Canada facts – movietime

Where are all our movie lovers? People who’re always up to date with the newest movie and practice binge watching as a professional sport? This blogpost will definitely be something for you 😉

Is it New York or our beloved Vancouver? Maybe you’ve seen Vancouver in many movies you’ve watched in the last years 🙂 But did you recognize that it isn’t New York or Seattle but Vancouver? Might be difficult so let us have a closer look ;).
Firstly, I’d like to tell you a short story about something that happened to me during my time in Vancouver. Back in 2017 on my way to my daily language classes on W Hastings street, Vancouver Downtown I saw camera teams everywhere. The people weren’t allowed to cross the street – except us language school students. It felt like being a celebrity for like 5 minutes 😉 So I continued walking straight to the language school building to not disturb the shooting. Right before entering the building I turned around and saw Ryan Reynolds on his motorcycle ready to shoot the movie Deadpool 2. Pretty cool and exciting moment. Believe me – here’s the evidence photo.

So that’s it from my own experience; let’s continue with some popular films and series that take place in Vancouver.
How many movies were filmed in Vancouver? Do you know any of these movies? I’m pretty sure you will…
Beside Deadpool, there is one of the most successful movies you’ve probably seen or at least heard of. Getting a little naughty we can talk about 50 Shades of Grey. Have you noticed the huge building called ” Bentall 5 tower”? In the movie it’s transformed into “Grey Enterprises” where many scenes take place. Maybe you’ve had dinner at Peckingpah BBQ in Gastown (like I did) or visited the Fairmont Hotel. Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele have been there as well. 😉 It’s true; in the movie it seems like everything takes place in Seattle but as in mentioned before it’s often not like this; this movie is a good example for Vancouver which stands in for Seattle.

The famous action blockbuster I, Robot with Will Smith is also shot in Vancouver. You can spot filming locations of the futuristic city in the movie by the Marina City Towers, Wrigley Building and Pier 94.
There are famous movie locations at every corner. Even right on the arrival at Vancouver International Airport, you can spot a well known movie scene. This place was featured in the horror classic “Final Destination” as New Yorks JFK Airport.
Love is in the air – movies such as Always be my maybe or one of my favourite movies Love guaranteed are being filmed in Vancouver too. It’s pretty cool watching movies in which actors enjoy their time in Downtown or on a walk in Stanley Park. If you haven’t seen this movie it’s highly recommended by me.

Surely you know the Twilight Saga? Also this one was filmed at different locations in British Columbia especially Vancouver and Tofino – of course as it is typical for these movies, mostly in the forest.
Certainly, there are many more great movies but some series you might know are shot in Vancouver as well. The famous classic Suits as well as Arrow or Riverdale found their perfect filming location in this Canadian city.
Hope I could give you some “that’s amazing oh I didn’t know” moments 😉
Enjoy watching you favourite movies or series and if you already visited some of the filming locations – let me know!!!

We’d love to see you at tonight’s pubnight:) 6pm at The Beaver pub!

– Tatjana

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What to Do on the Weekend?

How fast the week has passed by and we are again facing a wonderful weekend ahead of us. And what great things are there to do this weekend – have a read below!

Vancouver as a very outdoorsy and sportive city of course celebrates its 10 Year 46446596894_b7b6462bc7_oAnniversary of the 2010 Winter Olympics. So for all sports enthusiasts, on Saturday,
February 22, from 11am to 6pm, a free fan festival will be held at Jack Poole Plaza, which is part of the Vancouver Convention Centre, which was the International Broadcast Centre during the Games. The festival offers athlete meet and greets, stage performances, sport demonstrations, lots of food and drinks, the relighting of the Olympic Cauldron, and other fun activities.

