Candidate Exposé – Blanca Alanis

Blanca AlanisI am Blanca, 22 years old, from Monterrey in Mexico and I am studying International Marketing at UDEM. This is my last summer as a student, so I decided to come and do my internship and have an international experience. Internex has an alliance with my school and I was looking for an internship program in Canada, and so my teacher of international experiences gave me this option.

I chose an internship because you have the chance to work in another country where the culture is so different than your home. So besides working in the things you like and what you want to do, maybe the rest of your life, you can also learn here how the work-environment is in a different part of the world. Besides that you will be able to bring your culture here as well, and take good things from the place you worked at to your country.

At my placement you have to be a person who enjoys to work, being proactive will helpBlanca Alanis (words) you to gain their confidence so they will trust you to do tasks that they don’t give to an intern normally. If you have creative skills and know how to work under pressure you will make it in this job. I have to say that being an outgoing person will help you to make friends at work and it makes an easier going environment. And the last thing that has helped me a lot is being efficient. They love it when you do your tasks well and fast and when you keep asking for more tasks.

My first impression when I arrived, I remembered I said “It’s super green here”. Every time you are walking or sit in the bus, wherever you turn your head, there are trees and gardens everywhere. At first, I was scared of being by myself at night but you get used to it and you realize that Vancouver is a safe place.

I attend quite some activities and pub nights, and I really like that they organise these things. It helps you in making friendships and to go out. They are such good persons, if you have a question you can ask them and they will help you, they make you feel part of the group from the beginning. I have been to the pub nights, the different museums, beaches, grouse mountain, garibaldi lake, victoria, Lynn Canyon, etc.

What I like most about Vancouver is that the people are kind, the city is super clean and green, the recycling system, how the economy here is thanks to small business and that the city is made for public transportation and bikes, not only for cars.

I didn’t really had difficulties, at first it was just getting used to use the public transportation and feel comfortable knowing that they are safe and always on time.

The most memorable thing I did so far I have to say that being on the top of the garibaldi lake made me feel great, I was tired of waking up so early and I was just about to not going, because I just wanted to sleep but I knew I had to go. It’s a long hike and takes you the whole day, so if you are patience you will enjoy the great and beautiful view. That’s how life works, patience is a virtue and if you learn to wait and being perseverant, at the end everything will be worth it.

This experience inspired me to travel more. Now I know that I want to work in different places, because I like to understand and live the different cultures. I don’t have a specific place, life takes you where you need to be, and so if the opportunity comes to me I’ll go anywhere.

Internex was helpful for me because they help you in the process of finding an internship in what you really want to do. They have different events that give you the opportunity to meet friends and they help you also during your stay to make you feel comfortable and answer all your questions.

The first thing I will do when I get back home is see my family, friends and my dog!!, they are the one who I miss the most, also my food of course, ill see them while we eat some tacos.

– Blanca

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INTERNeX Canada: What to do on the weekend

Well, September is officially here! And it is full of amazing plans that we will show you in our weekly “What to do on the weekend”.

Vancouver always offers a large number of events, festivals, concerts, markets… maybe so many, for that is very easy to miss  something. Then, the next week arrives and you realized that you lost something that could have been very funny. But no worries, because every Thursday you will have the best selection of the Vancouver’s entertainment.


Of course, the main event this weekend is the party that we have at  HI-Vancouver Jericho Beach! And apparently, the weather will be OK!

To get there, we can meet at 3:30 PM at the closest bus stop, and you can check the best route for you in Google Maps (Get directions). The name is WB w 4 Av FS NW Marine Dr (ID stop: 50594). Then, we can go all together by foot. If you need to arrive later, the Hi-Vancouver location is this (MAP), you can go there on your own. If you have any problems, just call us!

Here you have the Mercedes’ number: +1 778 859 7626

  •  WHEN: Saturday, 7th September at 3:30 PM
  •  WHERE: Bus Stop WB w 4 Av FS NW Marine Dr (ID stop: 50594)

Luxury & Supercar Weekend

If you are completely in love with luxury cars, this weekend (Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th) you have an appointment in the VanDusen Botanical Garden, with the world’s most expensive and priciest cars. And the priciest tickets too: single days tickets are $50, and the VIP tickets are $100 and include cocktails, wine and food.

Fiesta Mexico Independencia

One of the most important events inside the Mexico-Fest (September 5th-15th). This Saturday, in the Vancouver Convention Centre between 12:00 pm to 9:00 pm, you will be able to celebrate the Mexican Independence Day. Mariachis, food vendors, traditional Mexican dances and much more! Take a look to the schedule!


