WARNING! Rental scam

For all those looking for an apartment right now, please double check the ad & apartment before you give any money!

At the moment their are some scammers on craigslist who already scammed people hundreds of dollars! If you are looking for an apartment always have a look at the apartment first before you sign a lease or give any money. If you have to sign a lease and you have a bad feeling, come and see us with the lease. We are more then happy to help you!

This warning is not only for apartments, but for anything you buy on craigslist. Always make sure you see the product before you sign or give any money.

More information about this scam can be found here.

Be carefúúuul 

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INTERNeX Canada: Casual Friday – Tips for renting a car

Hey there,

Friday, the last day of the week so almost weekend!
Today I want to talk about renting a car in Canada. There are several option you might wanna know about! I discovered that there are a view things you should know before you rent one.

First of all you there are a lot of company’s around the Vancouver Airport area. Examples of these are Alamo, Budget, AVIS or Hertz.. It’s really easy to rent a car online from one of these companies. But, because of most of us are under the 25 you have to be aware of the age surcharge. This is a charge $25-30 each day you rent a car if you are under the 25 years old. Another thing is the damage collision waiver. If you do not select this extra insurance you are unprotected for accidents etc. This is also between the $25 dollars.

In other words, you have to expect a lot of extra costs on top of the price you see online. But to make it more easy Alamo has a special under age package. All the things I discussed above are included so you are fully protected. When you pick up the car you have to pay a full gastank and that’s it! If you do not have a lot of money this is the solution.

The other option for car rental is with one of the sharing car companies. The first one is Zipcar. This is a car sharing company that gives you temporary access to a car if you are +21. You can rent cars for $8 per hour (excl. yearly membership fee). All you need for this is a membership, your driver’s license and your driving record.

The second sharing car company called Car2Go. This is an easy option if you want to travel from point A to B. There is no return time or location. You look on the map, pick up the car, and when you’re done you can just park it within the home area of that car. Everything you need is included in one price, really easy!

This Sunday I have rented a small car via Alamo just for 1 day. It’s easy and close to Vancouver to make a daytrip to Whistler and the waterfalls!

Hope you have a great weekend as well,


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INTERNeX Canada: New teccrab website!

Our Summer Party in 2012

Last summer we enjoyed and incredible Summer Party! But that was just possible to all our sponsors! One of them was teccrab. It just launched its new website. It’s quite impressive so you should check it out!

What does teccrab have to offer?

If you want to start selling your products or have your own presence online, teccrab can help you to develop your website.

If you are looking to improve your presence on the World Wide Web, teccrab can design online marketing strategies for your potential new customers.

If you are planning to have an event teccrab have their own Public Relations departments so don’t doubt on contact them.

R. Simon Kaebe, founder of teccrab

If you need a promo video for your event, I specially recommend you to contact them… their job is just amazing!

And last but not least…maybe you are interested in knowing a little bit more about all the  the World Wide Web world, in that case you should contact them because teccrab offers IT Classes as well!

When you work doing your passion, do you know what happen? Brilliant results! So if you really want to have or to improve your online presence, just give them a call!

Thanks again teccrab for your help!



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INTERNeX Canada: teccrab online service inc. – Summer Party Bronze Sponsor

INTERNeX is happy to announce our partner and Summer Party bronze sponsor teccrab online service inc. today. The company supports INTERNeX online presence and is now a proud sponsor of our legendary Summer Party 2012! For more information about this event please visit the Summer Party event website.

We are used to research all information we want and need online; we expect companies to have a comprehensible website; we want to follow our favorite shops and bars on social networks. Online presence is a significant part of business for all companies today. teccrab online service inc. knows how the modern business world works and offers support in the most recent developments of online media marketing.

Their services start with Website Development for companies and their products. A website is nowadays the face of a company and needs to be well-developed and professional. That is where teccrab online service inc. offers expert advice from various fields including marketing, software developing, web and print design as well as Public Relations.

Search engines are an everyday tool for the most people but have you ever thought about the effort behind the search results you get? With the internet becoming the main business platform for today’s industries, teccrab online service inc. supports them in areas such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search engine marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing as well as Online Reputation Management.

Additionally, teccrab’s Public Relations Service helps their clients to professionally interact with partners and customers, enter new markets and promote the company and their product. However, offline contact and publicity is as important as the online part of business. A professional Public Relations team will assist in promoting events to attract and meet partners and customers.

For all services teccrab online service inc. offers consultations and special packages for the particular needs of its clients. If you are interested to know more about teccrab online service inc. and their services, take a look at the teccrab online service inc. website.

INTERNeX International Exchange is grateful for the support of teccrab online service inc.!



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Picture of the week!

This week’s picture of the week is from the INTERNeX Networking Event that took place on the 1st of June due to the big NAFSA conference here in Vancouver. The event was a great success and we hope that everyone enjoyed it as much as we did. Again, thank you all for coming to our INTERNeX Reception!
However there are also some other people that deserve a thank you! A few of the INTERNeX candidates helped us out with volunteering for the INTERNeX Networking Reception and we would really like to thank these candidates again, so thank you: Regula, Matthijs, Kathryn, Matt, Arne, Timo and Oscar!!

At the event we had a photo booth where people could take pictures of them with their friends. All the pictures are online, if you would like to see them click here. I picked this photo to be the picture of the week because we are really thankful for all the help we got from our volunteers! Thanks for helping us make the night as it was; perfect!


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INTERNeX Website – Back Online

I am happy to announce that our website is back online again. After the server problems were solved I tried if the main function of our website are working before I was publishing this post. But of course, if you find any more problems with our site, please feel free to leave a comment here.

I also would like to mention again that our online registration form, for the NAFSA Reception on the 1st June 2011 (INTERNeX Class of 2011), is open now. If you would like to join us please follow this link where you will find a “Sign in” button. You will also find on this site all our sponsors and if you are interested to become a sponsor yourself just click on one of the empty spots to get more information.

I am glad that we were able to solve the problem with our website and would like to apologize for any inconvenience.

Thank you for your understanding.

R. Simon Kaebe – IT Manager

Get the best deals!

Online shopping can quickly become overwhelming during the holiday season. Here’s how to stay organized, focused, and keep on top of all the great deals when shopping online.

  • Before you buy anything, check for a coupon. Even if you don’t have one, you can generally find one online through a number of web sites.
  • Keeping track of all your online shopping can be a lot of work, so it’s best if you keep everything nicely organized. Make a shoplist or a wishlist.
  • In addition to your basic coupon searches, you should keep an eye on group coupon sites
  • Search for a site that can give you the lowest price for a product. There are sites that compare prices from all the online shopping sites.

Good luck!