INTERNeX Canada: How to scape from a bear!

In Canada, there are approximately 25,000 grizzly bears occupying British Columbia, Ontario, Alberta, the Yukon, the Northwest Territories, Nuvanut, and the northern part of Manitoba.

If you should happen to run into a bear or you find yourself face to face with a bear, do you know what to do? Read on, because here are some interesting tips!

  1.  First of all, keep calm! Most of bears try to avoid people, so you should not be afraid.
  2.  If the bear doesn’t seem dangerous or agressive and is far away, just make as much noise as you can. You’ll let him/her know your presence: talk loudly, make noise,etc. (but don’t whistle)
  3.  Keep your distance, but if the bear is closer, stop and  don’t panic! Remain calm and try to look as large as possible. Then, try to back slowly and speak softly.Beer deterrent
  4.  Carry bear spray! Yeah, it sounds funny, but it actually exists. It’s a special pepper spray and is an invaluable deterrent!! (Take care, it’s a good deterrent, but the scent of its resin can actually attract bears)

Just watch this funny video, it’ll help you a lot !

P.S. Just keep in mind guys: Do not feed bears guys! It’s illegal in all of Canadian and USA National parks, and bears will associate humans with easy food!



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INTERNeX Canada: Stories from Toronto (1)

You think Vancouver is big? Try Toronto and you’ll know better. Often called Canada’s answer to the Big Apple, Ontario’s capital really is a huuuge city. When I first got there in late August this year, I was completely overwhelmed by how high the buildings were, how many people ran into me all the time, how awfully hot it was and how busy the streets were. Still, it felt just great.

After I had arrived at the hostel (and after about 13 hours of travelling), all I wanted to do is to check this place out right away. The taxi ride from the airport gave me a first impression but I knew I would only have three full days in Toronto, so why not take a quick shower and make use of this afternoon too. Of course, the city jungle captured me right away with its confusing transit system but somehow I managed to make my way to the waterfront where I then decided to take the ferry to the island. I have to admit, it was so weird waiting in line amidst families, couples and friends, which literally left me being the only person who didn’t have anyone to talk to. This tiny moment of loneliness was soon to be forgotten when the boat finally departed and slowly moved away from downtown. As we got closer to the island, the city’s skyline just blew me away. With an uncountable number of highrises and its two most prominent landmarks, the CN Tower and Rogers Centre right next to it, it was an amazing sight. A cool summer breeze in my hair and warming sun on my skin – this felt exactly like the freedom I had been looking for. For some reason I always tend to question my own decisions a lot (obviously even more so if they involve a relocation to another continent) but this was the moment when I realized that I had done the perfectly right thing.

My initial plan to go explore the beaches on the other side of the island was destroyed by a monster of a jet lag that kicked in with full force when I got off the ferry. With heavy legs, dark circles around the eyes and the urge to pass out on a bed, I dragged myself back to the hostel. Nevertheless, it was a great start to my 5-nights layover in Ontario. And by the way, Toronto is right on Lake Ontario, not the sea – it took me a while to accept the fact.

Stay tuned for some more of my Stories from Toronto. On the one and only INTERNeX blog of course.



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INTERNeX Canada: Culture Shock

Celebrities and stars on TV and in concerts are in our daily lives but did you know that many famous musicians and actors are from Canada? Check out some of the legends who were born in the Great White North:

Avril Lavigne, the skater-punk girl with black cloth and a tie, became famous almost overnight with her song “Complicated”. She is from Ontario, as is Shania Twain. This country superstar is known for songs like “Man! I Feel Like a Woman!” or “That Don’t Impress Me Much”, remember? Another Ontario-produced celebrity is Bryan Adams. This world superstar is from Kingston, Ontario and has been a singer, songwriter, photographer and much more since the 1980s. We all sing along when his song “Summer of 69” is on in the club at least once a weekend. From Toronto, Ontario is the rock legend Neil Young, who is the idol of many starts. He played in bands and solo and his most famous song is probably “Heart of Gold”.

Then there is Nelly Furtado who is from Victoria, BC. The rock/folk singer-songwriter sang in a duet with Bryan Adams at the opening ceremonies of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games. And of course there is Celine Dion from Quebec. We know her for many cheesy songs and the Titanic hymn “My heart will go on”! Did you know that the director of “Titanic” is from Canada as well? The Ontario born film legend James Cameron made movies like “True Lies”, “The Terminator”, “Aliens”, “Titanic” and “Avatar”.

