Pub&Club Night Review

So, how was everyone’s weekend?

It looks like summer’s about to hit because we had awesome weather all week.
Now, let’s talk about last Friday. We organized our first Pub&Club Night of the year!

I’m glad we got so many to get together. Thanks for coming along!

We started out at Cambie’s Bar & Grill where the atmosphere is great and drinks are plentiful. After meeting up with everyone, we stayed for a bit, had a few pitchers and chatted. It was really lively!

For the next phase we were all pretty excited. Expectations were high since the Rain Ultraclub had a masquerade party event scheduled for that evening.

However, when we got there with our masks on and all ready to go, we looked around. Hardly anyone else was wearing masks!

It was a bit of a letdown but even so, we still partied on!
Well, I hope everyone had fun!

By the way, this week’s Pub Night will be on Thursday since we’re celebrating a birthday.

See you all there!