Vargas Island Tour Guide: Activities

The camping trip is only 2 weeks away! Here is another blog to get you totally ready for the trip! This time I will inform you about the activities you can do on the Saturday.


There are a few things you can do in Tofino itself. Tofino is known as one of the best surf spots of the world, so when you are there you should definitely try out surfing. There are several surfing schools on the island, so don’t let your lack of experience hold you back! As it is an island, it is perfect for other water sports too such as kayaking and stand up paddling. If you would rather explore Tofino by foot then you could go for one of the hikes around the town, for example the Rainforest Trail!

Whale Watching

IMG_3260.JPGFirst of all, Tofino is known for its whale watching tours. During March and April there are lots of gray whales migrating from Mexico to the north. In May till November there are over 200 gray whales that stay in the waters next to Vancouver Island. Between June and September they have the highest sightings of Humpback whales. So there is a lot of chance that you will see whales if you go on a whale watching tour during our trip!

Hot Springs Cove

There is also a hot spring close to Tofino. If you want to do this tour you even might be able to see some wildlife. When you arrive at the dock in Hot Springs Cove you will first walk through a rainforest and on the end of this walk are the hot spring pools, a waterfall and some great views of the Pacific Ocean.

Meares Island

14229116502_aa92a5f39e_oMeares Island is an island close to Tofino and Vargas Island. There are two hikes on the island. The first hike is the Big Trees Trail. This trail will lead you through world’s largest Western Red Cedar Trees on a boardwalk. The second hike is for more experienced hikers. This hike will get you up the Lone Cone Mountain. It takes around 4-6 hours to go up the mountain and back.

I hope I informed you guys enough about the activities. Next week there will be an update about the schedule! If you would like to know more about the camping trip, then check out our event page. There is only one more week to sign up, so come by the office and sign up to ensure your spot!

– Janel

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