INTERNeX Blog review 2011 (Apr, May, Jun)

Today I would like to look back at three great months in 2011! All the pr- interns who worked in the INTERNeX putted a lot of effort in writing interesting, inspiring blog posts for all our INTERNeX candidates. Therefore we would love to  go over these three successful months! Enjoy reading this blog post!

April 2011

May 2011

June 2011

Read the review about the months January, February, and March

I hope you enjoyed reading this review! Next week we will review July, August, and September! So keep following us 🙂

Cheers, Lydia

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Claudio, brand new intern at INTERNeX

Hi, my Name is Claudio and I am the brand new intern at INTERNeX. I am working at the PR-department and my job is to organize events in and around Vancouver and to inform via blog.

I am Italian but I was born in Germany and I live in Germany. After I completed my training as an accountant I started to study.

Now I am here in Canada to make the experience of my life and to improve my English skills. I’ve decided to make my internship here in Vancouver because it is a beautiful and exciting city. Vancouver and surrounding area offers also an infinite number of activities and my opinion is that British Columbia has the most beautiful and natural landscape in the World.

I arrived here last Saturday and today was my first working day. And I already know that this was the best decision that I have ever made.

I look forward to the time here and I hope to see you soon at one of the many beautiful events of INTERNeX. You can also find me on Facebook – search: Claudio Internex



Claudio 🙂

INTERNeX Networking reception June 1st – The INTERNeX Class of 2011

The INTERNeX Networking reception on June first is coming closer and closer.

The event got a theme now!!! The INTERNeX Class of 2011. So far what you need to know is that the evening will have a touch of an American prom. Games will be organized and many incredible prizes can be won during the whole night. For now, the rest still is a secret…

INTERNeX also wants to thank all companies that have become a sponsor so far. We did not believe that so many companies would show such a great interest. That is great to see! The other sponsorship places are filling up quite quickly as well. Companies that are interested in sponsoring the INTERNeX “Class of 2011” Event on June first can visit the event website here where all our current sponsors are listed. By clicking on the free Banner spaces the whole sponsorship package can be downloaded. The event page will be updated with more information in the near future.

So far, the INTERNeX team is very busy in planning all the details of the evening. We can tell the evening will be an unforgettable time for all guests, our sponsors as well as for our INTERNeX employees who are working very hard to make that event happen for you!

More details about the INTERNeX “Class of 2011” Event will be published soon!

Your INTERNeX team.

INTERNeX International Exchange
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INTERNeX networking reception – First of June 2011

What does INTERNeX do?
INTERNeX International Exchange is an international company that specializes in assisting international students, graduates, and young professionals interested in coming to Canada from around the world to organize work, internships, and accommodation placements that fulfill their personal and professional goals.

Why is INTERNeX holding a networking party?
, with nearly 10.000 members, is the world’s largest nonprofit professional association dedicated to international education and will be held in Vancouver from the 29th of May until the 3rd of June 2011. During that time more than 8.000 university associates out of the educational sector will come to Vancouver. Due to the NAFSA fair INTERNeX is organizing a social networking event/ party for our business partners and university associates from all over the world, to get in contact and enjoy the evening together!

The networking event:
The party will take place in the Blarney Stone, the coziest Irish Pub in Vancouver; in gastown. During the INTERNeX networking event around 200 to 300 university associates will be present. The event will be different to all other receptions which will take place that week in Vancouver!
It will not be a short formal event with presentations only, lasting for 2 hours!
The INTERNeX networking party will be a casual, entertaining and fun event, which will last the whole night finishing at 3 am in the morning! The venue, the Blarney Stone is almost the only one in Vancouver open until that time!
Free drinks and free food will be handed out to all of our guests!
A live band and a DJ will make sure to no one will just sit bored in the corner, holding just a drink in their hands.
Stop being boring, bee creative and inventive. Became a part of the event!
It will be a wicked networking event! Different from what you have seen so far! More exciting stuff will be happing that night. Liston…: That is still a secret!
More news will be published soon!

Sponsorship opportunities:
INTERNex offers plenty of sponsorship opportunities for companies which are interested in sponsoring this crazy, different networking reception!
Be it on banners at the event Venue, on our internet website, on Facebook, in newsletters to our partner, on several, huge TV screens at the Blarney stone, INTERNeX offers your company a great range of different possibilities. For more information about sponsorship opportunities, send an email to .

More information will be published soon!!

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Not Quite Ready to Say my Goodbyes…So Farewell INTERNeX!!

So I started at INTERNeX back at the end of November 2009 and I was taken on as the PR/Communications Intern. I had been looking for several months for opportunities within the work force but within my field of study, which is Communications. I was in my fourth year up at Simon Fraser University and had had little experience besides from survival jobs such as being a server at Joey’s on Broadway, cashier at Urban Outfitters, and so on. After years of working within the service industry I was ready to take on a new challenge and I had always been interested in doing an internship. After months and months of research with little to show for it I came across INTERNeX. They were offering an opportunity that just seemed to be exactly what I was looking for! After several interviews I was accepted and started work at their office the following week.

The first time I stepped into the office I was super nervous and everybody seemed to be quite involved in their own work. Tempted to just sit in front of my computer and get down to it, I recognized how important it was for me to get to know my coworkers because we would be working together for close to 6 months. So I realized how important it was for me to take myself out of my comfort zone and show the INTERNeX staff that I was there to be a part of their team. The first week was quite overwhelming because I had to get acquainted with all of systems and procedures in place within their social media networking tools and the company in general. But as the weeks went by i began to feel more and more comfortable in the office setting and actually started to feel like a member of the INTERNeX family.

(me sitting in the office @ my desk)

Everyday at the office was something new… and this aspect of my placement was very exciting for me and i welcomed this new change. Throughout a significant portion of my placement i was attending school as well, so i had to juggle a heavy course load and three days a week at the office. I was unsure as to whether i would be able to handle everything on my plate, but i actually began to look forward to my days at the office because it broke up my same old boring school schedule that i was getting tired of. I was learning about all these new social networking tools, such as twitter, facebook, twaitter, wordpress, flickr, etc and part of my job was planning events and trips! Cannot get much better than that!

(me at PuB NiGHT with some of the candidates)

As my placement progressed i was given more responsibility and was able to take on bigger projects. My placement lasted for a total of 6 months and in such a short amount of time i was able to learn so much from each and everyone in the office. Tomorrow is my last day and i can honestly say that i will miss INTERNeX terribly! I cannot begin to express how lucky i feel to have been given the chance to become  part of this company and meet such an amazing group of people from all over the world. Thank god i’ll still be able to drop by the office whenever i want and hopefully i can organize a great relationship between the cellar and INTERNeX so then i’ll never really have to say goodbye.

I just want to personally thank all of the members of the INTERNeX family; Patrick, Laura, Tim, Mina, Marien, Mayuko, Martina and of course Simon (the dungeon troll) and all the others who i never got the chance to meet, for making this an unforgettably life changing experience! So now its time to say ciao for now/L-boogie

For more information about all of the programs offered by INTERNeX please do not hesitate to contact us at the office:
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