Vancouver Party Guide

This one’s for the party animals amongst you guys. If you like to go out, but you are not sure where the most popular spots are, let me help you. I have a good one for each day of the week, depending on your preferences. That doesn’t mean I encourage you to drink and go out though. 😀 This guide is simply to make your life easier in case your schedule is less flexible, but you don’t want to miss out on Vancouver’s Nightlife.

Monday: Fortune Sound Club
You probably think “who goes out on Monday nights”, right? But Midnight Monday’s are very popular at Fortune Sound Club in Chinatown. They play R&B beats and you can get $4 Highballs. The party starts at 10pm! My tip: go check out some bars in Gastown before you go and warm up for the dance floor with a couple of cocktails. I personally like The Diamond. It’s a little more pricey, but they have a great variation of very unique cocktails. If you’re lucky you might also run into the cast of the Netflix series Riverdale, since they like to go out to this bar as well. 🙂

Tuesday: The Cambie
You wouldn’t expect it, but yes, even on Tuesdays it gets quite busy at certain bars/clubs in Vancouver. The Cambie is known as a hostel, but it has it’s own bar and let me tell you: It gets pretty wild in there, especially on Tuesdays, because it’s Latin night! You can swing your hips to some South American beats while enjoying a variety of beverages to very reasonable prices. A pitcher of Lager costs around $16, which is pretty good for Vancouver prices. Another reason to go: You’ll meet lots of cool people from many different countries! The Cambie is an international hot spot. I make new friends every time I go.

Wednesday: Pub Night
Of course Wednesday’s are for Pub Nights! Less clubbing, more bar feeling. Even though a pub night can on occasion also end in a “go home at 3am with a cheeseburger” kind of night. Every Wednesday we switch pubs to show you as many cool places as possible and then you can pick your favourites. Pub nights are great to meet people like you, who are here for an international experience. Further, they are amazing to exchange some experiences with one another, plus you can plan some weekend activities together, which makes your time here in Vancouver even better!

Thursday: Library Square Public House
From 8pm till 2am you can enjoy some Reggaeton and Top 40 Hits at Library Square’s International Thursday’s. This party will for sure get you in the mood for the weekend! I recommend buying tickets in advance to secure yourself a spot on the dance floor, plus it’s way cheaper. Only $8 cover charge if you buy in advance, and $15 if you buy your ticket at the door.

Friday: The Yale Saloon
Yes, it’s a country bar! This one is especially interesting for the ladies, since they can get in for free if they show up before 9pm on a Friday night! Yehaaaw! Otherwise cover charge is between $12 and $14. They only take cash at the entrance, so make sure you grab some before you go. I know some of you have their prejudices towards country music, but you’ll be surprised how popular it is in Canada. A lot of young people love going to this bar to sing and dance to some honkeytonk. I feel it’s actually more towards pop music nowadays, once you hear some songs for a few times you can probably sing along, which makes going there even more fun. The highlight of this bar is the mechanical bull. You can ride it for free, but if you want the bull operator to be nice to you, leave a little tip in his jar. 😉 Definitely a must-visit while you are here!

Saturday: Anywhere on Granville Street
On Saturday’s there are parties everywhere! I like to go to Granville street, which literally turns into a party mile at night! The road is usually blocked because there’s too many people walking around the area. You can just walk by and see what you like, I believe there’s something for everybody. Though, it might be good to go earlier, before the crowds arrive, since line-ups for the clubs and bars can get really long. A few of my favourites are Cavo, Cinema, Hotel Belmont, The Roxy, Cabana and the Colony. Each has a different vibe to it! It’s best to go and see for yourself which one’s your favourite.


Sunday: Roxy
Okay, this one is honestly my favourite club in Vancouver. They have great music every day of the week, always switching between half an hour live band and half an hour DJ. It’s a fun atmosphere, the bartenders are nice and it’s a little more casual. Roxy Sundays are legendary. It’s country night (I know, country again, but you’ll start to like it faster than you’d know) and it gets really busy! A lot of people who work in the service industry come here to celebrate on Sunday’s, since they usually work on Friday/Saturday nights, when everybody else is going out. If you are early you can get a free cowboy hat from the bartenders. They also have a photo booth and a pool table in case you’re not a big fan of dancing. You can get a Corona and a shot of Tequila for $11 bucks on Sunday’s, that’s a pretty good deal. The cover charge varies, but I’d say it’s worth checking it out.

