What to do on the weekend

Aaaand another weekend is approaching. It’s getting cold outside but of course that doesn’t stop you from getting out and experience Vancouver. Here are a couple of activity suggestions for you guys.

Canada is celebrating hockey’s 100th anniversary. It’s called Hockey Canada Century Tour, and includes an interactive experience for all ages. The tour is travelling its way through Canada from coast to coast. You can take part in this experience throughout this weekend in Richmond. You’ll be able to experience the Canada’s hockey history decade by decade, and of course you can also try out playing hockey yourself. Go crazy with the Canadians and join in for some great hockey moments. You can read more about Hockey Canada Century Tour here.

It’s November and that means time for men to let their moustaches grow. You probably know already know it… it’s called Movember and the purposeis to create awareness about prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health issues. So what can you do to support this cause? Well, you guys can take part in a culinary walking tour this Friday, November 14th, from 6pm till 8pm. This awesome tour is dedicated to give all men the perfect culinary tour and will let you taste locally brewed beer, pizza, tacos… this is the perfect tour that all men are dreaming about. Some of the money from the ticket sales will go to the Movember Canada Charity Of course girls are also welcome. Click here to get fully updated on this tour.

… But it doesn’t stop here. This Saturday The Pint introduces its Mid-Movember party. For inspiration for a Movember party suit check out the picture above. For an entrance fee of just $2 you’ll get the coolest party and the opportunity to win several Movember prizes. Win a nice shaving kit and prepare yourself to get that scratchy moustache shaved… but you’ll have to wait with the shaving till next month. Check out the party and prize details here.

Have a great weekend, and happy Movember!

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INTERNeX Canada: What to do on the Weekend?

Happy November!! How is your week going? This weekend, I will hopefully be going skydiving! (finger crossed that the weather behaves well.)

Though, November is not necessary one of those months that you are too excited about because it’s between holiday seasons. But, here are some important events going on this weekend that will make you change your mind!

DAYLIGHT SAVING ENDS – Change your clocks!

You will absolutely want to, actually NEED TO, attend to this event! On Sunday, at 2am, turn your clocks back one hour (so it becomes 1am).  That’s right change your phone, watch, microwave…whatever! The clocks are going back to Standard time in Vancouver which means that while you are losing an hour of daylight -not that there is much lately – you are gaining one hour of sleep!

  • When? 2am on Sunday or before you head to bed!
  • Why? As days get shorter and shorter in the Autumn and Winter, you want to take advantage of whatever sunshine that is available, so turning the clocks back will allow you to wake up when the sun comes up.

For more information, take a look at this website.


Join us on Sunday is exploring Vancouver’s famous fishing village – Steveston! Once home to Canada’s largest fishing fleer of more than 600 vessels, Steveston Village is now an idyllic village where you can eat the best fish and chips and buy fresh seafood directly from the fishermen at the dock for a lower price! If seafood isn’t your thing, there are many cute little gift and antique shops, delicious frozen yogurt and a beautiful garden in the town center. Don’t forget to bring your camera, you will definitely need it!

You know you want to come, so just click attend on our Facebook event!


November means Movember in Canada! What does this mean? This time every year, men grow their “Mo’s” to raise money and awareness for prostate cancer and male mental health initiatives! So if you start seeing moustaches on thousands of men’s faces, don’t panic. In fact, I think men with moustaches are quite attractive. To participate, all you men can simply register at Movember.com with a clean-shaven face…. And of course, let the moustache grow!

  • When? November 1st to 30th
  • Where? On your faces!
  • Cost? FREE and for a good cause!

For more information, check out their Facebook page.

VAFF: 16th Annual Vancouver Asian Film Festival

Vancouver has the biggest Asian population in Canada, so why not watch films that are made by some of the most prominent Canadian and American Asian filmmakers. All films are in English or have English subtitles. You might recognize some of the stars such as Sung Kang (The Dark Knight), Harry Shum Jr. (Glee) and Booboo Stewart (The Twilight Saga)!

  • When? Thursday, Nov. 1st to Sunday, Nov. 4th
  • Where? Cineplex Odeon International Village Cinemas
    88 W Pender Street
    Vancouver, BC V6B 6N9

To check out the show times and buy tickets, go to their website here.




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