Win a VIP Vancouver Fashion Week ticket TONIGHT!

We are counting down the hours until tonight’s INTERNeX Halloween Pub Night!

As we celebrate Halloween, we will also be giving away a free VIP Vancouver Fashion Week ticket that allows you entry into a full day of shows, which also includes access to an after party.

We are combining two events into one night.  This will be an action-packed night, so be sure not to miss it!  

The event will provide a special theme for each day:

Opening the Show, New Generation, Eco-Friendly, Local & International.

Since you are visiting Vancouver, you would experience the multi-cultural side that Vancouver is known for.  Under one roof, you will see international, as well as local, designers display their work of art.  
Every designer has a very unique story of how they got started.  You may get inspired from reading more about the struggles and triumphs each designer experienced on their journey.  To read more on the designers that will be participating in Vancouver Fashion Week, click here:

How will you win a VIP Vancouver Fashion Week ticket you may ask?
Well, we will do it the old-fashioned way of drawing your name out of a hat.  Upon winning of the ticket, you will have your picture taken.  And the story just begins after that…
We will beautify ourselves in preparation, while documenting this all along the way to the event and back.


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