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Where are all our movie lovers? People who’re always up to date with the newest movie and practice binge watching as a professional sport? This blogpost will definitely be something for you 😉

Is it New York or our beloved Vancouver? Maybe you’ve seen Vancouver in many movies you’ve watched in the last years 🙂 But did you recognize that it isn’t New York or Seattle but Vancouver? Might be difficult so let us have a closer look ;).
Firstly, I’d like to tell you a short story about something that happened to me during my time in Vancouver. Back in 2017 on my way to my daily language classes on W Hastings street, Vancouver Downtown I saw camera teams everywhere. The people weren’t allowed to cross the street – except us language school students. It felt like being a celebrity for like 5 minutes 😉 So I continued walking straight to the language school building to not disturb the shooting. Right before entering the building I turned around and saw Ryan Reynolds on his motorcycle ready to shoot the movie Deadpool 2. Pretty cool and exciting moment. Believe me – here’s the evidence photo.

So that’s it from my own experience; let’s continue with some popular films and series that take place in Vancouver.
How many movies were filmed in Vancouver? Do you know any of these movies? I’m pretty sure you will…
Beside Deadpool, there is one of the most successful movies you’ve probably seen or at least heard of. Getting a little naughty we can talk about 50 Shades of Grey. Have you noticed the huge building called ” Bentall 5 tower”? In the movie it’s transformed into “Grey Enterprises” where many scenes take place. Maybe you’ve had dinner at Peckingpah BBQ in Gastown (like I did) or visited the Fairmont Hotel. Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele have been there as well. 😉 It’s true; in the movie it seems like everything takes place in Seattle but as in mentioned before it’s often not like this; this movie is a good example for Vancouver which stands in for Seattle.

The famous action blockbuster I, Robot with Will Smith is also shot in Vancouver. You can spot filming locations of the futuristic city in the movie by the Marina City Towers, Wrigley Building and Pier 94.
There are famous movie locations at every corner. Even right on the arrival at Vancouver International Airport, you can spot a well known movie scene. This place was featured in the horror classic “Final Destination” as New Yorks JFK Airport.
Love is in the air – movies such as Always be my maybe or one of my favourite movies Love guaranteed are being filmed in Vancouver too. It’s pretty cool watching movies in which actors enjoy their time in Downtown or on a walk in Stanley Park. If you haven’t seen this movie it’s highly recommended by me.

Surely you know the Twilight Saga? Also this one was filmed at different locations in British Columbia especially Vancouver and Tofino – of course as it is typical for these movies, mostly in the forest.
Certainly, there are many more great movies but some series you might know are shot in Vancouver as well. The famous classic Suits as well as Arrow or Riverdale found their perfect filming location in this Canadian city.
Hope I could give you some “that’s amazing oh I didn’t know” moments 😉
Enjoy watching you favourite movies or series and if you already visited some of the filming locations – let me know!!!

We’d love to see you at tonight’s pubnight:) 6pm at The Beaver pub!

– Tatjana

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