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Hi everyone,

Today we have another great tip for you guys!
Namely the Place ‘Omelettery‘. At this place you can buy all kinds of breakfast for a good price! Perfect to go here on Sunday to enjoy a good breakfast!

You  can order all kinds of delicious things:
– Eggs
– Pancakes
– Fruits
– Potatoes
– Burgers
– Sandwiches
– Fresh apple/orange/ grapefruit  juice

The price for a breakfast is between $8 and $15

Last time I ordered the Lumberjack Breakfast, and I can really recommend this one! this price is $13,95 and it includes:
– 2 Pancakes
– Cheese Omelet
– Pan Fries
– Fruit Cup
– choose Bacon/Sausage/Ham

The Service is very good, and the people are friendly.
But this is a very busy place, sometimes there is a line, so you have to wait a bit until there is a table available for you!

Opening Hours:
Everyday from 7am till 3pm.


2211 Granville Street
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

If you have good tips on how to save money in Vancouver, please feel welcome to write a comment below 😀

Cheers, Lydia

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