In film, one of the Canadian superstars is Pamela Anderson. Apparently, she was not born on the beach in the red bathing suit but is from Ladysmith, British Columbia. The next one is a real Canadian: Keanu Reeves we all know from The Matrix. He was born in Lebanon to an English mother and a Hawaiian-born American father. The family moved around the world and ended up in Toronto. Jim Carrey is of course a famous Canadian with a dual Canadian and American citizenship! He is an actor and comedian known for many many different movies like “The Mask”, “The Truman Show”, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” or “Bruce Almighty”.

Oh, and of course, Justin Bieber. No explanation needed.

Did I forget a very important Canadian? Let me know.



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INTERNeX Canada: Culture Shock

Although Timmy is my best friend now, my first time at Tim Horton’s was quite a shock… Tim Horton’s is supposed to be VERY Canadian, so I decided to try. I didn’t know that you need to prepare…

First of all, people in front of me ordered a “double double” and “timbits”. That is where I panicked and doubted my English abilities: I didn’t understand what they were saying, my English is obviously not as good as I thought?! Then, I was caught off guard when the server stares at me very expectantly after I ordered a “coffee”. Turns out you have to tell them how you’d like your coffee, if you want cream or sugar, and how much of it. I also had to answer a million questions about my breakfast sandwich: “bagel, English muffin or biscuit? beef, bacon or sausage? white egg or normal egg? cheese or no cheese?” And they want their answers FAST. So you better know what you want.

But once you had a couple of those experiences and get used to this icon of Canadian culture, you also order a “double double and a maple doughnut” with ease. Tim Horton’s is as Canadian as it can get, and if you manage to order there, so are you.

Check out all this Canadian-ness: It was founded in Canada (!) by a Canadian (!) Ice Hockey player (!) who played for the Toronto Maple Leafs (!) – I could already stop here, right!?  But it gets more Canadian. Tim Horton was from a rural small town (!) of Hamilton, Ontario (!). The first restaurant was opened in Hamilton in Ottawa Street (!). What makes Tim Horton’s one of THE Canadian symbols today is the fact that there are more Timmy’s stores in Canada than there is McDonald’s (!).

How do you like your coffee? Are you a double double Canadian yet?



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Fun Facts about Canada

Today I would like to tell you some interesting facts about Canada and of the 12 different provinces! After reading this article you will know a lot more about Canada!

Canada: Canadians consume the most macaroni and cheese in comparison with other countries. And did you know that John Cabot was the first explorer who reached Canada in 1497

British Columbia: did you know that the world’s largest octopus, scallop, and sea star are found in British Columbia’s ocean water.

Alberta: On January 27th, 1962, Alberta experienced a Chinook! this is a very warm wind that blows though the beautiful Rocky Mountains. The temperature rose from – 18.9 to +3.3 in only 1 hour! Can you imagine that?

Saskatchewan: In this province the daylight saving time does not occur, the clock will stay on the standard time. easy eh?!

Manitoba: The area portage la Prairie, located in this province is called the strawberry capital of Canada!

Ontario: did you know that there are more than 250.000 lakes here? that is a lot!

Quebec: in this province is 70% of the world’s maple syrup produced. No matter where you are in the world, the change is  big the maple syrup is from Quebec!

Newfoundland: If you are standing on the East coast of this province, then you are closer to Ireland than Saskatchewan.

New Brunswick: This is the only province with two official languages, French & English.

Nova Scotia: The name Nova Scotia (Latin) means New Scotland, which is names after Scotland.

Nunavut: 50% of all polar bears in the world are living here! And this province contains 1/5 of all the land in Canada!

Northwest Territories: In this province you can find the great slave lake, which is the deepest lake in Canada!

Yukon: Here you can see the amazing Northern lights in Yukon’s night sky!

Cheers, Lydia

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Hey guys,

I have some very interesting fact’s for you. After reading this Part 1, you will know a lot more about the provinces Canada’s.

