PR-team adventures

About one and a half week ago I went on a little trip together with Iris and Merle. Although it was only a two-day trip, it felt like I’ve been away for at least a week and our time there was great!

So where did we go? Well a few weeks ago I wrote how great my first surf experience was and I totally fell in love with it, so I decided to do it again: destination Tofino. I was lucky that Iris and Merle also wanted to have this experience and we were able to go together.

19642812_10203284236822460_5645433533691633944_n24th of June, 6 AM: I was standing at the bus stop with only three hours of sleep and a little hungover from my barbecue party the night before. Once I saw the girls and our tour bus from Discover Canada Tours, I felt kind of alive again and I was good to go. According to our fantastic tour guide we had a full day of planning on our way to Tofino. So we took the ferry to Nanaimo, drove to Tofino and made a few stops in between. We saw some big trees and a beautiful spot along the river.


Good thing; it was super warm and shiny weather, bad thing; our air-conditioning didn’t 19554676_10203284237262471_9110746863512227894_nwork. Sweaty kids in the back of the bus, but still laughing our asses of from all the stupid jokes that came from our overheated brains. Besides that I must say our tour guide did a great job with keeping us entertained by covering Lady gaga, Adele and even Queen. Along with great dance moves we were very amused.

When we arrived in Tofino, we had free time and I showed the girls around the city (actually only two streets since Tofino is not that big). Of course I ended up at a boutique buying some vintage clothes while I really promised myself I was not going to buy any clothes that month, whoops. After that we went to a sushi restaurant that had an amazing view over the inner harbour. Unfortunately the sushi was not that great, but the company and the view made it a good experience.

19554292_10203284237822485_5670989559610156534_nOur tour guide picked us up and brought us to the hotel. We took a quick shower since we were melting away in the bus the entire day, and made ourselves ready for the campfire on the beach. I still can’t really believe this since there were quite some guys on the trip, but I lit the campfire (yay me). Here we finally got the chance to meet the others from the bus and we had some really nice conversations. We enjoyed the amazing sunset and the fire went on for hours. This really is one of my favourite nights in Canada because Tofino kind of became my happy place. We had good company and a stunning sunset, what do you want more?

The next day, after three hours of sleep again, it was time for our surf lesson. Surf Sister gave 19702223_10203284239262521_6492473239970302674_nthe lesson and in my opinion they did an amazing job. First they explained a lot about the ocean and how it works with surfing and then, after some practise on the beach, we took our boards into the water. I could really feel my previous lesson helped me since standing up became easier. In the end I even did a 180!

Because it takes a lot of energy we went lunching in town afterwards, together with our new friend from the bus. With full stomachs we took the Tonquin trail to Tonquin Beach, hoping to spot wales. Unfortunately we didn’t see any, but we did see Eagles flying in a scenic view. We had a great time chilling there and before we knew, it was time to get back to the bus and head to Nanaimo.

Sweaty kids in the back of the bus again, I guess it was even worse then the day before, but we made our way to Nanaimo. On the ferry we were able to enjoy the sunset and we went on a little whale hunt again. I guess we weren’t very lucky with the whales that weekend, since we didn’t see them around. We saw a dolphin though, which was really cool too!

Back at Canada Place we said our goodbyes and we all went home. The days after were pretty hectic since I met up with people from the trip, which was really fun! Now everybody is back to their daily routine, but the trip will remain a great memory.

– Tess

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INTERNeX Canada: Upcoming Events

We have tons of awesome things planned here at INTERNeX for the months of April and May, and we want to make sure that you won’t miss out on anything! Check out what’s happening below:

OUR TRIP FOR MAY IS TO VANCOUVER ISLAND!  You really don’t want to miss out on this one! There is so much to do and see on the Island and we have tons of fun things planned for the trip.  PLUS, we have the bonus of the May Long Weekend, which means an extra day to travel and explore!  If you are interested feel free to send us an email at and make sure you check our blog and Facebook weekly, we will be keeping you informed and releasing more details very shortly!


2.) Weekly PuB NiGHT – Wed, 18th APRIL
Come out to our weekly PuB NiGHT, we are currently picking a location for this Wednesday so make sure you check out our blog and look for a Facebook event tomorrow to get all of the details.

Where: TBA

When: Wed, 18th April – 8:30pm


3.) Ice Skating – SUN, 22nd APRIL
Channel your inner Canadian and test out some hockey skates; it is playoff season after all! We have organized Ice Skating for this Sunday at Britannia Ice Rink.  This event is  budget friendly and indoors to escape the rain in the forecast for Sunday, so you really have no excuse to miss out!  RSVP to our Facebook Event or email us at .  Can’t wait to see you on the ice!!

