INTERNeX Canada: How was your weekend?


photo taken by Erik Runge

Last Saturday afternoon, we visited the Vancouver Aquarium!! It was really fun going around and looking at all the exotic underwater creatures! I felt so excited and nervous as we walked in, even though I had been there many times! And because there were so many things to see, I didn’t know where to begin! We decided that it was best to look around outside first since it could start to rain later during the day. As we went outside, we saw an otter swimming around. I think the otter was everyone’s favorite part of the day! Then we went to watch the beluga whale show and of course after we went to see the small penguins. And of course, we went to watch the special presentation on Sharks and Rays, which was really cool! We learned a lot about the history of sharks!

My least favorite part of the day was probably during lunch time, because we had to sit outside as we almost froze to death. Okay, I’m just exaggerating, it wasn’t THAT bad. But I really wish they had an indoor cafeteria or something. The last thing we did at the Aquarium was going into a theater to watch a 4D show on the salmon run! It was really cool because of the special effects and little surprises during the movie! If you haven’t been, I really think you should go check it out.

group photo in 3D glasses!!

And to end the day, we all went to McDonalds for the free coffee! It was hilarious because there were so many of us and we all asked for the free coffee. Too bad the deal is now over!! Overall, it was such an awesome day at the Vancouver Aquarium, and the Sharks and Rays exhibition is still open till April so go now if you weren’t able to join us last weekend!

If you missed out on some our events last month, don’t fret because March is full of fun events! Join us for a movie/games/potluck night this Saturday and sign up for our Rocky Mountain getaway trip!



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