Smart Saver Vancouver

Do you ever wish you had a car for just an hour, either to pick up a piece of furniture you bought at IKEA, or to get a huge grocery haul from the discount supermarket that is too far for walking distance? Or maybe you want to take a weekend road trip to Whistler or Seattle? This is where this week’s Smart Saver will come in very handy for you!  INTERNeX has just partnered up with a company called Zipcar and if you haven’t heard of them before, I am sure you are going to be very interested in what they have to offer.

Zipcar is a car sharing company that has vehicles all throughout Vancouver for any of their members to use at any time on any day.  All you have to do is go online or use your IPhone or Android and look up where the closest Zipcar pod is to your current location. From there you can reserve or book a car by the hour, the whole day or even longer!

Once you are a Zipcar member, you have access to every single car in their fleet, and the rates start at $8/hr for a car rental.  How cheap is that?? But that’s not even the best part, when you rent a Zipcar you are not responsible for any fuel or insurance costs and you get 200km free which each reservation.  So if you want a hybrid car for an hour, all you’re going to pay is $8.00 and that’s it!

Zipcar is such a great way to have the freedom of driving without the cost of having to pay for gas, insurance or costly monthly car payments. Zipcar is regularly $90 to join and $65 annually each year after, however, they have a special offer, which is a $30/year membership (Savings of $60) and will be giving back $30 in driving credit.  After this is paid, you have access to every single car in zipcar’s fleet.  They have such a wide variety of vehicles to choose from, they have hybrids, MINIs, coupes and even BMW’s if you’re feeling extra classy or want to impress a hot date 😉

Want to save even more money?

INTERNeX and Zipcar are offering you a special deal only available to INTERNeX candidates. All you need is:

Promo Code: INTERNeX2012

Then you are all set to go ahead and sign up online.

**Please note that this offer may not be available forever so don’t miss out on your chance to drive a Zipcar!

What does this mean?

This means that you will have $30 worth of driving credit to use on any  Zipcar of your choice. So your $30 credit is basically paying itself towards the first year membership free. Think of all the opportunities… Road Trips, blasting tunes and making pit-stops along the way wherever you like. OH THE FREEDOM!

If you have any questions about Zipcar, or the special offer being offered to INTERNeX candidates please feel free to visit their website or send the PR team an email. If you have questions specific to signing up for a membership send Zipcar an email and they will happily help you out with the process.


Your PR Team

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Phone: +1 (604) 662 8149

Vancouver Must-See 2010

Hey everyone,
So the last blog post I was talking about New Year resolutions. I asked you guys to share some of your resolutions with me and some of you were kind enough to do that. So since I asked you guys to do that I thought I’d return the favor and share one of mine. Probably the most important one since it is number one on my list. So I’m sure some of you might share this one with me…my goal is to get into shape. So I got a gym membership to the Steve Nash Sports Club but I needed something else to keep me motivated as the gym can sometimes get a little boring and repetitive for me. So this past weekend a friend of mine and I decided to go up to Grouse Mountain. This amazing site has actually been listed as one of Vancouver’s 10 must-sees, so I really encourage you guys to hike your butts up there. Just 15 minutes from downtown Vancouver, this mountain offers you a quick little getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. We decided to walk up the mountain by doing the Grouse Grind, which was a pretty grueling 2.9 kilometer hike but it was well worth it. Once you get to the top you are faced with an amazing view of the Vancouver area. If you’re too tired to hike back down, which we were, you can take a gondola ride down and take in more of the dramatic views. If you are interested in trying something new and getting in a little bit of a workout check out their website!