For those of you who would like to learn more about the local indigenous tribes and their traditional performances, you should consider attending the Talking Stick Festival. It is running from Friday, February 21 to Sunday, February 23 in various locations. This indigenous performing arts festival features artists and scholars, who come together to celebrate indigenous performing arts with the help of theatre, storytelling, writing, music, spoken word, dance, film and visual arts. Its 2020 theme is Chén̓chenstway, “upholding each other, lifting each other up”.

Being concerned with the indigenous culture, Stanley Park Ecology Society hosts a walk & workshop on indigenous plant use this weekend on Saturday. By walking through the park’s forest with an indigenous guide of Coast Salish descent, you will learn about edible, medicinal, and survival uses of plants, as well as the traditional and present-day indigenous use of and relationships with local plant and wildlife. You can register for this event online.

49342121353_13a6080a89_oFor everyone motivated in spending a part or even the whole weekend skiing or
snowboarding, Grouse Mountain is opening its doors for 24 consecutive hours of winter
fun! From February 22 until February 23, including sundown to sunrise, you can dance, ride or skate the night away under the night sky as DJs play cool tracks. Ski down Grouse’s beautiful slopes as long as you want to or simply dance the night away on Vancouver’s mountain roof top. Complimentary shuttles will run to make it easier to access this great event.

And then, not to forget, there is the movie night at Anniina’s place!! Her apartment building offers a really cool movie theatre that you guys should check out this weekend. Find more info and the link to an extra group in our Whatsapp group.

I hope this blog post gives you some inspiration for your weekend, enjoy every moment of it!! See you very soon! 😀

– Felicitas

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What to do on the weekend?

The weekend is ahead of us and in case you don’t have any plans yet, here are some suggestions, as to what you can do.

Unfortunately, the weather forecast for tomorrow isn’t looking too good. Since you might not want to be outside, how about you go to the movie theater. The current movies being played, will take you back to your childhood. For example, Pokemon Detective Pikachu, where Vancouver native Ryan Reynolds lends his voice to Pikachu. Or the Disney classic Aladdin, where you will see Will Smith as the genie. If you have not seen it yet, you could check out the record breaking, star packed movie Avengers: Endgame.


On Sunday the weather is suppose to get better. Giving you the opportunity for example to go on a hike at Lighthouse Park or at any other of the many hiking trails in and around Vancouver. Another lovely way to enjoy sunny weather in Vancouver, is by relaxing on one of Vancouver’s beaches.


If you want a bit more action, there will be the Color Fest 2019 on Sunday. The fest will celebrate the South Asian spring festival Holi. The event will include music, dance and a community color “war”. It will be held in the Town Center Park Coquitlam from 1pm to 4pm. The admission is $10 and you can get the tickets online.

In case you want some cultural experience, you could visit the European Festival on Sunday. The festival will be held at the Vancouver Alpen Club at 2875 Victoria Drive. 15 different socities are participating in this festival to share their cultures. There will be concerts and performances, a marketplace, and food. Admission will be $5.

Our event this week is the hike at Joffre Lakes on Sunday. On the way there we will make a quick stop at Shannon Falls and our way back we will stop in beautiful Whistler for dinner. Thanks to everyone, who decided to join us and see you on Sunday!

Enjoy your weekend!


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How was your weekend?

Unfortunately, it is time to say goodbye to another great weekend in Vancouver. This means I only have one weekend left in this beautiful city. But hey, let’s not get into that right now. Instead, let me tell you about the fun I’ve had the past few days.

44020762001_2fc6f5abfe_nOn Saturday, it was time for our INTERNeX event: Outdoor Game Day. Six fun activities were on the schedule. But first things first: Team division. Who forms ‘team pink’ and who is part of ‘team blue’? After we determined that, we spilled the secret that there’d be a prize for the winning team. We had to get you guys motivated. Time to play the first game: ‘Card Relay Race’. Let’s find out how competitive you guys are. In this game, both teams had to collect all cards of a specific symbol. But, it wasn’t that simple. The cards lay, face down, on the other side of the field. Team members had to run back and forth, flipping a card at a time, until their stack was complete. It took quite some time before there was a winner, but in the end, it was 1-0 for team blue.