12:00 pm –  Mariachi Estrella de Mexico

12:30 pm –  Joaquin Ernesto Gonzalez

13:00 pm –  Rosario Flamenco

13:30 pm – Zumba- Latin Fitness Ztudio

14:00 pm –  Sangre Morena

14:30 pm –  Alma de Mexico

15:00 pm –  Tren al Sur

16:00 pm –  Zumba- Latin Fitness Ztudio

16:30 pm –  Mexico Vivo

17:15 pm –  Mariachi Estrella de Mexico

17:30 pm –   El Grito Ceremony

18:00 pm –   LIO

19:00 pm –   Aleks Syntek in Concert

Well, I’m sure I’ve provided you with a bunch of ideas for this weekend! Take advantage of that!

Have fun!


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INTERNeX Canada: International Vancouver- Mexicans!Wey!

As you can see this city is full of people from different places! Asian, Europeans…but today I want to speak about Mexicans! There are not that many Spanish people here, but oh god! This city is full of Mexicans.

The PR girls with the Mexican Flag at INTERNeX Summer Party

The PR girls with the Mexican Flag at INTERNeX Summer Party

If you go out by night, you will recognize them easily! They will be probably dancing in a crazy way and enjoying like there is no tomorrow! They are cheerful ( and they love tequila haha)

There are Mexican restaurants everywhere they can’t like without corn (the most of their dishes are made with corn) but it’s also true that their food is one of the best options wherever you are! Yummy!

Mexicans loves music and party (I think I already said that but it’s true), but they also have a strong values about family relationship and friendship. They are always welcoming the new people; their house is your house. 🙂

We all know about tequila, tacos, but how is the situation in Mexico right now?

Mexico is the second most import economy after Brazil in Latin America; it has important economic relations with USA where the 75 % of their exportation goes. It is a country rich in contrasts; you can find tropical jungle like Lacandona in Chiapas or a dessert like Samalayuca in Chihuahua. It is also one of the richest countries in animal species. And what about the tourism? Oh definitely it has a lot of  incredible and different places to go! Beaches, cities, nature, jungle…

Sometimes is funny because when a pure Mexican speaks with another Mexican in real real Mexican-Spanish language, I can hardly understand the conversation… (I could write down some words but they are not the most polite words to include in a post, so just believe me)

And to finish…just a Son Mexicano, one of the typical music of their country


Enjoy all the possibilities that Vancouver has to offer for you, meet new and different  people and learn about the cultures’ differences! It will make you more open mind and it will help you to understand the world where we live in!


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INTERNeX Program: Internship

Ben je op zoek naar een echte stage? Heb je altijd al eens het land willen verlaten maar niet geweten hoe, wat en waar? Dan is INTERNeX echt iets voor jou, want wij zijn er voor jou!!!

Wij helpen jou met alles, visa, het vinden van een stage, woonplek, wij organiseren trip en elke week een PuB NiGHT  om zo je nieuw beste vrienden te ontmoeten en nog heel veel meer. We hebben zelf om dit moment zelfs een speciale aanbieding voor Nederlandse mensen. Voor meer information klik op special offer.

Heb je er al zin in !!!

Neem dan contact met ons op en wij bereiden alles voor  zodat jij, de beste tijd van je leven hier hebt!!!


Do you want to have real work experience and meet new people? But don’t want to do it all by yourself or just want to have the security of a company that is there for you in a foreign country. Then an internship with INTERNeX is your solution.

INTERNeX helps you with everything that you need. When you do an Internship they help you find an internship ( or already have one to your specifications), help you find accommodation, organize trips and weekly PuB NiGHTs for you to meet your new best friends and so much more!!!

At the moment we even have these special offers for you:

Are you already looking forward to starting your internship with INTERNeX. Then contact us and we will start preparing for the best time of your life.



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PuB NiGHT Cinqo de Mayo – Review!

Yesterday we had a real Mexican fiesta at the Blarney Stone – Cinqo de Mayo! The first part of the Mexican party was a bit more Canadian since we were watching the ice hockey game together! Of course the Canucks won, GO CANUCKS GO!!! After the game they cleared the dance floor, so people could dance on the typical Mexican music played by the Mexican Mariachi Band ‘’Los Dorados’’. One of our Mexican candidates requested a song and they only wanted to play it on one condition – that we had to dance!! So, many of our candidates got their ‘’Mexico on’’ on the dance floor! Arrrriiibaa!!

We were sitting on a really long table in the back of the Blarney Stone, because we were with so many people, which is absolutely awesome!! Everyone got a ticket from the PR-team to get a free tequila shot at the bar! We were having a really good time; enjoying the live music and having a nice chat with each other.  Once again, it was a successful PuB NiGHT! If you would like to see all the pictures that were taken last night, go to our Flickr account. 😀

Thanks for coming everyone and we hope to see you next PuB NiGHT again!!


Your PR-team