PuB NiGHT Review: The Dime On Granville

At the last PuB NiGHT we checked out one of the new places-to-be in Vancouver – the Dime On Granville. It is located in the heart of Downtown at the Granville Street. The Dime is part of the Warehouse Group. The Warehouse Group has established itself as one Canada’s most popular restaurants for its tasty food, refreshing drinks, and energetic staff. The best part is, that every item on the  food menu costs just $5,95. 

On Wednesday the INTERNeX gang checked out this new Pub and now we can for sure say: approved. Great location, delicious food and good drinks.


After the extended weekend because of the Canada Day on Monday, we were even more excited about the next PuB NiGHT to go partying again. Not to mention that this week thirteen new candidates started an internship, a volunteer etc. by INTERNeX. 

The night started off with some food and drinks. Our waitress just kept running with pitchers of beers, mojitos and cocktails for all new people arriving.

As time went on our tables at the Dime filled more and more. At 9 pm there were already 20 people. So many of you showed up, new and old faces – it couldn’t have been any better. When everyone finished the last beer, cider or cocktail it was time to say goodbye to the Dime. Some of us extended the evening, as it has become a tradition, at the Yale Saloon.

To sum it all up. The last PuB NiGHT united good food, drinks and deep conversations. Besides, we were able to welcome a lot newcomers at the INTERNeX gang. It was nice to get to know some of you better. I am sure we will have much more great PuB NiGHTs here in Vancouver. 

I had a great time last night and I hope you did too! Now I am looking forward to see many of you on Saturday for our hiking excursion at the Lynn Canyon park. 


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About INTERNeX: Hospitality Program!

Are you getting bored with your daily routine? Looking to travel? How about working WHILE being a tourist? Experience the working life in a hotel, resort or any company in a tourism community through INTERNeX’s Hospitality program!

Our program offers you an opportunity to travel abroad and work in world-class cities in the hospitality sector as well as paid positions in resort communities. It doesn’t matter whether you are just taking a break from school or recently graduated, travelling abroad and working with other travelers is both rewarding and exciting!

What are some of other benefits through this program other than working? Well you will be able to improve your language skills, gain experience in the hospitality/tourism industry and especially, learn about Canadian culture! 

But working abroad is different than just simply being a “tourist” in a city. It allows you to truly experience what it’s like to live there. This means not only seeing the glamorous aspects of the city but the not-so great parts as well, giving you a more honest and realistic perspective of the place. Also, getting to meet new people daily while working in this ever growing industry and traveling around makes everyday count and never dull! And of course, you will have the best times through our pub nights and weekly activities!

Mark Twain once said, “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did“.  In other words, we shouldn’t be afraid to take chances in life. So will you be next? 😉  For more information please visit our INTERNeX WORLD Website!



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INTERNeX Canada: Pub Night at Morrissey!

At INTERNeX, we work hard but we party even harder. And as you all should know by now, almost every Wednesday here in Canada, the land of awesomeness, is pub night. That means you get a drink in your hand and have a great time. Many of you might be hesitant…so here are some of the reasons why we think you should come out to our pub night this week at the Morrissey:

  1. because it was a long day at work 
  2. it’s only the middle of the week, which means you still have a few days to go before the weekend
  3. meet new people and make tons of cool friends!
  4. the doctor recommended a shot of tequila and a pint of beer once a week
  5. so you don’t get depressed
  6. flirt with a girl
  7. flirt with a guy
  8. make great memories
  9. get photographed by our PR team and get featured on our blogs
  10. you need a drink  drinks

Wasn’t convincing enough for you? Join us at our pub night this week at the Morrissey and we will give you even more reasons why you should be coming out to these awesome pub nights! We better see you there! For more information, check out our Facebook event page!

When: Wednesday Feb 6th 7pm

Where: The Morrissey Pub,  1227 Granville St, Vancouver



INTERNeX International Exchange
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INTERNeX Canada: Upcoming Events!!

In just a few days it will be February! Seriously, where has the time gone? I have a feeling that this month will go by just as fast because we will be so busy with lots of exciting activities! And of course for the month of February, we have some great things planned out for everyone!

First and foremost, coming up in just two days is our weekly Wednesday pub night! This Wednesday January 30th, the pub night will be held at The Metropole Community Pub. This is somewhere we haven’t been before but hey, why not! Gotta keep things new and exciting, right? So if you’re interested, we will have more details on our Facebook event page with more updates to come.

Then what a great way to start off a new month by going on the Granville Island Brewery tour this Saturday! I know that many of you are crazy about beer, so why not learn something about it? It’ll be educational but also fun! Besides, you can also get a sampling of their beer!

