What to do on the Weekend?

As the second week of November comes to an end, we are facing another long weekend. This means we are getting some more time to explore Vancouver at it’s fullest! 

As we’ve been lucky with the weather so far, we have to use any chance we get to go out and explore, before the rainy and cold days are starting any time soon.  


And therefore we are gonna go on a nice hike this Saturday.
The Lynn Canyon Park is one of the most beautiful places to be around Vancouver. And the best part: the suspension bridge is for free ;-). We’ll meet up in downtown and make our way up there together. Just to make sure we won’t leave without you, let us know if you’ll be joining (just one click on “going” on Facebook and you are sorted). This might be your last chance to actually go out before winter is finally here.
This is going to be great, so don’t miss out!  

If you are still looking for something to do on Sunday, there will be the Bear Creek Park Light Festival hosted in the same named Park in Surrey. Furthermore there is the Riley Park Farmers Market happening at the Nat Bailey Stadium on Ontario Street this weekend. If you want to do, what the locals do, this might be a good shot. 

And as I mentioned before, Monday is Remembrance Day. This is a very important and big day here in Canada. For this very special occasion you’ll find many ceremonies and parades in every part of Vancouver and beyond.  If you missed, what and why is happening on Remembrance Day, just check two blogposts below. 

With all this great activities, I am sure you’ll have an amazing weekend and a good start in the upcoming week.
And the good thing: Pub-Night Wednesday is never far away! 

I hope to see you on Saturday.
Have a fantastic weekend! 

Over and out, 

— Nadja 

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How was your weekend?

It’s Monday. Not only does it mean I have to work again, but it also means I get to tell you about my weekend. As forecasted, the sun rewarded us with her presence. But let me start with Friday.

I came home from work quite late in the evening, because I was searching for a special cream in all drug stores I could find in downtown. In the end I ended up buying it from the Real Canadian Superstore – still the best when it comes to low prices. After this exhausting shopping trip I spent an easy evening at home. 😉

42886494851_d931fb1979_nOn Saturday, a hike in Lynn Canyon Park was on the schedule. We met at 12.15pm at the Waterfront station and made our way to the park. We were very lucky with the weather and fortunately it was not too crowded. We enjoyed the nature and the break from the noise in the city. The picnic we had was down at the riverside where Euler led us. It was a little tricky to climb down to the riverside, but it was totally worth it. Surrounded by the trees and listening to the gurgling water, we were chatting and eating the snacks we brought. Afterwards, we went on to Rice Lake. The view was marvellous. Then, we had a walk around the lake. After three hours of nature to its fullest, we had ice cream and milkshakes at the “End of the Line General Store” in Lynn Valley. It was amazing and so tasty! If you happen to be there, try it! We were back in downtown at around 6pm. I went home and finished the day with a nice Skype conversation with my brother, but had to go to bed early because it was game day on Sunday.

As I already mentioned in the blogpost on Friday, the FIFA World Cup is happening right now. And since it takes place in Russia, the game schedule is pretty insane over here. I got up at 6.30am to make it to the Pint on time (doors opened at 7.45am). We arrived, just to find a huge queue of people outside the pub. I guess 95% of them were Mexicans. We attempted to find another pub, but since that wasn’t successful we came back and found a nice spot downstairs. Just 30 minutes after the kick-off, a waitress asked us to leave because we had two minors among us. Desperately searching for another pub, we missed the goal from the Mexicans *sigh*. We settled down in Malone’s and watched the second half of the match. Unfortunately, to our greatest despair, we had to witness the “defeat” of the German team. I just hope it will get better in the upcoming games. GO GERMANY!


After that game we stayed to watch Switzerland – Brazil. It’s just crazy how enthusiastic and euphoric Mexicans as well as Brazilians get when it comes to soccer. When the second match was over we all made our way home. I finished the day with walking around the Central Park in Burnaby and having a nice chat with my flatmate.

I hope you all had a good weekend and enjoyed the weather. Let’s see each other at the upcoming PuB NiGHT at The Lamplighter!

– Elisabeth

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What to do on the weekend?

Finally, it is here again: The weekend. Well, and the FIFA World Cup as well. Kinda hard to decide which one I should be more excited about. Well, the World Cup is definitely more seldom, so I guess it is worth to put the weekend on second place. Sorry, weekend, I still love you.

