Candidate Exposé – Lukas Hug

My name is Lukas and I’m 22. I live in the Southern part of Germany and study economics there.

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Timothy, the CEO of INTERNeX, visited our university and introduced the organization and all the programs. I heard about the beauty of Canada and wanted to make a new experience. My plan was to see the Canadian culture and their working life. I would recommend INTERNeX, it is a good organization. They helped me with my visa and they organized my practicum and host family.

I did a practicum in Vancouver. I really liked it, it was an awesome experience. I worked at a financial services firm. My colleagues were really friendly and they gave me interesting tasks. You must be interested in financial issues and you need analytical skills. Moreover you should be a team player. It is useful for my career goals because working in Canada is different to working in Germany. I made good working experiences that will help me in my future career.

I lived at a host family and I loved it. They were awesome to me. From day one, I felt at home. On my first day in Vancouver my host family organized a barbecue at Kitsilano Beach. We enjoyed the sunrise there and it was a really good start in this beautiful city.


During my time in Vancouver I saw many beautiful and interesting places and made lots of new friends. I attended almost every pub night. It was a good opportunity to meet new people. After every pub night we went to a karaoke bar, it was so much fun. I went on a Rocky Mountains trip, to the Joffre Lakes, Victoria, Whistler, Garibaldi Lake, Grouse Mountain, Stanley Park, Granville Island and to many more places. And I attended several sport events, e.g. a hockey, soccer and baseball match. I love this beautiful nature and the open-hearted people. The most memorable thing was going to the Joffre Lakes and feeding wild animals. Staying in the Rocky Mountains and sitting next to a bonfire at night was really nice as well.

The first thing I did when I came back in Germany was enjoying time with my family and friends. Hopefully I can go back to Canada soon.

– Lukas Hug

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Candidate Exposé – Lisa-Marie Hartwig

My name is Lisa-Marie Hartwig. I am 21 years old and I live in Stuttgart (southern Germany). I am studying Business Administration in the Service Sector Management of Non-Profit Organizations.

20140724_135517I wanted to experience a new country and I wanted to strengthen the general and specific knowledge and skills that are necessary for the work in NPOs or NGOs. At the same time I wanted to do this on an international level.

I found INTERNeX through the information event of the DHBW. I did the practicum program for 4 weeks. I chose this program together with a co-student. I liked it very much. I was placed at a small environmental organization with really cool people. The work was monotonously but we knew that before. The skills you need to have for this job are endurance, speed and attention. This was not a part of my university program. It was a voluntary decision from me. My employee didn’t mind. But it is useful for my résumé.

I was at a home stay from INTERNeX. My first impression from Vancouver was that the city is ugly. I was a little bit disappointed because many people were jealous. It was really cold in my room and I had a long bus drive to the city centre. I am not in Canada anymore. What I liked the most about the city and Canada was the neatness of the people.


I attended a lot of the activities from INTERNeX. I liked them very much because of different people you meet there. I was at Stanley Park, the Lookout, Harbour Centre, Robson Street, North Vancouver, Richmond, Lynn Valley Park and drove to a lake outside Vancouver. Visiting Sunshine Coast at the place of a colleague was the most memorable thing I did in Canada.

The first thing I did when I came home was having a dinner with my boyfriend and my parents. In Vancouver I thought I would travel more in the future, but since I am back in Germany it is the same daily grind like before. I would totally recommend the services of INTERNeX. They managed to call a taxi for the airport. And the introduction presentation was really helpful. The organized events were great and helped me to arrange my evenings.

– Lisa-Marie Hartwig

INTERNeX International Exchange
International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
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INTERNeX Canada: How was your weekend?

Erik went all out with his shorts and flip flops -I applaud you, sir!

Out of all of the pub nights and trips I have organized and attended, probably the most memorable event for me was last Friday.  We were all at the Morrissey pub on Granville street. It was such a fun night with everyone, I thought. Fun…and also very special.

