Smart Saver

Sunday is Smart Saver day. This week we have a Mc Donald smart saves, yes we know it is not the most healthy option to eat, but ey, sometimes you just need a Mc Donald.

In Vancouver they have different promotions at the moment. On Monday it is coffee day, every coffee is 1 dollar! That is a pretty good deal to start your Monday, right? I mean what do else do you need after a long weekend of fun. Ok, you might want to have some breakfast as well. And even that you can get at the Mc Donald for a cheap price. And they are pretty good for a hungover cure as well. For only $3.29 (excl. tax) you can choose between a McMuffin or McGriddles, a hash Browns and a small hot brewed coffee. The only thing you have to do is clicking here and print the coupon. On the coupon more deals can be found such as buy one get one for free or good deals for if you are with two people.

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