I hope this post is useful for you and I think you should just go and see for yourself! Of course this is just a selection and there’s many more options. Maybe you have a favourite already? Feel free to leave any suggestions in the comment section. 🙂

Make sure you invite me, or let me know how it was. 😉

Cheers, Laura 🙂

How was Pubnight ?

Finally! Restrictions are already lifting, no more limits on tables, mingling is allowed, and INTERNeX pubnights are coming back to life. This is certainly what we all have been waiting for – just to spend some quality time with people from all over the world.
If you are new to Vancouver, it must’ve been not easy to make friends in this foreign city at first. But we’ve got good news! For the past weeks we’ve been able to host our beloved pubnights again with more than 6 people on a table. That means the time for cold after-work-drinks, chats with cool people and getting to know thecity a little better, is back. We from the PR-Team are super excited to hear that there’s so many people in Vancouver with INTERNeX right now, and we’d love getting to know all of you.
Throughout my years (Laura’s speaking ;)) I’ve met a lot of great personalities that become my friends. I’m also always a little sad when people leave, but then Ialways meet new people, we built bigger groups and I can tell – it’s so much fun!
Going to a new place, far away from home can be scary, especially when you don’t know anybody, but our pubnights can help you a lot making that connection with other like-minded people. I remember, and this is completely normal and ok, I was a bit nervous too before going to my first pubnight, but I realized very fast that I had no need to be nervous. We are all in the same boat. From my own experience I can tell, everybody was open, willing to engage and to meet new people. Pubnights are also a great place to plan other activities together, eg. hikes on weekends, or upcoming INTERNeX trips such as the Rocky Mountains trip in April!!
(We’ll talk about that in more detail in one of our next blogposts and on
Instagram, so stay tuned!) You just pitch your idea and there’s always somebody who’d like to do it with you or even had the same plan as you. It’s very comforting to know that even if you’re far away from home you don’t have to be lonely. I would rather say a stay abroad is more like a growing your own strong, personality and having the time of our lives thing 😉

Last week’s pubnight was at The Cambie which is especially known as a hostel, but it also has a popular bar. Here you can meet lots of internationals, as well as locals. Sounds like the place to be, right? We love how to go to different bars each week. It helps to get to know Vancouver and its night life better. We were around 12 people last week and everybody had a really good time. It’s nice that everything slowly feels like it’s getting back to normal.

Can’t wait to see y’all at the next pubnight!
Also, have you seen our first Tiktok? Check it out and leave a like !:)

Laura and Tatjana

INTERNeX International Exchange
2005-689 Abbott St., Vancouver, BC, V6B 0J2

PuB-Night Review

Isn’t it weird how the night from Wednesday to Thursday always feels so much shorter than any other weeknight?! 
IMG_5648.JPGAnyways even though I am bit tired, I had a pretty good night last night again! 🙂
We went to the La Casita, which doesn’t just sound Mexican, but actually took us on a little trip down to Mexico right away. The music, the decorations, the drinks – everything was just perfectly getting you in the right vibe. 
So after some fantastic food, we made our way through the margarita menu. So that even our Danish margarita queen found something new to experience ;P. 
But there is still one massive question that has been bothering me ever since and unfortunately I couldn’t find an answer last night … so when do I get sugar and when do I get salt on the edge of my margarita glass?? So if anyone could please get me out of this sinister hole of cluelessness, please leave me a message. IMG_5638.JPG
Anyways Pub-Night wouldn’t be Pub-Night, if we wouldn’t have moved on to a different location to continue the celebrations of togetherness. Out of the two big favourites, we chose to go to the Cambie this time. Sorry Yale – Saloon, but you will probably see us soon enough anyways.  
A very exhausting game of Pac-Man, brought me closer to nervous break down than I ever wanted to be. Maybe it’s not really who we play against (literally any game), maybe it’s the Cambie itself, that brings out the most competitive side in everyone :D. (Careful, this was an inside joke and might test your loyalty to this blog).
However, afterwards we moved on to the Dance Floor and since we’ve got it all to ourselves, “dancing like nobody watches you”, wasn’t a phrase anymore :D. 
And I won’t lie, we learned some incredible and unique dance moves to show off at the next club visit. Usually you get three types of people on the dane floor. Type 1 would be the “right-tip-left-tip” type, so more the classical “I like to dance, but I am not going wild tonight” kind of A1488CFB-1F64-47F7-B4C9-BA97CC3DF34C.JPGdancer. Type two, which is the “move-your-hips” type, clearly knowing what they are doing and actually looking good doing it, simply born with rhythm in their blood. And then you get the “getting-jealous-looks-because-their-dancing-looks-like-so-much-fun-but-you-get-funny-looks-for-doing-it” type of dancers. (Wow what a handy and short name, well done Nadja.. getting right to the point here!).  
So I think all of us just transformed into type number three and honestly I don’t think I can ever go back from there! 😀
Thank you guys for honouring me with your presence :D. 
See you next week! 
—Nadja xx
INTERNeX International Exchange
International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada -V6B 6N9-

