PR-team Adventures

In the INTERNeX office we like to do pranks when one of us goes away for a while or just on a random day for fun. As you all know it was Mothers Day a week ago and it was time for another prank. This was not really a prank, more a funny present, but it was still amazing!

I was the first to start at INTERNeX from the current PR-team. As I had 2 more months experience than the others when they started I became the team leader. I already knew a lot about how the PR-department works at INTERNeX and I could explain every aspect to the new girls. Because I was the team leader, our supervisor, Simon, started to call me ‘boss’. I didn’t like to be called the boss as that sounded like I was the one deciding everything, so then the nickname ‘mommy’ was born.

IMG_0944.JPGThe Monday after Mothers Day I came into the office and they bought me a balloon and a card for Mothers day. It was Monday morning so I was really tired from the weekend and I didn’t realize it was for me. After I saw Simon filming me and Iris giving me the card I was so happy! I loved it that they even gave me presents for Mothers Day and I was really happy with the balloon and the card. I was even more surprised when I heard that they already thought of it in February and that they all kept it a secret for that long. Some already did forget about the idea, but it was still impressive as I am normally the one behind the pranks / ideas.

Working in the INTERNeX office is always different and so much fun. The pranks, random presents and the whole team just make it amazing.

See you guys tonight at PuB NiGHT!

– Janel

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