INTERNeX Goes Rockies – Review (Part II)

Hi people, as most of you probably already know, but I just can’t tell it enough – we’ve been rockin’ the rocky mountains last weekend with a group of 25 INTERNeX’ers and friends. In the previous blog post you can read everything about day 1 and 2 of our trip, click here to read it again! Here is the review of the last 2 days!

Day 3

We woke up in our hotel in Banff, a little bit hung-over from the party but ready to start the day again. From the hotel we directly went to the gondola to go up the mountain. We could walk from peak to peak once we got on the mountain. The view from the top of the mountain was absolutely breath-taking, we were just surrounded by huge mountains. When everyone was done taking pictures of the awesome view, we went down with the gondola again. We got back in Banff and had some time to eat lunch somewhere before we went to our next destination again.

The next destination was Lake Louise! We drove for a little while when we arrived at lake louise; it is this beautiful lake that was still half frozen. However the first few meters of the lake were defrosted, so some people who promised to go into the lake, jumped in!! After Lake Louise we had a little stop at Morraine Lake to take a few pictures.

Next stop Golden, where we had a bbq and campfire! In my opinion the most awesome night of the whole trip! Around 100 people were sitting around the campfire, first doing some games and later we got a guitar and everyone was singing! We did those things that are typical when you have campfire; ghost stories, singing songs, marshmallows etc. We sat there the whole night, because it wasn’t even cold! Also, during the night we had a quick lesson of line dancing by our tour guide Adam. It was so awesome to see about 80 people doing the same dance! It really added to the Rocky Mountain experience. Perfect ending of day 3!

Day 4

On the last day we woke up in Golden after an amazing night with bbq and campfire! We had a quick breakfast and we jumped in the bus again. We stopped at a place where they had the ‘Last Spike’. Our tour guide was telling us that they used to have golden spikes on the railway, but they always got stolen. At the place where we stopped they still had the “Last Golden Spike’’.
After seeing the last spike we jumped in the bus again and we drove to Enderby Flea Market. We were getting a name of someone else in the bus, and we had to find them the most horrible, ugly, weird gift that you can wear! When we got back on the bus everyone got their present and we looked hilarious! Some were wearing pajama’s, others weird hats and Klaas-jan had the honor to wear a bra! Meanwhile we were heading to Kelowna. We grabbed some lunch, took some pictures and got back on the bus again to, sadly, go back to Vancouver again!

We had the times of our lives on the INTERNeX Rockies trips and that is also thanks to you! So, we would really like to thank everyone that joined the trip and we hope that you enjoyed it as much as we did!!


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