How was your weekend?

Unfortunately weekend is over, but let´s have a look on what we did the last few days. On Friday afternoon we enjoyed the good weather by going to Kitsilano beach. It was warm enough to wear swim wear and many people also went into the cold water. In the evening there was an amazing sunset and it was quite cool to watch it on one of the longest days of the year.

On Saturday we booked a trip to the Joffre lakes. Although it was a three hours drive to get there from Vancouver it was definitely worth it. The bus driver told us that the lower Joffre lake is the most boring one but already this lake was very clear and turquoise. However, we decided to hike the steep way up to the Middle Joffre lake. When we saw the blue color sparkling through the woods we knew we arrived. The bus driver was so right, because the Lower Joffre lake was nothing against the Middle one. The light blue water seemed so surreal. After making a short break and taking some pictures, we started to hike to the last aim: the Upper Joffre lake. On our way we came by the Holloway Falls, one of the most beautiful waterfalls in this region. The upper Joffre lake was just as turquoise as the Middle Lake and we decided to stay there for a while. While we ate our cookies some small birds joined us and so we had the idea to take some pictures with them. After that we unfortunately had to get back to our bus, but overall it was an amazing experience, that I can definitely recommend!

On Sunday we went shopping in the Metropolis Mall in Metrotown. It is pretty nice there and we all found something to buy. In the afternoon unfortunately we weren´t able to do our INTERNeX-BBQ at the beach, because the weather forecast predicted rain on Sunday. Instead of it we went to WhiteSpot, which is a typical Canadian burger restaurant to get something to eat there. We all enjoyed the good food! After it we wanted to visit the Jazz festival at the Robson Square, but unfortunately it was already closed. However, we experienced so much this weekend that we had nothing against going home.



Thanks to those who joined us at the WhiteSpot! I hope to see you at the PubNight on Wednesday!

– Franzi


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