Win a VIP Vancouver Fashion Week ticket TONIGHT!

We are counting down the hours until tonight’s INTERNeX Halloween Pub Night!

As we celebrate Halloween, we will also be giving away a free VIP Vancouver Fashion Week ticket that allows you entry into a full day of shows, which also includes access to an after party.

We are combining two events into one night.  This will be an action-packed night, so be sure not to miss it!  

The event will provide a special theme for each day:

Opening the Show, New Generation, Eco-Friendly, Local & International.

Since you are visiting Vancouver, you would experience the multi-cultural side that Vancouver is known for.  Under one roof, you will see international, as well as local, designers display their work of art.  
Every designer has a very unique story of how they got started.  You may get inspired from reading more about the struggles and triumphs each designer experienced on their journey.  To read more on the designers that will be participating in Vancouver Fashion Week, click here:

How will you win a VIP Vancouver Fashion Week ticket you may ask?
Well, we will do it the old-fashioned way of drawing your name out of a hat.  Upon winning of the ticket, you will have your picture taken.  And the story just begins after that…
We will beautify ourselves in preparation, while documenting this all along the way to the event and back.


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Vancouver BC -V6A 2R5-


Phone: +1 (604) 662 8149


Toronto Dragon Boat Festival

The Event – Team Spirit At Its Very Best

The 22nd TELUS Toronto International Dragon Boat Race Festival promises a two-day fun-filled event that brings sports, team spirit and community spirit to Toronto Centre Island on June 19-20, 2010.

The Festival, which started in 1989, entered the international arena in 1993. From the humble beginning of only 27 teams participating in the first festival back in 1989, it has evolved to a much bigger operation over the past two decades.

Organized by the Toronto Chinese Business Association and the Toronto International Dragon Boat Race Festival, the Festival in 2010 will once again expect 180 to 200 teams with 5,000 athletes. Paddlers of different backgrounds from all over the world will take part in the ancient Chinese tradition and friendly competition.

In 2009, the Festival registered 8 teams of youth with physical and developmental challenges. The Festival was also graced by the cancer survivor terms from the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation – Ontario Region, fundraising beneficiary of the Festival. After all, it’s not always about winning the cup. The team spirit, the message of hope and inclusiveness prevails throughout the Festival!

Once again this year, the Festival will welcome teams from all provinces across Canada, from the U.S., the Caribbean Islands, Europe and Asia.

In 2010, as the Festival celebrates its 22nd year, it promises to continue to be one of the most exciting summer events in Canada. It will juxtapose culture, water sport, exotic food with multi-cultural performances. In 2009, attendance at the Toronto International Dragon Boat Race Festival reached the 120,000 mark to make it one of the most popular summer festivals in Toronto.

Furthermore, the Festival values social responsibilities and has in the past raised funds for charities such as the Heart and Stroke Foundation, Breast Cancer Foundation and the SickKids Foundation.

Today, dragon boat racing is held globally. It is now an annual event held in over 40 countries. All around the world, far and wide, people have embraced this water sport and formed dragon boat racing clubs in their own countries.

The two most established Dragon Boat Race Festivals in Canada – Toronto and Vancouver – spearheaded the Dragon Boat Council of Canada, the national dragon boat organizing body in Canada. The mission of the Council is to work together to develop criteria and processes to select national dragon boat champions to represent Canada in International and World Championships.

Hope everyone in Toronto has a  great weekend!

– Laura & Manouk

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