INTERNeX Canada: Casual Friday – Proud of being canadian!

It´s interesting to see how proud canadians are of their Nation. Canada Day is coming, and Molson Canadian did an awesome commercial in Europe to promote the Canadian beer.

Molson Canadian has been known as a great advertising company, specifically known for advertising the lifestyle of Canadians with phrases like “This is our Beer” and “this is our land.”

In this ad, you can see how Molson Canadian distributed Red fridges through Europe with a white Canadian Leaf.

Everybody tried to open the fridge, but unfortunately it had a passport reader, so just those with a Canadian Passport could open it. (lucky them ..hehe). Then beer for everybody!!

I personally think that it was a good guerrilla campaign..very attractive and creative. I hope this Company surprises us with a guerrilla campaign very soon.

What do you think about it?? Did you see another interesting one that you want to search?

I hope you enjoy this commercial, and I wish u a wonderful weekend !



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