INTERNeX Canada: Pub Night Review

Hello there!

Yesterday we met in the popular Cambie Pub! As always it was absolutely crowed but it was so much fun!

It was the official farewell for Deepak and Lies! They have been very important for INTERNeX during their time here! Lies has been organizing and attending the different trips and activities! She was our PR team boss! And Deepak was part of us too! He attended almost all the pub nights and came to different activities, especially the alcoholic activities! 😉

Tons of pitchers were ordered yesterday and everybody finished really happy! I don´t know why but not matter when you go to Cambie that it is always full of people…Yeah, probably it´s because it is the cheapest place in Downtown and it is like an institution!Everybody goes there!

If you want to meet someone like “Oh what a casual coincidence definitely go to Cambie! It´s like the meeting point for whole Vancouver! If you what to know what it is going on in the city, check Cambie out!

We all will miss Lies and Deepak! It´s a pity to say goodbye and goodbye and more goodbye! But this is Vancouver and this is how it works! And nowadays the distance is not a problem, so it´s not a goodbye it´s just a see u later!

Thanks to all of you guys to show up and have fun with us together every week!



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