INTERNeX Canada: Fun Facts about Vancouver

Today, Stereotypes map of Vancouver! I found this map while I was looking for information about living in Vancouver. Maybe at the first moment, in front of your computer, in the other part of the world… this map can not seem very useful.

But after a few weeks… all makes sense. It’s very funny to see it after discover Vancouver. Of course it is only a joke; you don’t have to take it word by word. There are others wonderful things, which not appear in the map like monuments or parks. However, I’m totally agree with some descriptions:

  • “Hipster central”: The Mount Pleasant, stretching from Cambie Street to Clark Drive. A lot of hipsters over there but there are wonderful houses and a lot of shops too… it isn’t Downtown but is a neighborhood with a lot of things to do.
  • “Old European/ Asian/ Philippines”: It was funny, because I live right here. With a Philippines old woman. I have to say that is a beautiful residential area; each house has its own garden and it’s very quiet.
  • “Hoteland”in Downtown: It’s an obvious stereotype, but is the best zone for live the first days while you are looking for a house.

And you, what do you think about the stereotype map? It’s true?



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INTERNeX Canada: News/Fun fact Vancouver´s neighbourhoods Part I

Vancouver is not that big, but is divided in different neighborhoods;  Do you want to know more about a couple of them? Continue reading…


A neighborhood full of colors, exotic cuisine, festivals, parades…full of vibrant culture. It´s the third largest Chinatown , right after New York and San Francisco.

Really interesting to visit, you will feel like in the Real China with all the typical Chinese shops, restaurants…

Take care during the nights, there are a lot of homeless in the zone, they are not usually dangerous, but better be aware.

Here is the page for Chinatown:


The historic district of Vancouver, really interesting to do a good sightseen. It started growing up around a tavern founded in 1867. Right now is the old district where you can find exclusives boutiques, souvenir shops, and different restaurant.

You can know more here:

Grandville Island

In the early 1900s, Granville Island was actually Industrial Island. But things have changed, and right now is a good place to visit, especially because of the Public Market and the huge offer of restaurants, attractions, theatre and culture.

Check this out to know more:

Grandville Street

If you want to have fun or go shopping, welcome to your perfect street!

Grandville has countless restaurants, bars and nightclubs that make the district perfect to go out, especially on the weekends.

In Robson Street you will find all kind of shops.

West End

West End is a quiet and nice area to live, near Stanley Park, English Bay and all the attractions of Downtown.

This area includes Davie Street, the gay district and Denman Street where there are multiethnic restaurants.

The best way to know a city is walking, walking, walking… so you know what you have to do!

Next week the next part with more neighborhoods will be published! So keep an eye to our blog, internexers!



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Local Cheap Eats: Wing’s Wednesday, April 14

Date: Wednesday, April 14
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2010 Paralympic Torch Relay Coming Soon!

So you might think it’s all over now that the 2010 Winter Olympics are over but that is so not true. Vancouver is actually getting ready for Round 2! Ladies and gentleman we bring you the 2010 Winter PARALYMPIC GAMES. Today the torch is actually already in the midst of making its way around Vancouver Riley Park and Maple Ridge. The Riley Park neighborhood is actually one of the signature venues of the 2010 Winter Games. Close to the scenic Queen Elizabeth Park and next to the Nat Bailey Stadium, it is home to the Vancouver Olympics Center/Vancouver Paralympic Center. This event starts at 11am but celebrations will start at 630pm in Maple Ridge at the Spirit Square. Some of the community torchbearers are 14year old Priya (Jasdeep) Sekhon and Jennifer McKenzie. These two have managed to pull through devastating circumstances so if you have the time try to make it out and cheer them on. For more information on the torch route visit this website.

March 11th 2010: Tomorrow you can find the torch making its rounds at the main campus of the University of British Columbia (UBC). This campus located just 30minutes from downtown Vancouver and with its spectacular natural surroundings it is must-see. All around you you see snow-capped mountains, ocean and breathtaking views around every corner of this campus. The community torchbearer for the leg of this race is Bonita Sawatzky. This event will begin at 11am but celebrations will ensue outside of the Student Union Building near the UBC Thunderbird Arena, which is home to ice sledge hockey competitions.

March 12th 2010: Downtown Vancouver will be home to the 24 hour Olympic torch relay near Robson Square beginning at 2pm on March 11th. The Paralympic flame will continuously be carried and passed between torchbearers for 24 hours straight. The event will conclude at 12pm on March 12th where the flame will be finally bought to rest at BC Place for the Opening Ceremony of the 2010 Vancouver Paralympic Winter Games. The province of British Columbia has nominated Laurel Crosby to be the final torchbearer so come out if you can and support the Paralympic movement.