Client Testimonial

Timo, Germany

Well, there I was. Once again on a plane heading to Canada – Sipping my tomato juice, which is ‘plane’ better at high altitude, while gazing through the 17 1/8″ x 20 5/8″ window. Yet Canada looked like a layer of thick, dense clouds. Seriously though, I couldn’t wait to catch a first glimpse of my beautiful new home, British Columbia.

During my one-year stay in Edmonton during grade 11, I was often told to visit Vancouver. When someone would ask me about my thoughts on the city I would respond ‘If Whyte Avenue is Edmonton’s most exciting street, well then Vancouver must be Canada’s Whyte Avenue’.

I couldn’t wait to see this place!

While still in German High School I started planning my best possible way to spending time in Van City. Luckily it didn’t take me too long until I came across INTERNeX. Their help was crucial for me to say the least! Going through the whole visa/internship application process can get really exhausting. It’s great to have some professional back up, unless you like throwing pity parties due to frequent frustration.

And then…Boom!! While having a barbecue with my friends on July 11th, I received Mr. Wells’ email saying I got an internship placement with an NGO. Without trying to exaggerate and in respect of my friends hating to see me leave again – my excitement spilled over and captured everyone’s feelings.

Now, two months after being on that plane to Canada, I can say that living here In Vancouver has been an incredible experience so far. Through my internship I have networked my way around the NGO sector and I had the chance to attend enormously informative panel discussions and workshops. Above all that, it doesn’t even seem like I have arrived at the tip of the iceberg yet. There’s a lot more to come. And hey, didn’t you always want to wake up and ‘SpongeBob-Style’ walk your way to the office thinking ‘I’m ready! I’m ready!’?Well I do that five times a week. And needless to say, I even find time to explore Vancouver’s stunning surroundings.

Look at my picture from when I went zip lining in Whistler! It’s only one shot of a whole library of great experiences, at great places, with great people, and last bot not least – with InternEx. Thanks guys!

Cheers Timo

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