope you will still get the best out of it!

We did not have the best weather last week, but maybe you already noticed the sun goes down later and later, which means… SPRING is coming! And when you say spring it is time for some flea markets. The Eastside Flea is starting of this weekend in the Ellis Building at 1024 Main Street. They have over 50 local vendors, food trucks, a live deejay, seasonal drink specials, pinball and many more. The Flea market will be held every other weekend and you can enjoy them on Friday from 6 to 10 pm and Saturday & Sunday from 11 to 5 pm.


For the fast deciders: on Saturday Insomnia is striking down in Vancouver at the Pacific Coliseum. With a killer line-up, including Hardwell and Laidback Luke, this will definitely be a party you wouldn’t forget. But if you want to be surprised and still want to have a good night out, it is also a great idea to join the Insomnia afterparty! These tickets are way cheaper and you will still get a great experience with surprising acts. You can find all the information at solidevents.ca.

But bare in mind that this Saturday night out would be a short ride, since the clocks are changing! Remember when I said spring? Well, spring is coming fast now since we will set the clocks one hour forward and enjoy longer daylight from now on.

There will be something riotheatregreat to do on Sunday as well. Remember the big failure of this years Oscars? Well where they definitely didn’t make a mistake was at the nomination for Oscars Best Picture “Lion”. Director Garth Davis’s film tells the story of an Australian man who finds his long-lost family in India with the help of Google Earth. You can watch this beautiful story at the Rio Theatre at 3.30 pm. This theatre was built in 1938 and has been fully restored with a state of the art digital projector, surround sound, comfortable brand new luxury seats and a huge stage for live events. A great catch for some Sunday afternoon chillings! You will find all the information at riotheatre.ca.

Besides all these activities, in March there is also the Vancouver International Dance Festival, which is definitely worth checking out. With a wide variety of dancers and styles and beautiful combinations like b-boys with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, this will definitely be a great activity for your weekend.

For the skiers and snowboarders here, the snow is still going strong so if you want to have fun on the mountain that is still possible! I will be at Cypress tomorrow and you are always welcome to join and hit some slopes!

Have a great weekend and I hope to see all of you again at PuB NiGHT this Wednesday.

– Tess

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INTERNeX Canada: News/Fun facts

This is my first time in Canada, and there are a lot of new things that catch my attention.

The other night when I was coming back home, I saw three skunks in my street. I had never seen one before and there were three! They were walking quietly and at the same time like if they were hand in hand (or claw in claw…or whatever that the skunks have).

But there are more! My flatmates and I were having dinner and just in front of our window we saw a big rackoon climbing on it! Of course we hurried up a close the window like if there were a lion instead.

There are gentle animals, but it´s better not to approach them because if they feel threatened they can attack, and better not try it! Especially with skunks!

Everybody knows that Vancouver has a lot of wildlife, but I live in the middle of the city! There are just some plants and trees around my home! I can´t imagine what you can find if you live near Stanley Park or one of the multiple parks, lakes that Vancouver has.

British Columbia has the greatest concentration in bears of the world with more than 100,000 bears. They could be considered the most dangerous animal in Canada, but the main problem is humans usually see them like a cuddly animals because teddy bears or cartoons and some people feed them which is particularly dangerous because then bears associate humans with food! So never feed them!

In Vancouver Island are common the cougars, it´s is like a big cat, but dangerous. They usually attack the littler or more vulnerable people, so we must be especially careful if there are any children or we are short and thin (Xenia please take care!)

In some parks of Burnaby, New Westminster and Surrey nowadays we can often find coyotes. Humans are not usually in risk with them, but children can be!

We must enjoy all the awesome things that Vancouver offers like its wildlife but being always cautious!



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Vancouver Chinatown Spring Festival Celebration

Hi guys!

On Monday I told you something about the Chinese New Year Parade in Vancouver’s Chinatown, remember? What I did not mention so far is, that there is much more besides the fantastic parade!

There will be a cultural fair to see more Chinese New Year performances at the Chinese Cultural Centre Courtyard (50 East Pender Street) between 2 and 4 pm, this celebrative event will feature multicultural performances, special lion dance grand finale and martial arts demonstration.

Next to that, for the gourmets amongst us, the annual Chinese New year Banquet will take place at the Floata Seafood Restaurant, featuring lion dances, greetings by the fortune god and a variety show with singing, cultural dances and more. Reception starts at 6 pm in Chinese. The restaurant is located at #400, 180 Keefer Street. Tickets are $35 each.

So, get excited for Sunday, the 6th of February, when Chinatown is getting crazy! 🙂

Start of the parade: 12.00 noon sharp at the Millennium Gate on Pender Street.




Vancouver Chinatown Spring Festival Celebration

2011 – The year of the rabbit

The Chinese New Year Parade, Vancouver Chinatown’s signature event will this year take place on the 6th of February. With cultural dance troupes, marching bands, lion dances and much more, the New Year’s Parade is a cultural spectacle that should not be missed!

The parade, one of the three largest non-commercial annual parades of Vancouver, is a fun-filled event for everyone to enjoy. It presents the largest assembly of traditional lion dance teams in Canada with dozens of colourful and energetic lions from the various local fraternal and martial arts organizations. Other highlights include multicultural dance troupes representing the diverse segments of Canadian cultural heritage, marching bands, the Police Department Motorcycle Drill Team and several other community groups. The parade attracts 50,000 spectators along the route each year… That sounds awesome!

The route of the parade is 1,2km long and starts at the Millennium Gate on Pender Street (between Shanghai Alley and Taylor Street), proceeding east along Pender Street, turning south onto Gore Street, turning west onto Keefer Street and then dispersing at Keefer and Columbia.

The 2011 parade will start at 12:00 noon sharp on Sunday, February 6th, 2011, and will take two hours to complete.

If you are in Vancouver I definitely recommend to go there!



Fun @ the Disney Evening

We had a lot of fun Monday during the Disney evening. You remember the orientation room, from when you just arrived and got your orientation? Well you won’t have recognized it on Monday. We transformed it into the perfect cinema room with a couch, leather chairs and we even got bowls of popcorn to give  it even more of a cinema feeling!

We started out with the viewing of Lion King! One of our candidates watching the movie 2 a month and was able to sign along with every song!! For the rest of us it was great to see this movie again for the first time in a few years!

After the Lion King it was time for my favorite Disney movie of all times: Beauty and the Beast! This time it was my turn to sing along with all the songs!

Everyone really enjoyed the Disney evening, to see how much click here to view the pictures of the evening

I hope to see everyone at the PuB NiGHT tonight! I will be my last as an INTERNeX interns, so come out and celebrate a great time at INTERNeX as an interns!