‘Thanks Giving’

Hi everyone,

Upcoming Monday you probably have a day off because of  ‘Thanks Giving‘. In this blog I would like to tell you more about this special day!

Since 1957 Thanks Giving is celebrated on every 2nd Monday of October. Thanks Giving is a National Public Holiday. Most Canadian people have day off, so therefore a lot of shops are closed.

Most people use this 3-day weekend to meet with family or friends who live far away. Other people use this long weekend for a short autumn vacation, since it is one of  the last chances to use holiday homes before the cold winter starts.
During this weekend many people prepare a traditional meal, namely roast turkey and seasonal products like pumpkin, corns, and pecan nuts. Families who come together eat this special meal together!

Very nice to have a day off, but what do they celebrate exactly? The basic idea of this special day is to thank god for the successful harvest of the past year. But nowadays it is more about the importance of being thankful for what you have.

Interesting to know:
In the United States they celebrate thanksgiving as well, but there they celebrate every year on 4th Thursday of November. The reason for this is that the winter stops earlier in Canada, so therefore the harvest is earlier during the year, which means that Canada celebrate Thanksgiving earlier!

Do you know other interesting facts about thanksgiving or you have special experiences with thanksgiving? Please feel  welcome to write a comment below 😀

We wish everyone a Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

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