QuiZ Night – Review

Last night was really successful! The PuB/Quiz Night took place at The Calling and this time we could luckily arrange a large table for the whole crew. One after another, the candidates arrived at the pub with a fun and exciting night ahead!

Since we were so many people (possibly more than ever before!) we formed 3 teams who participated in the following quiz. The competition was on!  We had to guess songs, answer multiple choice questions and so forth… In between we had the chance to get free beer by winning speed games. Unfortunately, nobody of us made it… THIS TIME!

We had a really good time, although nobody of our teams won the first prize. Each one of us had the chance to get to know new people and make friends. And who knows…maybe next time we will be lucky and beat all the regular guests who participate in the quiz every week!

We can’t wait for the next PuB Night and hope to see you all again!


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