Smart Saver

This time we have a super cheap grocery smart saver in China town for you guys.

If you want to buy watermelons for $1 or three cucumbers for $1 or maybe you are more fan of strawberries for a $1, than you should go and visit the Sunrise Market in Chinatown. The Sunrise market is located on 300 Powell street, just of Main street. They do not only sell cheap vegetables and fruits, but also basic groceries. The market is open everyday from 8am to 6pm.

Sunrise market is a asian run grocery shop, which you will notice as soon as you see the store. Asian people running around talking to each other and than there is you, standing in the middle of all of it buying your cheap grocery, couldn’t get any better.

If you go, do not let the look of the store scare you away, it is not a no frills, nesters or any of the other supermarket.

See you there

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