It was actually different from our usual pub and club nights, because not only was it a Hawaiian theme, but also because Tim and our company partners from Denmark came to join us! It was so much fun to see every one enjoying their time, drinking beers, and smiling. I always know Morrissey is a great place for us!

Cheers to tequila shots!!!

As we were sitting at the pub though, I noticed people were taking turns and disappearing for a good five to ten minutes. Hmmm very interesting, I thought. When I asked where they were going, they said they needed to go to the washroom….that must have been a very long washroom break I must say. But later I found out why. My themed pub and club night turned into a my surprise goodbye party! Ilse presented me with a photo scrapbook with everyone’s comments in it. I was so caught off guard that I didn’t know how to react. I think that part of the night is what made it so special for me.

group photo!

Then after, we made our way to VENUE! Enough being emotional because we had to go party it up and dance the night away at the club! Even Joan and Maria joined us to buy everyone a round of tequila shots! It was very very sweet of them and I’m sure all of us really appreciated it (not going to say who 😉 )! Overall it was such a successful, emotional, hilarious, and incredible night!

Thank you everyone for coming out that night and celebrating!



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Canada Day

I hope everyone had a great Canada day! On Thursday, myself and some friends went to a Canada Day party (hosted by West Trek and Moose Travel Network) near Jericho beach. There was a barbecue, drinks, music and lots of games!

If you’re not already aware, Moose Travel Network is Canada’s adventure bus system for backpackers, students and “young at heart” travellers. The company was established in 1997 by two Canadian entrepreneurs who wanted to show visitors the real Canada. Inspired by the successful examples set by companies in Australia and New Zealand, they started offering trips from Vancouver and Toronto.

Since then, Moose has carried thousands of satisfied passengers many tens of thousands of kilometers throughout this beautiful country. Moose has built an excellent international reputation for quality service and memorable experiences. If you’re interested in a hop-on, hop-off adventure, we can help you book your trip! Drop by the INTERNeX office and our representatives will inform you of all of their trips and tours happening across Canada! For more information on the Moose Travel Network, visit their website.

Looking for a day trip or a weekend adventure? Well West Trek has taken tens of thousands of ESL students and international travelers on tours to some of Western Canada’s most amazing scenery and attractions.

What began as a one man show back in 1998 has now blossomed into one of Western Canada’s largest tour operations.  West Trek got it’s start running small group camping and canoeing tours.  They offer tours to the Rocky Mountains, Victoria, Whistler, Tofino, Seattle and Portland! INTERNeX can help you book white water rafting trips, wine tasting tours and whale watching tours as well! For more information on West Trek and their services, visit their website.

INTERNeX also offers a variety of events and activities, such as Paintballing and Pub Night! Take a look at our event calendar to see what’s up this month with INTERNeX!

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Toronto Jazz Festival – June 25 to July 4

Just a reminder that the Toronto Jazz Festival is coming up!

Late June signals not only the start of summer, but also the arrival of the TD Toronto Jazz Festival as it takes over the city for 10 incredible days. Local clubs, restaurants, venues and even a church or two will be playing host, creating a festival network that includes over 40 participating stages all over the city. Now, that is a lot of jazz! We don’t forget about you guys in Toronto, and really want you to experience a great Canadian event – make sure you don’t pass this up!

For the past 20 years, Toronto Downtown Jazz has produced the Toronto Downtown Jazz Festival as well as many other events and programs to further develop jazz talent and audience appreciation. Toronto Downtown Jazz is a registered charity and over the years has come to be recognized as one of North Americas premier jazz festival producers, while the organization itself has been used by other arts organizations and festivals as a model for community involvement, artistic excellence and outstanding production standards.

Toronto Downtown Jazz Fast Facts

In 20 years, Toronto Downtown Jazz has:

  • Presented over 20,000 artists, 85% of whom were Canadian
  • Presented over 1,500 free public events
  • Contributed over $250 million to the GTA economy
  • Been blessed with over 50,000 hours contributed by volunteers
  • Welcomed over 6 million people to the Festival

For more information on this event, artists, and venues, click here!

That’s all for now guys! Make sure you book off a few days to take in some great performances!

– Laura