Smart Saver

The summer is just around the corner, so it is time to go outside and enjoy the beauties of Vancouver’s nature.

As many of you know there is a suspension bridge called the Capilano Suspension bridge. It provides you with a great view of the beautiful nature in Vancouver. It feels like you are not in the city anymore and is a stunning view as soon as the sun comes out, however this view comes with a pretty big dollar sign. It cost you around 35$ to get in the park and enjoy the beautiful view. You are probably thinking way writing about this, well just wait for it…

… so here comes the smart saver, Lynn Canyon Park. This Park is located in North Van and has a supension bridge as well and guess what it, it’s for FREE! In the park different series and movies are produced, such as Eureka or X-man: The Last stand. There is more to see at the park than only the suspension bridge. If you walk over the brigde at take the first right you can wander a small route down to the twin falls bridge where you can see two nice waterfalls. Afterwards you can hike up the steps back to the suspension bridge. If you would like to hike a little bit more, than you can go to the 30foot Pool, which has beautiful clear water.

How to get to Lynn Canyon Park. Take the sea bus from Downtown to North Van, from there you can take either bus #228 or #229. The bus will take you to Lynn Valley Center from where it is a 15minute walk to the Park main entrance.

Hope you have fun and let us know how you liked it!

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