A round of memory, Kubb and water bottle bowling later, it was 3-1 for team blue. Next up: Pictionary. This was a challenging game in which everyone could show off their drawing skills. Well, or lack of drawing skills. This game surely created a lot of laughs. The last game involved water, sponges and buckets. The goal: bringing as much water to the other side as possible. Though it might seem impossible, both teams had the exact same amount of water in their buckets. So, both teams got a point. The end score: 5-2 for team blue. Congrats guys! I hope you liked your prize!

After multiple hours of being active, it was snack time (schnacks!). A couple of us went to the Warehouse in Gastown for lunch. When we finished our meals, I went home to freshen up. Not long after that, I went to Surrey to meet up with friends. We spent the evening watching my favorite movie: Safe Haven (If you haven’t watched it yet, get on it!) and Pitch Perfect 2.

Interactive IntrovertsOn Sunday, I spent most of my day relaxing. In the evening, however, I went to the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. Two YouTubers I watch, Dan Howell and Phil Lester, are on tour right now and on this day, they were in Vancouver. Their show is called Interactive Introverts and its aim is “giving the people what they want”, as Dan likes to say. I laughed a lot and couldn’t have spent my Sunday night any better.

I hope you all had a great weekend as well. See you tomorrow for our Outdoor Movie event in Stanley Park!

– Angy

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Smart Saver Vancouver

Summer has arrived, so it is time to go outside and do some fun activities. Good news is that you don’t have to spend (too much) money to join the fun. Here are some ideas for your free time.

I am sure you have already heard about the famous outdoor cinema, which takes place every Tuesday at Second Beach in Stanley Park. We just went there yesterday and watched The Lion King, it was a lot of fun! Next week, Mean Girls is on the program. Just take a blanket and some snacks with you and enjoy the movie.

37298454_1806962999396722_1371304262142787584_nDo you always have plans on Tuesday nights? No problem, you can also watch an outdoor movie on Thursdays at the Waterfront Cinema at Canada Place. Movies are shown until the end of August. Tomorrow, from 9.10pm on, the movie COCO will be on the screen. You can find the entire movie line-up here. Make sure you arrive early to reserve yourself a good spot.

Another great activity for hot summer days is of course swimming or at least splashing. You can cool down in one of the five outdoor swimming pools that are spread over the city:

  • Kitsilano Pool
  • Maple Groove Pool (South Vancouver)
  • Hillcrest Aquatic Centre (close to Queen Elisabeth Park)
  • New Brighton Pool
  • Second Beach Pool (Stanley Park)

You can check out all location details and opening hours here. Admission fee for one visit is $6.10, except for Maple Grove Pool – only $3 for this one. If you are planning to go more often, you can also purchase a 10-visit pass for $48.80. You get 25% off the regular price, when you show up with a group of 10+ people. So, time to gather your friends and save some money!

14583004328_d24ee0c590_nWhy spend the evening in the gym when you can also work out in the fresh air? Just dance the night away during free Zumba classes. Canada Place is again the place-to-be for this activity. The one-hour classes take place every Monday until August 27 and start at 5.30pm. And no worries – you don’t have to be a dance pro. Everyone is welcome to join the fun workout with a view.

Next to Zumba, you can also enjoy free Yoga classes. Mat Collective Yoga offers outdoor classes at diverse great locations in Vancouver. You can either join a class downtown in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery, in East Van, at Kits Beach or even on Granville Island. Different kinds of classes are offered every day until the end of August. So you could even go daily without even spending a loonie. Check out the live schedule here. Keep in mind that you need to sign a waiver before you join a class. However, you don’t need to sign up, just get in your sport clothes and take part in the class at unique locations!

I hope I could help you save some money! See you tonight at The Relish – where you get a beer for $3, by the way ;-).

– Kerstin

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