How was your weekend?

Phew what a weekend. This time I was spending my time to explore some other places in Canada. I didn’t want to stay too close to Vancouver so I thought what would be a better option than to travel all the way to Toronto. And that is exactly what I did.20190414_031519_0-1.jpeg

The long weekend started on Thursday evening with an overnight flight to Toronto and thanks to time difference we arrived in Toronto around 7 am. No matter how tired we were it was time to start exploring. The check-in for our Airbnb was only at noon so we decided to start off the day with a nice breakfast in downtown. Later on we got to our place, took a nap and really started to see what the city has to offer.


In a nutshell, we had some yummy dinners, great parties, amazing views and new friends. For me Toronto was an exciting place to experience since I’ve never been to a city similar to it. My friends thought that some parts of downtown reminded them of New York but in a smaller size. I’ve never been to NY myself but I could see what they meant since the busy streets were full of huge advertisement walls with their bright colors.

On Sunday we did a day trip to Niagara Falls. The bus drive is only a couple of hours and it goes by really fast. A round trip ticket to the falls was only 45 dollars, which I found pretty cheap. We stayed in Niagara Falls for about four hours and it was raining almost this whole time, but we didn’t let that get us down. The little town next to the falls totally surprised me. I did not expect anything like it, but it was like a small Disneyland. Four hours were gone before we knew and it was time to head back to Toronto.20190414_033439_0.jpeg

Toronto is a huge city with so much to do and see. Within these few days I feel like I only got a small peak of all the things there is to see. I am still very glad I decided to do this trip and would recommend Toronto and Niagara Falls to anyone.

Hope you enjoyed your weekend as well!

-Jasmin xx

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Yesterday we went to the pretty popular FlyOver Canada to enjoin “The Ultimate Flying Ride” across the most gorgeous places Canada has to offer.DSC00708 It was quite an amazing experience and everyone was excited!

Luckily it wasn’t raining since we met up outside at Canada Place there where you can buy the tickets. During the short time we waited for everyone to arrive we could see a lot of seaplanes landing on the water near Canada Place. Lisa, one of our interns, told us about her awesome experience flying with one of those seaplanes. Accidentally we met another intern with his girlfriend. They also planned to go to the FlyOver Canada and so they summarily decided to join us. We were a group of 8 people that heade down to the entrance of FlyOver Canada. Surprisingly there was no line up and we quickly could enter the room where you get introduced in special personal views of Canada. You got so many different impressions and actually you didn’t even know where to look at but I definitely mean it in a positive way though.FullSizeRender I guess everyone who already did the FlyOver Canada knows what I am talking about. After that kind of introduction we finally got seated in the chairs, the floor underneath the chairs was being rolled back and we could see the full size of the giant screen: We were ready to take off.

To make that experience even more realistic the chairs were moving around, a bit of wind and water was blown into our faces, and of course we could also hear the sound of the helicopter. We truly believe that this was just amazing and they really did a great job shooting all these gorgeous locations and putting together such a memorable fly.

This experience can definitively be recommended to those of you who couldn’t join yesterday. Bring a couple of friends, and for sure you won’t get bored.

After that great event we could watch how a huge cruise liner left the harbour. Since it was already quite cold yesterday evening we decided to go for having a hot chocolate/coffee at Tim Hortons at the Pacific Center. We sat there till the security staff asked us to leave considering that they wanted to finish work.


Besides that, a friend and I went to the cinema but not for seeing the new James Bond movie, as I suggested in my last post, but rather for seeing “The intern” which was a pretty funny movie. At the beginning I was a kind of afraid of not understanding what the movie is about or what they are talking about. Therefore I was even more proud of myself that I was able to understand nearly everything. Next time I really have to see “Spectre”, maybe some of you guys would like to join me?

What to do on the Weekend

Hi everyone,

Yeah!!! It is almost weekend! And we would like to give you some tips about what to do on the weekend! There are many special events going on in December month! Enjoy reading this blog!

Vancouver – Van Dusen Festival of Lights

Where: Oak Street & 37rd Avenue

Date: 9th of December till 2nd of January (except 25th of December)

Time: 4:15pm till 09:00pm

Price: $13,50

A spectacular 22-hectare (55-acre) garden in the heart of Vancouver is waiting for you to get explored! It has matured into a botanical garden of international stature since it is open to the public in 1975. The great mild Vancouver climate allows the cultivation of an outstanding plant collection any time of the year. VanDusen’s collection counts approximately 280,000 individual plants and plant families from around the world.

But at this special day you can enjoy lots of great food and beverages, such as Waffles, Hot chocolates, Crepes and lots more! And everything in a great location! So check it out and enjoy a romantic and great evening at the Van Dusen Park.

Click here for more information


Vancouver – Stanley Park, bright night

Where: Stanley Park, next to the bus station

Date: 2nd of December – 2nd of January

Sunday- Thursday 3PM- 1oPM
Friday & Saturday 3PM- 11PM

Price: Free

This is an opportunity for you to enjoy the fantastic world of christmas decoration. The Stanley Park, Bright Night! You will have the feeling that you are walking in ‘winter wonder land‘, and it is only 10 minutes away from Downtown.

It is already the 14th time that the bright night is organized. there are more than 2 million twinkle lights in all kinds of colors in the forest in Stanley Park! Get the real Christmas feeling, go to Bright Night!

And for he young or crazy generation, there is also a little train you can take. While sitting in the train you can enjoy all the bright colors and lights. The price for a train ticket is then $9!

But walking around is for free! 😉

Click here for more information


Vancouver – Picture you Life (INTERNeX Contest)

Deadline: till Wednesday the 14th of December

Price: Free! and maybe you win the Canucks tickets!

Attention to you all out there!!

The Vancouver Canucks need all the support of you guys and we can make it happen! The only thing you have to do is to send us pictures of the following list with a nice description or story, THATS ALL!!! 🙂

  • Your new home
  • Your new work/internship/school/farm
  • Your Favorite place in Vancouver
  • Your Favorite Leisure Activity
  • You can choose….
So go ahead, take some pictures and write as you have never written before!

Click here for more information


Toronto – Winter Festival of Lights

When: Nov 06, 2011 to Jan 03, 2012

Where: Niagara Falls, Ontario

Price: Free, but donations are welcome ($5-$10)
The Winter Festival of Lights in Niagara Falls, Ontario includes over 125 animated lighting displays and 3 million tree and ground lights which can be seen within the Niagara Parks Winter Wonderland, including the world-famous Enchantment of Disney displays and the world’s largest illuminated Canadian-American Flag.

There is no fee to view the illuminations but donations are gratefully accepted, with proceeds used to enhance the lights and displays.


Let us know how your weekend was, we will post the best story in the ‘how was your weekend’ blog, and the writer of the story wins a prize!

Enjoy your weekend!!

Cheers, Lydia

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