To be precise, the soccer World Cup already started yesterday. But since we’re in Vancouver, so basically on the other side of the world, and some of us have to work, it is just not possible to watch the games early in the morning. Well, you could, before work, still lying in bed. But it’s just not the same excitement.7366316306_06cbe8e956_n
Chances are better on the weekend. The games are still early, but you can make a change of venue. Locations to watch the FIFA World Cup can be found all over Vancouver. You can find different international Pubs, e.g. English, American, Portuguese, German and a lot of others. I bet the atmosphere is better than in your bed, and you have the chance to meet people that are just as crazy about soccer. The schedule for the games (in Vancouver time) can be found here.

9317983502_e41923fa88_nIf you are less interested in soccer, the Surrey Greek Food Festival might be something for you. Local Greeks that recently came to Vancouver or lived here for some generations, established this community event more than 25 years ago. You can get freshly cooked Greek food, enjoy some Greek music and just be inspired by the foreign culture. To get there, just take the Expo Line to King George and make your way to St. Constantine and Helen orthodox church. On Saturday evening at 8pm, live music will be played by Yanis Sahamis on his Bouzouki (a mandolin like instrument).

You are neither a Foodie nor a soccer fan, then just make the best out of the weekend while enjoying the sun. The forecast says nothing but sun, so rent a bike, grab a good book and just relax in a park or go for a hike (there is the option to join our weekend excursion to Lynn Canyon Park on Saturday).

Get your sunscreen out, put your sunglasses on and get ready for the weekend.
I hope to see you on Saturday for our hike in Lynn Canyon Park.


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Smart Saver Vancouver

Summer is getting closer, which means the days are getting longer and especially warmer. It’s the time of the year where people spend more time outdoors than indoors. And also, people are more active. Hiking is a great and cheap way to discover the beauty Canada has to offer. So, here are some ideas of great hikes to do.

In North Vancouver, there are many hiking trails. The Baden Powell Trail is one of the most famous ones. The trail is going through the entire North Shore mountain range. It is therefore linking several parks together along its way. The Baden Powell trail can be entered through different points. Depending on which entry is taken, a hike can take up to 5 hours. When entering the trail at Lynn Canyon Park, you can cross a suspension bridge (for free) and enjoy several wonderful views along the river.

The Grouse Grind hiking trail is another well-known hike in Vancouver. It is a 2.9km long trail that brings you to the top of Grouse Mountain. From there, you have a beautiful view over Vancouver. The trail is also known as ‘Mother Nature’s Stairmaster’ because there is a total amount of 2830 stairs to climb. The hike takes around 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on the skill level of the hiker.

If you would like to get out of Vancouver, how about doing a hike on Bowen Island? For around $18 and 20 minutes on the ferry, you get on the island. There, you can do the Mount Gardener hike. Mount Gardener is the tallest mountain on Bowen Island with 719m elevation. The trail is a 10km round trip that offers a panoramic view of Port Mellon, the Sunshine Coast and Vancouver Island. There are several routes one can take to get to the top. The hike is not an easy one: it can take 5 to 6 hours until you’re at the top of the mountain.

So, grab your hiking shoes, pack enough snacks and water in your backpack and discover one of many hiking trails Vancouver has to offer.

See you all tonight at the Library Square for PuB NiGHT!

– Nadine

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How Was Your Weekend?

And it’s Monday again which means back to work, but not before I relive my amazing weekend just one more time. So if you would like to know what I did during my weekend than keep on reading.

So on Saturday, after sleeping for quit some while, I got up to do some grocery shopping and after that I got ready to go out that night since it was Marvin’s last night in Vancouver. We started off in The Morrissey pub where we had some drinks and food. After a while we decided to go to The Bourbon where we danced the night away and played some pool. At the end of the night it was time to say goodbye to Marvin, but I’m sure we will see each other again somewhere.

The next morning I had to wake up early since it would be an active day for me. David, Rebecka and I decided to go to Lynn Valley Park to do a small hike and to of course walk over the suspension bridge. So we took the bus after grabbing some coffee at Starbucks and drove to Lynn Valley Park. When we arrived there we bought some hot chocolate to bring with us during the hike.
23336325_1829823627045985_471869436_oOnce we had our drinks we walked to the suspension bridge and my first thought was, wow this is high and long, but eventually I had the courage to cross the bridge and we even took some pictures on there.

