How Was Your (Long) Weekend?

I hope you had a lot of fun during this long and hot weekend. I certainly did, so if you want to know what I did during this long weekend then keep on reading.

On Saturday I became a tourist for a few hours by going on an amazing and interesting tour with a hop on hop off bus. And even though I have been here for a month now, I saw things of Vancouver that I did not see yet. I also learned things about the city, which is always really cool if you ask me.

After the hop on hop off bus I grabbed some diner and went to the Harbour Green Park to meet some people from INTERNeX. We had some drinks near the water and went home pretty late.

On Sunday I finally had the opportunity to sleep in and I went to West Vancouver to meet Bart and Lena on the beach which was really nice considering the temperature. After cooling down on the beach we had some really nice dinner at Whole Foods and went home to fresh ourselves up a bit.Weekly event 1

At night we met up again in the Harbour Green Park, where we had some drinks again and did some funny drinking games. And we went home even later this evening.


On Labour Day we had our weekly event which was Music In The Park at the Capilano River. I arrived unfortunately later for the event because of traffic problems, but when I arrived the event was a little bit different than we expected it to be. We decided to go to Lynn Valley where we had some lunch. The rest of the group decided to go to Lynn Canyon for a nice swim, but since I forgot my swimming wear and was really tired from the night before, so I decided to go back to downtown and had some amazing dinner at Commercial Sushi (definitely a place I recommend everybody) before heading home.

Thank you all for joining our weekly event and hope to see all of you at the PuB NiGHT tomorrow!!

– Mandy

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How was your weekend?

Weekend? What weekend? Still a little tired from all those days. I already hear some people think: What did he do? At the end of this blog post you will know exactly what was going on this weekend. So sit back and enjoy all my adventures I have been through this weekend.


It all started on Friday. At 14:50 a plane landed at the airport of Vancouver. Not just a normal plane, but a plane with 7 German students on board who are going to study here in Canada for a semester or even longer. Because they didn’t know that much about Canada yet, it was our job to welcome them and show them Vancouver. After they landed, they had to get to the immigration to get their visa. Mandy and I already went to the hostel they are going to stay, so we can already check in and welcome them when they are arriving at the hostel.

So we got the keys and waited for their arrival. So we waited and waited and waited. Because the immigration was so busy, it took 5 hours to get them their visas. After a long wait they finally arrived at the hostel. We gave them some domino’s pizza, because they were starving. When they finished their pizza, they were so tired they took their luggage and went to bed. So now it was time for us to go to the Bourbon to say goodbye to Iris. After a night dancing in the cage, it was time for us to go, because we had a long day to go on Saturday.

WhatsApp Image 2017-08-28 at 3.32.13 PM

The alarm went off at 7 am, which means it was time to get ready for a busy day. We bought some bus tickets and drove to the hostel. We took the students to the bus and drove to the office. It was the first beautiful thing they were going to see today. At the office we prepared an orientation with a lot of facts about Canada and about the high schools here. During this orientation, they had a very Canadian breakfast from Tim Hortons, so they know how delicious Canadian food can be. After the orientation, we went to Stanley Park. We rented some bikes and did a bike ride to let them see how beautiful Stanley Park is. Of course we went to the totem poles, saw the beaches and the Lion Gate Bridge. After two hours cycling, we starting to get hungry again. We went to the Mongolian BBQ restaurant near the bike rental. What a delicious food they have there!

WhatsApp Image 2017-08-28 at 3.32.17 PMWhen we finished our bowls with meat and noodles, we went to the bus to go to Grandville Island. We did the scavenger hunt game, so they get to see the whole island in a funny way. The weather was nice, so our job was to get an ice cream and wait for them to come back. Because they did such a good job, we got really Canadian prizes for them: Maple syrup on a key cord. We went back to the beach next to the hostel. There was a volleyball net where we played a volleyball game. I don’t have to tell you how amazing my volleyball skills were. After our game we decided to have a BBQ on the beach with the master grill talent Tim. We ate out burgers and sausages during the sunset. To close the day, we had prepared a trivia game, to see if they paid attention today. After the trivia game it was time for us to say goodbye and get some sleep.

