How was your Weekend?

And there we go, it’s Monday again. I hope you are having a great start into the new week. Maybe your weekend was as good as mine, so you are able to take all this positive energy to face the upcoming challenges.
Well let’s start with Saturday. What a beautiful weather… again! We are so lucky to get all this sunshine at this time of the year, aren’t we?! 
I went to the Cypress Mountain and actually did a real nice hike up there. In case you haven’t been there yet, definitely consider it!

Even tho we had 11 degrees, sun and blue sky, nearly nobody was there. And after only about 2 hours we made it to the top. And this view was just breathtaking. You could see downtown and Stanley Park from above and besides that you got an incredible view over the ocean surrounding it. Everything seemed calm and peaceful and I could have stayed there for hours. As the sun began to set we started to make our way back down.

Sunday the INTERNeX crew got together again. We took a nice walk along the waterfront in Yaletown, catching up with everybody. After a nice ferry ride, we made it to Granville Island.

The beautiful sun, as well as many live artist made us feel like we are on a holiday, far away from the big city life we are currently used to. This was the perfect chance to get some souvenirs and obviously some real good food. We started to make our way through the market and got ourselves delicious cupcakes and cakes.
Oh sweet heaven!

Even though most of us have already been in Canada for a few weeks, there were still some left who haven’t gotten the chance to try Poutine yet. And that’s just not gonna stay like that under my watch folks ;-)!
With the warm Poutine in our hands we decided to sit outside right by the water, facing the Skyline and watching the beautiful sunset. We were so lucky to catch such a nice day with a one of kind sunset.

So it was us, the lovely purple coloured sky, the calming sound of the ocean, some soft sounds of a guitar and it’s owner giving it a beautiful voice, the calls of seagulls above our heads and the warming feeling of being surrounded by friends.

Thank you so much just making this a beautiful Sunday. It was lovely!


— Nadja

International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada -V6B 6N9-

INTERNeX Canada: Casual Friday

 “Bicycles, skateboards, rollerskates, self propelled couches, and any other form of human powered locomotion are all welcome! Bring your friends and families, bring costumes, noisemakers and signs.” This is Critical Mass!

Friday, bless Friday! Everybody has to be happy today, the weekend start in a few hours. Do you have plans for today?  Maybe, you would like to attend to the Critical Mass.

The last Friday of every month; with rain, snow or sunshine, a large amount of people gathering in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery. The main purpose of the event is to demand a public space to ride (for cyclists, long boarders, bmx-er…), celebrate non-polluting forms of transportation and have fun! Half-protest and half-flashmob, started in Sweden in the 70s and was adopted by the Vancouverites in 1998.

Everybody is invited to ride together and create car-free space. There isn’t a prearranged way; this is decided collectively while the event is taking place, like the length of the ride. This happens thanks to the “corkers”, the people who block traffic and let the mass through.

Normally, the mass goes to Granville Street Bridge, then to Burrard Bridge and Lions Gate Bridge. When all the people have arrived at the middle of the bridge, they start to celebrate, raise up their bikes, and shout loudly. After that, the bunch moves on to the next bridge. Sounds really fun, isn’t it?

WHEN: Friday, 26th July. Meet at 5 – 5:30, starts at 6 PM.

WHERE: Vancouver Art Gallery on the Georgia Street side [by the fountain] MAP

Have a nice weekend!


INTERNeX International Exchange
International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada -V6B 9N9-