The PR Team has a new member!

I am not the best one when it comes to writing about myself, but I will try my best. So, lets start at the beginning. My name is Lilly-Therese, but everybody just calls me Lilly, guess it is easier that way. I am 19 years 20190704_164449old and I normally live in a small town near Berlin (Germany) together with my mom and my chocolate Labrador called “Maja”. And yes, she is the cutest 😉 and I will miss her! My older sister already moved to a different city to become a doctor in medicine, that is why it is only my mom and me.

Why am I in Canada? Well, in Germany I am studying European Management and I know what a lot of people might say:” then what is she doing in Canada and why isn’t she in Europe”. The answer to that is quite easy. For my studies a compulsory internship of 3 months is necessary, and we have to do it abroad, no matter if in Europe, Africa or America, the main thing is to do it outside of Germany.

From the moment I knew that I have to do that internship it was clear to me that I would loooove to do it in Canada, especially in Vancouver…city, mountains and seas all at once, sounds pretty great. As you might know, it is really difficult to find an internship in Canada, so I searched my way through the internet and came across INTERNeX. Which, looking back was the best that could have happened. I will now support the PR team for the next 3 months in organizing all the events and trips. I hope I will meet a lot of you guys there and that we have a great time together.

I think that were enough information for now, see you at this week’s PuB NiGHT at the Colony!


INTERNeX International Exchange
International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada -V6B 6N9-

INTERNeX Canada: Zipcar – Summer Party Silver Sponsor

INTERNeX is glad to introduce our partner and Summer Party silver sponsor Zipcar today! They are helping INTERNeX with the biggest event of the summer 2012! See the INTERNeX Summer Party event page for more information.

Did you ever wish to do a short one-day trip outside of the city where no bus is going? Need to do big shopping? Want a North American road trip? That’s what Zipcar will help you with! Zipcar is a car sharing company that gives you temporary access to a car if you are 21+ – choose time and type of car you need and enjoy the freedom!

All you need is to be a Zipcar member, your driver’s license and a driving record. It only takes a minute to join, just apply online! For INTERNeX candidates it’s $30 annual fee for your membership and cars start from $8 per hour! This price includes $30 in driving credit, all the gas you might need, insurance, 24/7 roadside assistance and 200 free kilometers/day! All you need is the Promo Code: INTERNeX2012! Once you’re approved, you’ll get a personal Zipcard, which is your ticket to any Zipcar in Canada, the US, and Europe! Zipcar launched in Barcelona and the UK this year and will be launching in Vienna soon! Yes, worldwide and you can even cross the US/Canada border on your Zipcar road trip!

That’s what the INTERNeX girls did when we decided to go to Seattle for the Fourth of July! We tested Zipcar earlier on a trip around Vancouver and to IKEA for some shopping. Both times the booking was so easy and we had an awesome time. Having a car for a day gave us flexibility to visit a Fourth of July parade near Seattle, do a small city tour to the gum wall and the first Starbucks and at the end see the incredible fireworks of the 4th of July in the US! We had so much fun that we were late to return the car. But Zipcar makes it easy: we just called and extended the reservation without any charges.

To reserve your Zipcar or change your reservation is as simple as that: use their reservation system anytime and anywhere; online, by phone or via apps for iPhone and Android. Find a Zipcar parking spot in your area, there are a lot of Zipcars parked throughout the city – a Zipcar lives near you! Your Zipcard is programmed according to your reservation, use it to open the car and you are good to go!

Cruise around in a MINI, take care of big stuff in a pickup, impress your friends in a BMW or be eco-friendly in a Prius hybrid. You’ll find all kinds of cars for whatever occasion you need!

If you guys are interested in doing a road trip, go to an outlet store for some nice deals, or just want to do some groceries, Zipcar is the perfect solution for you! Rent a car for a couple of hours, for a day or even longer and have the freedom to go ANYTIME ANYWHERE! See the Zipcar website for more information!



INTERNeX International Exchange
Suite 200 – 211 Columbia Street
Vancouver BC -V6A 2R5-
Phone: +1 (604) 662 8149

The INTERNeX Invasion

Good afternoon! So i have some great news to share with you all…INTERNeX was recently featured in the “The Baristar” monthly company newsletter. Blenz has been the recipient of many of our wonderful candidates so it is great to hear that our positive experience is not going unnoticed.    

Have you noticed many European accents at Blenz lately? In preparation for the Olympics and to be able to serve all the extra people in Vancouver efficiently, almost all businesses in the city have been hiring and training personnel for the past couple of months. At Blenz Coffee we have been working with INTERNeX International Exchange, a work experience placement organization that works closely with Northern Europe to find job placements for young people. These exchange workers come from countries such as the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, and Czech Republic. It was the perfect time for Blenz to work with INTERNeX to find excellent new staff. When you go to Blenz Coffee location you may be served by the smiling face of an employee hired through INTERNeX.

Be sure to strike up conversation with an INTERNeX staff member and hear their impressions of Vancouver. Simone from Holland, working at Blenz Fairview, says she loves Vancouver coffee culture and finds it funny to hear locals call a cafe “coffee shop” because in Holland that is a place that has nothing to do with coffee (hint: Amsterdam). Emil from Denmark, working at Blenz West Hastings, says his experience as a barista at Blenz has changed him and would like to pursue being a barista when he goes back home. Moshdeh, also from Holland and working at Blenz Robson, lives in one of the INTERNeX staff houses and shared a funny story. She came walking down the stairs of her house one day to find six people (all Blenz employees) sitting around totally absorbed and entertained by the Blenz Recipe Guide Training.

I hear they throw good parties at the INTERNeX staff houses-maybe you can find a way to get invited ;)DVD.

By Layla Osberg