After we crossed the bridge we walked towards the river and drank some really clean and pure water from the river. We also did some rock climbing to see a small and hidden waterfall close to the place where most people swim during the summer.

Around 5 p.m. it started to get dark so we decided to go back and have some dinner before heading home.

23377101_1760953983946073_1264544648_oIn the meantime, Bart went with the other people from INTERNeX to Granville Island. After they had lunch it was time to see the sunset from up the hill. They went shopping for a hat and went to the public market before going to the brewery. At the brewery they got explained how different beers are made and what is important for the different tastes. Then it was time for the real work. They went in the brewery to see it actually happen and they closed the day by tasting different kind of tasters.

Thank you all for joining us either for the hike or for the Brewery Tour. We hope to see you all during PuB NiGHT this Wednesday.


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Lynn Canyon

Lynn Canyon sign

Last weekend the sun was shining in Vancouver and we went on a little trip to a beautiful nature park called Lynn Canyon, located in North Vancouver. The park was amazing with a lot of hiking trails, waterfalls and the famous Lynn Canyon suspension Bridge.


LynnCanyonBridgeAfter walking over the bridge we went exploring the park by hiking and searched for some black bears in the forest.  Unfortunately we didn’t saw any bears, but hopefully next time 🙂 On our way through the park, we saw people jumping in the water from cliffs and Holy Jesus, the rescue theme was in action.  After a relaxing hike it was time for coffee and snack at the delicious Lynn Canyons Coffee shop.  It was a hot day so we ended up bathing in the cool water. What a perfect day in a beautiful Canadian nature.


Thank you guys for joining us on this amazing day trip.

Cheers 🙂

Client Testimonial

Anne, Norway

When I finished my studies in Norway I felt an eager to go abroad to get some international experience and to have a good time as well. I started to look online to see what kind of opportunities that existed and I found out that INTERNeX offered different programs for work and travel. I chose to go to Canada mainly because I wanted to practice my English and because I’ve had heard so many good things about the country. And now I can confirm that it’s all true! The landscape is stunning, the people are nice, there are big cities full of entertainment and in my opinion the weather is great too. Basically Canada offers everything you can think of.

INTERNeX sat me up with a job interview before I left Norway so I was sure to have a job when I came over. My adventure started off in Rocky Mountains where I worked at a mountain resort. During my time there I got to see wonderful nature and magical views when I was hiking. It was also a lot of other fun things to do including mountain biking, horseback riding, white water rafting and canoeing.
The resort I was working at was close to Calgary so I went there for a long weekend as well. Of course I had to see the Calgary Tower with view over the whole city while I was there. I also got to see real cowboys and do some serious shopping after not seeing a mall in months!
After the summer season was over I decided to move to Vancouver and now I live in an apartment in beautiful Yaletown. I work in a coffee shop down town as well so that fits me perfectly. When I’m not at work trying to make magnificent latté art, I like to go for a run in my neighbourhood next to False Creek passing by Science World, Rogers Stadium and BC Place Stadium. It’s so nice early in the morning when the sun is reflecting in the water.

Because I live down town I’m spending a lot of time there and one of my favourite things to do is to walk up and down Robson Street. That street offers everything a girl wish for including Victoria’s Secret, delightful chocolate stores and many good clothing stores. Beside that I’ve so far been to Stanley Park, China Town, Vancouver Public Library and Canada Place which is also down town.

But the best thing about Vancouver is that you have the nature so close to the city. I have been in North Vancouver a couple of times and I spent one day in Lynn Canyon Park and saw the Twin Falls, Rice Lake and walking over the suspension bridge. I have also been hiking up Grouse Mountain which is famous for its ravishing view over Vancouver, but I went there on a cloudy day, so the only thing I could see from the top was clouds, but that was pretty cool to see too and I had a great time hiking with my friends.
All my time in Canada has been amazing and I would strongly recommend a trip like this to everyone that’s considering going. Thanks to INTERNeX everything has gone smoothly for me and they have helped me with many practical things and arranging fun events where I’ve made many new friends. All that’s left for me to say is I’m having the time of my life and I will always think of this adventure with a smile on my mouth.

Cheers Anne 🙂