PuB-Night Review

And it’s over again – my favorite day of all weekdays.
This week we went to the Moose’s Down Under and again it was great to see that so many people joined us last night! Thanks for that!IMG_4755.JPG
Besides that, we actually got a lot to celebrate last night. Starting off with our newest arrival Simon, being introduced to our group. Since we are a super friendly and easy-going group, he became part of the group very quickly!
Furthermore we actually got a birthday to celebrate and one to “belate-celebrate”. (I don’t know if that is an actual thing … I guess now it is!)
So Happy Birthday once again to Sarah and Laura!
After a few drinks and some really nice food, we went on to the next location. There was no need of discussing which place it will be and I am pretty sure you know already. So just a bus drive later we found ourselves in The Yale Saloon once again.
As they had Jager Bombs on special and since we are always appreciating ways to safe some money, we didn’t loose much time make use of this offer. And after this it seemed like the right thing to do, to sign up for the Bull-riding competition …. Just in case you want to see some more pictures and videos than I will provide up here, check out our Instagram story! After all, we were the lucky winners of a $50 gift card for drinks. Truly the best price to win! 8e2b481b-97bb-40f9-bad9-b38ea8618d44.JPG
The Jager Bombs we got out of this, even gave me enough confidence to try out Line-Dancing. And thanks to the very patient teachers, it kinda looked like some real Line Dance after all!
Thank you guys, I really enjoyed it. 
I am already looking forward to next week!
Next PuB-Night will be at the Beaver, 7pm.
See you there! 
International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada -V6B 6N9-


Whistler Trip here we come

It’s time now to go for our amazing Whistler Trip. You are lucky there is a ton of fresh snow in Whistler. We will meet in front of Canada Place (Burrard and Canada Place) on Saturday the 8th of March at 06:45am. Please make sure you will be there on time.



We will be back in Vancouver on Sunday at approximately 7:30pm. All the activities you want to do can be book in the bus, but their only except CASH. So please make sure you have enough cash with you, so you can book the great activities, which their offer.

Optional Activities Available on Tour
Peak to Peak Gondola $47
Snow Tubing $20
Zip Trek $105
Bungee Jump $125

Ski/Snow Board Pricing
Lift Tickets Only $90
Ski/Snowboard Rentals $35
Lesson Package (Lesson, Rentals & Lift Ticket) $130


The temperatures can actually drop below -15 degrees so make sure you take warm clothes, gloves, togue, warm jacket and ski pants (for skiing and snowboarding) with you. When you have to rent your ski clothes, please have a look at the Army Store or at sports junkies, it might be cheaper here as in Whistler.


At our hotel is an outdoor pool and hot tub, so swimming suit would be good as well. The rooms are shared (4 people sharing 2 beds). Of course for the incredible nightlife in Whistler you need 2 pieces of ID`s. Just in case please take your medical insurance card with you as well.

Please make sure you sign the waiver for the Whistler trip tonight at our PuB NiGHT or stop by at the office as soon as possible, but before Friday 3pm.

 We are super excited to go and we hope you too.


INTERNeX International Exchange
International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada -V6B 9N9-