Smart Saver Vancouver

It’s November. That means a lot of rainy days are waiting for us. Of course you don’t want to sit inside the whole day. Because most of the indoor activities cost money, I wrote a blog how you can save some money and still have a lot of fun.

The Art Gallery

Go on Tuesday nights from 5 pm to 9 pm to The Art Gallery. This night is a “by donation night” which means give some change you have in your pocket. Every week there is a new artist showing his work. If you are lucky, you will see some cool arts inside.

2017-11-06 12.30.14

Gordon MacMillan Southam Observatory

If it’s a clear evening in the weekend, you can go to The Observatory. Watch the stars with a big telescope. Or look up when the next meteor shower is coming, so you will have front seat spots. The Observatory is open on Friday and Saturday from 8:30pm and also here you pay by donation.


You can do a lot of beautiful hikes in and around Vancouver. Even if the sun is not shining, these hikes reward you with some nice views. Do for example the BCMC trial, Grouse grind, Capilano Canyon, Lighthouse Park, Stanley Park, Lynn Canyon (with the free suspension bridge) or the Quarry rock.


Nightclubs during the weekend are packed. They ask for a cover to get in. During the week the club is emptier. To attract more people during weekdays, these evenings are cover free. That means free entrance and if you are lucky also a free shot.

Watch a movie

If you want to see a movie, but after looking in your wallet deciding it’s too expansive, go on Tuesday! At Cineplex the movies on Tuesday are $7 dollars. Is Cineplex too boring for you? Spend $3 dollars or more and go watch your movie in the Morgue. A morgue is a building where dead bodies are kept before being cremated or buried. What’s scarier than watch a horror movie here? Every second Tuesday of the month you can watch a movie. Bring your own blankets and pillows for the best cozy experience. Or spend $8 dollars for watching a movie in the RIO theatre. They play a movie nearly every night, check it here.

2017-11-06 10.07.55

Granville Island

Go take the bus and get off at Granville Island. You can spend the whole day here walking around. Even when it’s raining, you can find a big indoor public market where you can taste some local products or go shopping in one of the many little shops.

Movie sets

As you maybe already know, Vancouver is the Hollywood from North America. A lot of movies are filmed here. Try to spot your favourite celeb by going to one of the sets. Decide which set you want to visit and if you are lucky, you can see your favourite celeb in action.

Whatever you decide to do, have a lot of fun! The last free thing you can do is coming to the PuB NiGHT tomorrow! Hope to see you there!

– Bart

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Rockies tour guide: Add-ons

Since there are so many things to do in The Rockies, we wanted to give you a quick update on all the additional activities you can do during our tour! There is also a small update on the schedule.

Due to the warm weather in the Rockies we are going to the BC Wildlife Park in Kamloops instead of the sleigh ride. Wildlife can be dangerous in real life and therefore this is the perfect opportunity to get to know more about the wildlife of BC. You may even meet the Spirit Bear or one of the Bobcats during the Bobcat feeding. If you prefer to see other animals, you can also walk around the park on your own or take a ride on the miniature train. This activity is included in the program and therefore no additional cost, except for the miniature train. The miniature train ride is an additional $1, which needs to be paid in cash. After that you can get something to eat at the full-service café or get some souvenirs at the gift shop.

17454838_1678236365525141_1539661662_oThere is a lot to do during spring time and the Rockies are just as beautiful as they are during summer. As there will be some snow in the Rockies, you are able to go skiing, snowboarding, snow tubing or dog sledding. Skiing, snowboarding and snow tubing can be booked on the bus to the Rockies, so there is no need to decide on this matter beforehand. However, this is not the case when you would like to have lessons or if you choose to do dog sledding. These activities need to be booked beforehand.

If you have had enough of the snow then you can try out ice skating. Would you rather do more sightseeing? Then the Banff gondola might be a good fit for you. During this activity you will have an awesome view of all the mountains. Both of these activities can be booked on the bus. Another sightseeing activity is the ice walk. You are not actually walking on ice, as it is too fragile for that. However, you will pass several scenic areas where you will be able to see the true beauty of ice. This activity needs to be booked beforehand. If you have had enough of the cold, then the hot springs are perfect for you! It is a great opportunity to warm up and to relax before you go to work again.

The prices for additional activities are about:
Ice skating – $13
Banff Gondola – $50
Ski lift tickets – $95
Equipment rentals – $45
Ski or snowboard lesson package – $170
Snow tubing – $28
Ice walk – $68
Dog sledding (2 hrs) – $165 (min. of 3 people per sled is required)
Hot springs – $7

The Rockies trip is coming closer and closer and so is the deadline! You only have time to sign up and pay at the office or PuB NiGHT for the Rockies trip till the 30th of March. So make sure to sign up soon, because you really do not want to miss out on this trip. It is $359 and for INTERNeX candidates it is only $354. Unfortunately we can only take cash, so make sure to swing by the ATM beforehand. The price includes accommodation with breakfast, transport, entrance to a nightclub and the BC Wildlife Park. Please take into account that you can get a discount for some activities if you pay them beforehand and some of them require paying beforehand as well. You can find more information on the event page on Facebook.

