Review: Pub Night @ Melone’s

First of all a big THANK YOU for all of you guys, who showed up yesterday. It was great to see so many of you. Yesterday we had a pretty cool Pub Night at Melone’s, close to Waterfront Station.

We were lucky with our large table, which was made out of a glass plate with all the Canadian and American Pennies in there. This looked pretty awesome.


The food was really not bad, so that some people couldn’t wait for their own dish and started to eat the pizza of other guys. No, I’m just kidding, but there was a little confusion so that one guy started to eat the wrong pizza. That was really funny, even though it doesn’t sound like that right now.


However we had a great evening at Melone’s and the Pub is really recommendable.Nice service, good food and of course many screens to watch the hockey game. By the way Vancouver Canucks won yesterday….YEAAAAH!!!

Hope you enjoyed the evening as well.


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Have a great rest of the week and an enjoyable long weekend.

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