Fun Fact Friday

Every month, it is our task to brighten you with our knowledge about Vancouver. But, since we’ve done that a few times already, I was thinking that today I could tell you some facts about Canada itself instead. And not just any facts…

1. Gravity

7510359934_4d45336b93_nIn the 1960s, it was discovered that gravity in Hudson Bay and surrounding areas is lower than in the rest of the world. How? Well, it is pretty complicated, so pay close attention. One theory involves convection in the Earth’s mantle. A complex sentence, I know. So let’s break it down. First of all, it is important to know what convection is. Convection means “the transfer of heat through a liquid or gas, caused by molecular motion.” Secondly, the Earth’s mantle consists of magma. Magma is a hot, molten rock that is always moving in order to create convection currents. Convection brings the Earth’s continental plates down, which means the mass in that area gets smaller and therefore, there is a reduction in gravity. Considering this paragraph is basically a brainteaser that contains a lot of complicated science words, I will spare you the second theory.

2. Education

You might not have guessed it, but Canada is the number one most educated country in the world. According to a study done by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, more than 56 per cent of residents between 25 and 64 years old have a college degree. Back in 2000, this was only 40 per cent. Despite the number not being crazy high, Canada is doing a much better job than most countries. The United States, ironically, ranked sixth place in the list of “the 10 most educated countries in the world” created by the OECD. With Japan being second place with 50.5 per cent, Canada and Japan are the only countries who have surpassed the 50 per cent mark.

3. North Pole in Canada

23427910665_69436eda11_nIt might not be Christmas just yet, but that doesn’t mean we can’t talk about it! In fact, Canada has such a great fact related to Christmas, that I just HAVE to tell you all about it. In Canada, you have the opportunity to send a letter to Santa Claus. There is an actual postal address you can send your letter to and as long as you include a return address, Santa will read the letter and send one back to you! Santa and his elves make sure every single letter is personal and exciting. Don’t worry; you don’t have to be a kid to participate! You just have to believe in Santa and the magic of Christmas.


In case this inspired you to write a letter to Santa too, the address is:
Santa Claus
North Pole

Have a great weekend everyone! See you on Sunday when we do our hike!

– Angy

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Fun Facts

I bet you had many situations by now, where you sat wondering about something that seemed strange to you, or unusual. Thinking to yourself – well, how interesting. I come across things like that over and over again and thought I show you some more things to wonder about 🙂 Here is a list of strange things you didn’t know about, so find out what a Christmas tree has to do with it:

You Can See More Snakes in Winnipeg Than Anywhere Else

Ok, personally nothing I need to verify…

There is a Secret Underground Laboratory in Sudbury, Ont.

Meddling with the dark forces hihi!

Canadians Harvest Icebergs in Labrador and Newfoundland

Jup, I mean why the heck should they harvest something normal, eh?

They Built a UFO Landing Pad

And it was really official, too! The town provided the land, the Minister of National Defense, flew in  to officially open it.

They Have the World’s Safest Highways

For animals! Like grizzly and black bears, wolves, coyotes, cougars, moose, elk, deer, bighorn sheep, wolverine and lynx.

Vancouver Island is Home To an Annual Bathtub Race

Yeah, really! This even started back in 1967 and today it even includes a Bathtub Parade!!!

We Speak on Behalf of Santa Claus

Comes pretty close to the North Pole at least ^^

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I and it made you smile a bit. If you want to find out more, you can visit this website.


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INTERNeX Canada: Raincouver or Suncouver?

Everybody knows about Raincouver, we always make jokes of that  in the orientations with our new candidates…  But lately what is my surprise? The most of the newcomers says oh no, it’s ok, actually is not that bad, it’s better than home … What??? Spain everybody has the mental image of Canada like the North Pole…even after 5 months here, and a perfect and sunny summer at Vancouver, my friends still advise my Irene please wear proper clothes, Canada is extremely cold!

And as Spanish, and more if you live in Madrid where the average temperature of the year is around 20 grades Celsius of course is not that crazy to think that Canada is pretty cold! But grandma, friends… Canada in general is cold, but Vancouver is kind of warm. It rains yes, I won’t deny, but it’s not (so far) a heavy rain, so the most the times you can walk without umbrella.

Vancouver has around 160 days of rain per year…do you know how many days in Madrid?  58!!But investigating a little bit  about the rainiest European cities; here is the top ten!

1.Copenhagen, Denmark 251
2. Oslo, Norway 232
3. London, UK 226
4. Brussels, Belgium 220
5. Amsterdam, Netherlands 214
6. Helsinki, Finland 203
7. Stockholm, Sweden 164
8. Vienna, Austria 160
9. Prague, Czech Republic 143
10. Dublin, Ireland 139

Now I understand! We have so many people from Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands… and it rains more there that here!!!But not more, it rains almost 100 days more…oh god! I don’t know why Spanish people we always associated Canada like the rainiest and coldest place in the world…and then you just got surprise that not that far from home it can be much colder and rainier!

Speaking in general the weather in Vancouver,  is not that bad!( I am Spanish..remember 20 grades, 58 raining days… so trust me!)It’s even warm! Of course I am not going to wear flip flop or sandals like some locals…but I am not lying, you can live perfectly here! And in some point you will even like the rain! Why do you think Vancouver is so green?

So for some people will be Raincouver but for other people can be Suncouver.. Oh god I love differences!

Enjoy the rain or the sun!



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