– Iris

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INTERNeX goes Rockies – 8th August

Yaaaaaaay, we are going to the ROCKIES again.

We are going to leave Vancouver at the 8th August at 12.15pm, so you can still sleep in a little bit or go to your morning classes. Our first stop will be at Kamloops, as well as in Cragellachie, to do some sightseeing before we arrive in our hotel in Revelstoke, where we are going to spend our first night. Of course our tour guide will take us out for some drinks in a local pub!

On our second day we will have a tour through Yoho, Glacies and the Banff Nationalparks, as well as visiting all the stunning lakes around and have lots of free time to do optional activities like kayaking and much more great stuff. We will as well have a guided tour of Banff (of course with some free time for shopping or whatever you like to do) and the choice to take the sightseeing Gondola with the 360 mountain view. And in the evening we have some VIP Nightclub tickets for Banff (you can join this if you are 18+).

The third day will be started with a walk through Johnston’s Canyon and we are going to travel the Icefield Parkway, visiting the Bow& Peyto Lakes and having the option to take the world renowned SnoCoach on the Columbia  Icefields. We’ll explore the town Jasper (free time) and visit the Mt. Robson, which has the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies. At the end of our tour we’ll have a BBQ dinner with a campfire where we can roast marshmallows and have some drinks. We’ll spend this night in Valemount.

On our last day you will have the option to do a bear safari and we are going to visit the Spahats Falls and the Othello Tunnels before we return to Vancouver at about 7.30pm.

This great tour is only $329 for INTERNeX Members.

Tour Includes:
3 Breakfasts
1 BBQ Dinner
Campfire & Marshmallow Roast
VIP Nightclub Entrance
Shared Accommodation (4 people, 2 beds)
Deluxe Transportation
Discounted Optional Activities
Park Fees, Tips & Taxes
Discounted Optional Activities: (prices will increase slightly if booking these activities on tour)
Banff Gondola $35
Columbia Icefields Glacier Adventure $50
Banff Gondola & Glacier Adventure Combo $80
River Safari, Bear Watching $67

You can sign up for this trip in our office and please remember to pay cash. If you want to do any of the optional activities you can pay for them in advance as well because then they will be a little cheaper than if you decide to pay during the tour. However you can still decide at the trip which activities you would like to do. We will post some more information about the trip, the hotels we are staying in, the cities we are going to and the optional activities during the next weeks and you can sign up (and pay) until 5th august at 12pm.

Hope many of you want to join us for this amazing trip, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions!!

Please remember as well that our office will be closed on friday the 1st of august.


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PuB & CluB NiGHT Announcement

This weekend, we will have another great Pub & Club Night! This means that we will not have a pub night on Wednesday (tomorrow)! We will meet on Friday night the 27th of June at 7:00pm for a few drinks, and tons of fun. So join us to enjoy a really nice evening with the INTERNeX community in one of the most famous bars of Vancouver and it’s also my last event with INTERNeX and I want to celebrate my last day with you guys, so come and join 🙂

This time we chosen one of my favourite pub’s here in Vancouver and this is of course THE CAMBIE and that means cheap beer and tons of fun. So we will meet at 7pm on Friday at the Cambie and have some drinks there and afterwards we can go to the nightclub called Caprice or Joseph Richards. 

I hope you all gonna join me for my last Pub & Club Night here in Vancouver. Please keep in mind that the Pub is 19+ and have two pieces of ID’s with you.


See ya on Friday at 7pm for a big party night 🙂


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Review: After Rockies Party

Last Friday we had our After Rockies Party which was awesome. At first we went to the Mexican restaurant called La Casita in Gastown for dinner and some drinks. We showed some pictures and of course the INTERNeX-Backstreet Boys video. We talked a lot about the Rockies and how much fun it was and also about the upcoming events such as the Tofino Trip in the middle of May. Afterwards we went out to the nightclub called Pop Opra. There was a white party, so everyone of us had something one which was white. We had some more drinks at the club and started to go crazy on the dance floor. We hope you had also a amazing time out. 


We hope we will see you all on Wednesday for our weekly Pub Night @ the Doolin’s

Ps: Please keep in mind if you want to join us for the Ultimate Tofino Trip you have to sign up before Friday the 9th of May till 3Pm


INTERNeX International Exchange
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Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
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