INTERNeX Canada: SmartSaver Vancouver

Want to engage in local activities and get a free meal?

The Irish Heather Restaurant offers free dinner and a beer in exchange for pitting cherries in the restaurant. It’s called “Pit for Your Supper” and is part of the Long Table Series taking place at the Irish Heather. It was originally created as an alternative dining experience during recession and, being a unique  experience, has lasted until today. You can get the LTS communal dinner Sunday through Wednesday for $18 but it’s free Wednesdays for a couple of hours of your help.

The activity takes place every Wednesday starting at 7pm. About 50 people sit around a long 40-foot communal table in the restaurant, pit cherries for two hours, and receive a free meal afterwards. It’s like a dinner with 50 new and old friends but nobody needs to clean up after the meal! Next Wednesday the Irish Heather will serve Spiced Pork Loin with Potato Salad & Fresh Cut Slaw; a vegetarian version of the meal is also available.

The fruits to be processed are from a farm in Naramata, BC. Later in the season the cherries will be replaced by other fruits like apricots, peaches, apples and pears. Participants will see the fruits in the restaurant’s dishes and drinks later!

The offer will last until the fall, for reservations please e-mail



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