WhatsApp Image 2017-08-28 at 3.32.18 PM

Rise and shine, it was a new day. This day we went to the hostel again to have a breakfast at the cafe next to the hostel. After the check out, we went to downtown to do the Canada fly over. It is a simulation where you sit in a chair and fly above all kinds of landscapes you can find in Canada. It was really fun to do. After our flight, we went back to the hostel and so the students could be picked up to bring them to their home stay families. So we had a little bit weekend left.

After these active days, I decided to do some more relaxing thing. So I went to the Lynn Canyon to dive of a cliff. What a beautiful place here in Vancouver! Totally worth it to go there some day. Afterwards we ate some sushi and I finally went back to the hostel. It was a busy but very fun weekend. Hope your weekend was fun as well and you can tell me all about that the next PuBNiGHT. See you there!

– Bart

What to do on the weekend

Sun is out and it is almost weekend! I hope you are excited as we are, since it is Canada Day weekend. That means there is a lot to do, especially since the weather forecast is looking great! Since there are a lot of places to go to on Canada day, it can be hard to choose.

If you have no clue yet, it is always easy and super fun to join our trip to Victoria on July 1st. We will meet at Tsawwassen ferry terminal at 8.30 am and from there we will take the ferry to Swartz Bay at 9 am. You can purchase your ferry ticket at the terminal. From Swartz Bay we will use public transport to get to Victoria. There will be free concerts starting at 12 pm at the inner harbour of Victoria and there is a lot to see in general. You can see all the details here.

When you decide to stay in Vancouver, a great place to go is Canada Place. The daytime SONY DSCfestival on Saturday will be held from 11.00 am to 10.00 pm and on Sunday from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm. Highlights are live performances, citizenship ceremony welcoming 150 new Canadians, the North Point Lounge serving beer and wine and on Sunday you can enjoy a nice pancake breakfast. But the best of it all must be the fireworks, which start 10.30 pm on Saturday.

If you rather escape the big crowds on Canada day, it can be nice to do some hikes this weekend. The famous Grouse Grind is open now and it will be a great challenge to complete during your stay here. You will find easier hikes in Deep Cove and Lynn Canyon, which will give you great scenery. Besides that the weekend is also there to relax a little bit, and therefore it could be nice to find some peace on one of the beaches of Vancouver. We just uploaded our new episode of the INTERNeX Explorer, where we show you Vancouver’s most famous beaches, so that might be worth checking out!

We wish you a happy (and for some of you long) weekend with a lot of sunshine, red and white shirts, and we hope to see you all in Victoria tomorrow!

– Tess

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Smart Saver Vancouver

It’s Wednesday again, so let’s save some money! As a student living in Vancouver I don’t have the money to do paid or expensive activities every weekend, but after working five days it’s always nice to do something with the free time. So here are some free or cheap activities to do in Vancouver!

16649173_10208825366053541_8272205474295846796_nVancouver has some amazing places for sightseeing. For example, the most historic sites in Chinatown are free. Walk around the neighbourhood and see the Millennium Gate, the world’s narrowest building and the Sun Yat-Sen Chinese Garden & Park. Another amazing place to go is Granville Island. It is a beautiful island close to downtown. You can go to the public market, enjoy the art and relax at the river. An extra advantage of going there are the cheap vegetables at the public market, so you can do some sightseeing and save on food at the same time!

16299277_10208652946223153_4290230621236688149_nAnother great activity to do in Vancouver is checking out all the different beaches,  Vancouver has a lot of them. Go to English Bay Beach, Kits Beach, Spanish Banks, Wreck Beach or Jericho Beach to hang out and see the amazing sceneries. If you want to do something more active then do some hiking. Vancouver has a lot of great hiking trails from difficult, like the Grouse Grind, to easier hikes around the lakes. Or go hiking in Lynn Canyon to see the free suspension bridge, which is not as amazing as the paid Capilano Suspension Bridge, but a great alternative for people with smaller budgets.