Where: Britannia Ice Rink

When: Sun, 22nd April – 1:30- 3:30pm

Price: $6 entry, $3 skate rental


The PR team is planning an epic scavenger hunt around Vancouver.  This is a great way to bring out your competitive side and learn more about the city.  All you need is a partner, speed and quick thinking to race to the finish going from one clue to the next.  We will post all of the details very soon, so stay tuned!


Sometimes there is nothing better than a night in with a bowl of popcorn and movie. We are now taking movie requests; so if you have any old-time favourites or ones you have been itching to watch, email us at Make sure you keep your eyes out for the event on Facebook and our blog.


6.)PuB & ClUB NiGHT – FRI, 4th MAY
It’s that time again… time for another  PuB & ClUB NiGHT!  This is going to be a crazy party and we hope you all can make it.  The PR team is organizing everything, we’ll make sure to get a guest list at one of the best clubs in the city and of course drink specials at the pub!  Come join us for the party of the month.  Planning is in the works and we will post location details and other information soon so keep an eye on Facebook and our blog.

Feel free to stop by or send us an email if you have any inquiries about any of our upcoming events.
Have an awesome week and hopefully we will see you out at the events!



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Picture of the Week

A short story about luck and bad luck.

On the last Weekend, the long Labour-day-Weekend I was with a couple of friends in Tofino. And we had a lot of luck: with good weather, with the great car that we have hired, with the great hostel, with the friendly people that we have met, with everything 🙂 a really funny and great Trip.

And then on Monday on the back Trip to Vancouver we have missed the 05:20pm Ferry in Nanaimo…
And the next one was starting at 7:30 pm…  so we had to wait about two hours on the Ferry-Station in Nanaimo….  bad luck 😦

But with the 7:30pm Ferry we had an unbelievable view of the Sunset over Nanaimo.
And here I have made this beautiful “Picture of the Week”:

“Sunset over Nanaimo”

Sunset over Nanaimo

And now I think it was luck that we missed the 5:20pm Ferry!

For more pictures of the Tofino-Trip click here


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Adventures on Vancouver Island

This past weekend I met up with my friend Teresa for a visit.  She’s been in the area for about a week on vacation, visiting her family in Comox – a nice little town on Vancouver Island. I got up early Saturday morning to catch the 8:30 a.m. ferry, and was super excited to see a friend from home!

When I arrived, Teresa was waiting with her cousin Claire, who is also visiting but lives in Ireland. We said our hello’s and from there we began our day! First, we drove about 40 minutes and stopped at a nice park. Everything was so fresh and so green! There were tall trees everywhere and the sun was shining. What a beautiful day! As we walked along the paths, we came to the largest tree in the park – a giant Douglas-fir. It is over 800 years old, 76 metres tall and nine metres around. It was over 300 years old when Christopher Columbus came to North America in 1492. The Douglas-fir is one of Canada’s oldest living tree species and can live to be over 1,000 years old! Here is a picture of me with the tree, so you can see for yourself how large it is!

We continued out walk through the park, seeing hollow trees, large roots and insects along the way. It was a nice walk. Once we decided to leave, we hopped in the car and were off to the next destination! We made a pit stop at a nice area by the beach, to take a few pictures. The mountains were tall and the water was clear, it was a truly beautiful sight! In the distance, railroad tracks could be seen in the mountains.

After walking around and taking many pictures, Teresa, Claire and I had worked up our appetites! We decided to head to the local shopping mall to get something to eat, and of course, shop. Within a few hours, our bellies were full and we each had a few shopping bags… so we headed to Comox where Teresa’s family lives. Later that evening, we walked to a nice restaurant where we enjoyed a nice dessert with a glass of wine. From our table, the harbour and mountains could be seen – it was the perfect end to the night!

Have you been to the Island yet? There is so much to do there, including surfing in Tofino, visiting one of their many parks, and even kayaking. The island itself is is 460 kilometres (290 miles) in length and 80 kilometres (50 miles) in width at its widest point. It is the largest island on the western side of North America at 32,134 km squared and the world’s 43rd largest island, Canada’s 11th largest island and Canada’s second most populous island.  Major cities on Vancouver Island include Victoria, Nanaimo, Port Alberni, Parksville, Courtenay and Campbell Rivier.

I hope you get to visit the Island this summer!

– Laura