INTERNeX Canada: How was your weekend?

Last weekend Mercedes and I went to Whistler, an amazing ski resort near to Vancouver, where the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games took place. We passed two incredible days enjoying the authentic taste of the Canadian nature.  I already knew that Canada had incredible woods, but, believe me, you need to go there to see it by yourself.

First, we stopped in the Shannon Falls (at Shannon Falls Provincial Park)to see the third highest falls in the province of BC. The place, as you can see in the photos, is very beautiful. There was a lot of families having a picnic day and playing sports.

Then, we arrived at the HI-Hotel. We had a BBQ during de sundown with enormous burgers (really, the best hamburger I never tasted), Canadians beers, and a great company.

Afterwards, we went to Moe Joe’s, one of the most famous clubs in the village. There was a pool table and a dance floor with DJs. Mercedes and I spent the night dancing and jumping with the other people.

But the next morning, we didn’t have time for sleep, because we had to take a bus to do trekking. Do you know something about trekking? Well, we didn’t. Somebody told us something about to be hanging from a cord. Ouch… I was a little scared. All my life I have been afraid of heights. Mercedes was very happy; she is braver than me. But, believe, was one of the best things I’ve never done! Hanging so high, gliding so fast, among the enormous trees, with the beautiful forest under your feet…you can feel like flying!


Finally, we went to the village to eat something and take the bus. We were so tired but very happy. In Vancouver, we came back to our houses with the feeling that we were we were in love with Canada more than ever.

Thanks to the organizers to invite us! If you want to go to Whistler, please contact with our PR Team!





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