White Water Rafting Review

What an amazing weekend!! We hope you had so much fun as we had. On Saturday the 7th of June was THE day were our awesome rafting trip started. Our crazy tour guide Lee from WestTrek picked us at 2pm with a sweet van on Waterfront station up and we made our way to Chilliwack. On our way we stopped of course to get some snacks and drinks (a lot of drinks ;)) for the campfire that night.

We arrived in Chilliwack around 4pm and after we setting up our tents (which mostly we girls did!!), close to a big camp fire place, we started playing volleyball, which was pretty fun. Of course we started already drinking, so you can imagine how funny the volleyball match was. At around 6pm our dinner was ready. There was a buffet with good food, we enjoyed the food while sitting outside in the sun. After dinner we went straight back to the volleyball court and had a exiting match agains the yellow team (high school kids) which of course we won ;).

After the beach volleyball match it was time to start the campfire. We all gathered around the campfire. We spend the whole night drinking, kind of singing, looking at the stars and sharing crazy stories and watch crazy Alex falling down 🙂

The next morning we woke up at around 8am in the morning for a great breakfast with pancakes, eggs and coffee. After a safety talk, which made everybody scared as hell, it was finally time to go Rafting!!! They brought us to the river in old retro school busses and we went on the river with 3 boats with in total about 25 people. There were lots of crazy rapids and the surrounding was stunning! After rafting for about an hour we stopped and dragged our boats on shore. We hiked up to an amazing waterfall and walked through the waterfall, it was breath taking! When we got back in our boats and on the river the rapids kept getting bigger and faster. Three hours later we got back to camp, but it was not over yet! For the real Die Hards there was the possibility to go back on the river again and experience the biggest rapids. Of course all the INTERNeX candidates were up for that. We went back on the river, it was insane! The river was super wild, awesome!

After we came back to the camp our lunch was already waiting for us. We had a last volleyball match and than we made our way back to Vancouver. We arrived in Vancouver around 4pm. Of course we have all the picture on Flickr.

I hope you guys had so much fun as we had 🙂



We hope we will see you on Wednesday at our weekly Pub Night @ the Doolin’s. 


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