Last but not least, go to Stanley Park. The park has a lot of walking trails through the forest. Another amazing idea is to bike the Sea Wall at Stanley Park. You will have views of the city, the northern mountains, the Totem Poles and the Lion’s Gate Bridge. If you don’t have a bike, it is pretty cheap to rent one at places close to the park.

I hope to see you all tonight at the Central City Brewpub!

– Janel

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Lynn Canyon

Lynn Canyon sign

Last weekend the sun was shining in Vancouver and we went on a little trip to a beautiful nature park called Lynn Canyon, located in North Vancouver. The park was amazing with a lot of hiking trails, waterfalls and the famous Lynn Canyon suspension Bridge.


LynnCanyonBridgeAfter walking over the bridge we went exploring the park by hiking and searched for some black bears in the forest.  Unfortunately we didn’t saw any bears, but hopefully next time 🙂 On our way through the park, we saw people jumping in the water from cliffs and Holy Jesus, the rescue theme was in action.  After a relaxing hike it was time for coffee and snack at the delicious Lynn Canyons Coffee shop.  It was a hot day so we ended up bathing in the cool water. What a perfect day in a beautiful Canadian nature.


Thank you guys for joining us on this amazing day trip.

Cheers 🙂

Smart Saver

It’s Sunday and time for Smart Saver again… your chance to get out and experience Vancouver without being ripped of all your money.

A t lot of tourist often pay a great deal of money for crossing Capilano suspension bridge. However, there is a cheaper alternative. Lynn Canyon also offers some great sights but here you won’t have to pay a single Dollar! You can also walk some of the many trails in the area around Lynn Canyon. The park is open 10am till 5pm, so there should be plenty of time for you to explore this beautiful area.

You can also check out Capilano Salmon Hatchery at the north shores of Vancouver in Capilano River Regional Park. Go to the Fish Hatchery Interpretive Centre to discover the different species’ life stage developments. You can also take a walk around the Regional Park to discover the great scenery. Admission is free for both the Fish Hatchery Interpretive Centre and the park! The Interpretive Centre is opne Monday till Friday, all days from 8am till 4pm. You can get more information about the salmon fish hatchery here. Click here to get location of the Interpretive Centre. So get out and explore the area around Vancouver while saving money.

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INTERNeX Canada: HiGHLiGHTS of the week Ep. 4/2013

We would like to present the new episode of HiGHLiGHTS of the week.

This week Jelle celebrated his birthday on Tuesday. We bought a apple cake, a special dessert in The Netherlands.
Last Wednesday we had out weekly pub night. This time we went to the Cinema Public House in Granville St. Together we saw the Stanley Cup Final between Boston and Chicago. Thank you for joining us, we had a great night!

INTERNeX Explorer
On the INTERNeX Explorer we continue to discover the best places in Vancouver. This time Mercedes went to the Coal Harbour:
“Today we are in Coal Harbour. This place is a section of the city between Stanley Park, and the downtown area. You have beautiful views over the park, the the harbour and all the big skyscrapers! You can enjoy the sunny days in the Harbour Green Park, where you will have some amazing views of North-Vancouver.”

Upcoming Trips and Events
Next Saterday the 22 of June we are planning a trip to Lynn Canyon. We can do some amazing hikes and they have a copy of the Capilano expension bridge. But, this one is free! So if the weather is working with us we will have a great time there, join us!

The next thing we want to talk about is the upcoming white water rafting trip. Check out the highlights video below for some photo’s of previous times. We already  looking forward for this one! Some useful information is that we can have a shower after the rafting or even a sauna. Don’t forget to bring a towel, shoes and dry clothes. More information and updates can be found on the event page on Facebook

We hope that all of you join us to this great events and trips!
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Below you can check out the highlights video:

Have a great weekend,


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