When: Saturday February 2nd 

Where:  1441 Cartwright Street, Vancouver BC

Join us at our Facebook event page for more information!

Cost: $9.75

And for those of you wanting to go snowboarding and skiing, on Saturday February 9th, we will be going up Cypress Mountain to do just that!  More information to be updated on Facebook so keep an eye out for this awesome upcoming event!

Have another great week guys!



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INTERNeX Canada: Expose of the week

This week we had the pleasure of interviewing Cristiane, a lovely German girl who is doing her internship in Vancouver. She comes from Dusseldorf and she has been in Canada for 2 months and she will stay for another two more. Her workplace is located in the representative Woodwars Building!

Why did you choose Canada?

I choose to come to Canada, because a bunch of friends of mine had been before and all of them were absolutely in love with this country, so I thought “If it is so nice, I have to see for myself”.

What kind of internship are you doing?

I am an intern in a non-profit organization, a community economic development charity which helps people to develop productive futures and build sustainable communities.

Is your internship useful?

Absolutely, I had to do a three-month internship in order to be able to continue with my studies and doing it here gives me the opportunity of gaining international experience and continue practicing English at the same time that I develop task related with my degree.

What kind of task are you responsible for on a daily basis?

I usually work in the social media marketing and the advertising, office work like receiving people, answering the phone… And what I like the most is helping with the charity golf tournament which is a fundraising event. This money will be used to help people giving them the opportunity of reinsertion into society after drug abuse or another problem.

What do you like most about Canada and Vancouver?

I love the open-minded and friendly people and this city has plenty of them. Vancouver also has a lot of different things to offer, is a big city, with mountains, sea…

What trips did you do in your free time, also organized by INTERNeX?

I visited Whistler and Victoria and did other several short trips like Grouse Mountain, False Creek, Capilano… and of course I will visit The Rockies!

Do you attend the weekly Pub-Night organized by INTERNeX and do you think this is a good way to meet new people?

I attend whenever I can and I find it a really good way to meet new people and to avoid homesickness. It is great to be with people that are in the same situation as you are.

What´s the best thing about INTERNeX International Exchange?

Thanks to INTERNeX I found my internship. Actually the PR Team is the best thing! They are an excellent connection between the candidates and the organization, you always have someone to talk to.

Would you recommend INTERNeX?

Yes, it is a relief to have someone to support you, in whom you can trust if there is a problem. The social events help to meet people so you are not alone in the new country.

Thank you Cristiane for the interview!



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INTERNeX Canada: PuB NiGHT @ The Sharks Club Bar & Grill


Come => test your knowledge about Vancouver => Win amazing prizes (Value more than $140 !!!!! )


We prepared a quiz for you. So come to the INTERNeX PuB NiGHT, play with us and be the Rockstar.

You can win amazing prizes (Value more than $ 140) while you have drinks
( => See the Drink Specials below)

> 1. Winner: 2 hour scooter rental for 2 people (Value: $ 80)
>> 2. Winner: 2 Tickets for the Museum of Anthropology (Value: $ 40)
>>> 3. Winner: 2 Tickets for the Maritime Museum ( Value: $ 25)

We will go to the Shark Club Bar & Grill which is one of the biggest sports bar in Vancouver.
Because of the Hockey Game we postponed the PuB NiGHT to Thursday!!

>Of course we also have SPECIALS on for you:
* Canadian: $ 4,5 Pint (TAX INCLUDED)
* Tequila Shot: $ 4,5 (TAX INCLUDED)
* Gold Cart: $ 4,5 (TAX INCLUDED)

Sign up for the Event on Facebook!
So see if you are on top of the game and have fun together with your friends !


How was your weekend?

Hey guys,

how was your weekend? My weekend was great as always!

On Friday I was at the hairdresser. I have cut my hair for the Saturday night…
On Saturday morning I was running across North Vancouver to the Keith Lynn Park.
The rest of the day I have prepared myself for the Staffhouseparty. The Staffhouseparty on Saturday night was like ever a great awesome party. It started at 8:30pm and ended at 4:00am for me, some crazy guys celebrated until 6am. It was a really hot atmosphere and as always, many people from different countries were there!
If I will miss something from Canada then the famous Staffhousepartys!!!!!

On Sunday after my hangover I went with friends to the Queen Elisabeth Park playing pitch & putt and Tennis…

I’m so glad I came here to Canada to make my internship!

I hope that you all had a great weekend as I did! And if you send a mail to and tell about your weekend you get the chance to win a price!  And your story will be posted in the ‘How Was Your Weekend’ blog.



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