Enjoy 🙂


Nova Scotia

Capital: Halifax

  • Oxford, N.S.  is known as the blueberry capital of Canada
  • There are 150 lighthouses in N.S.  – the most in Canada
  • A 9.3kg lobster was documented as the largest lobster caught. It was caught in N.S. in 1977
  • Nova Scotia is Latin, meaning “New Scotland”

New Brunswick

Capital: Fredericton

  • The highest tides in the world occur in the Bay of Fundy.
  • Shediac, N.B. is with 10.5 meters Long and a weight of 90 tonnes home to the world’s largest lobster monument.
  • In 1899, the world’s longest covered bridge with a length of  390m was built in Hartland, N.B.
  • N.B. is Canada’s only official bilingual province.
  • N.B. has the highest total potato crop, Prince Edward Island the largest crop per acreage.


Capital: St. John’s

  • On the Island of Newfoundland, there are no snakes, skunks or poison ivy found.
  • On the east coast of Newfoundland, you are closer to Ireland than you are to Saskatchewan.
  • Squirrels were first introduced to Newfoundland in 1963 and are now found throughout the entire Island.


Capital: Québec

  • Some of the oldest rocks on the earth are part of the Canadian shield, which covers most of Québec
  • In Québec 70% of the world’s maple syrup is produced.
  • Montreal is the world’s second largest French-speaking city, after Paris
  • Quebec City is surrounded by a four- meter high wall. It is the only walled city in North America



Capital: Toronto

  • Waterdown, has the world’s longest gum wrapper chain. March 11, 2004, the chain was   13 526.4144m long! That’s a lot of gum to chew.
  • Ontario contains over 250 000 lakes.
  • The largest freshwater lake in the world is Lake Superior, measuring approximately 260km west to east and 560km north to south.
  • The tomato capital of Canada is Leamington, Ontario.


Capital: Winnipeg

  • The world’s biggest Trilobite fossil was found near Churchill, Manitoba. It is 70cm long and is over 445 million years old.
  • Baldy Mountain is 831 meters high and is Manitoba’s highest point.
  • Portage La Prairie is known as the strawberry capital of Canada.

To be continued 😉


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A Canadian’s Internship Experience

Some of you may know by now that today is my last day as an intern at INTERNeX. You didn’t think you were the only one doing an internship, did you? Many Canadian students also have to complete an internship for their post-secondary education, like me :). I have been a Public Relations intern with INTERNeX for three months now. My main tasks were organizing events, conducting orientation seminars for you guys and doing some design work as well. The time here has gone by so quickly and it seems like just yesterday I was new to Vancouver!

I flew to British Columbia from Ontario on April 28, 2010, excited for what the next three months would bring. I had always heard that Vancouver was an amazing city, and that B.C. was an gorgeous place, so I had high expectations when I first arrived. Ontario is quite a flat province, so flat in fact that on a clear day, the CN tower can be seen from where I live – about 82 km away from Toronto. That being said, you can imagine what I was doing in the cab from the airport: Marveling at the province’s rolling mountains as my eyes darted from peak to peak. That was only the beginning of my most memorable summer experience.

Looking back, I remember dreading the thought of an unpaid internship. The idea of working full-time for a company seemed so unfair and cruel for a student that was already broke from paying tuition. What I didn’t know then, was that my summer internship would prove to be a priceless experience, and the rewards would be far greater than a paycheck.

When you start any new job (an internship is pretty much a job – a bridge between the classroom and a real work environment), you try to imagine what the experience will be like. Will you like the position? Will you get along with your coworkers? What is the office environment like? All of these thoughts raced through my head as I walked to work on May 3, 2010.

As I approached the door to the INTERNeX office, I realized that – as cheesy as it sounds – I was about to open a door to a new experience , and to a new chapter in my life. Internship Tip #1: Breathe.

When I stepped into the office that day, I was greeted with big smiles and polite hellos from the staff. This of course, was a relief, because entering a new work environment can be daunting. Internship Tip #2: Relax and Smile. My first week at INTERNeX was CRAZY, but in a great way. I was able to dive head first into a number of tasks and projects, each one teaching me about the nuts and bolts of the company’s core values and objectives. The more things I did, the more I learned, which brings me to Internship Tip #3: Show initiative. Learn about the company. If you’re done a project, ask for a new task. Help out a busy coworker, even take the office pet for a walk if everyone else is too busy. If you show initiative, this will lead to more responsibility in the future.

Of course when you first begin your internship, there can be a lot to learn. You may suffer a bit of information overload (like I did), so take your time. The company knows you are new. They’re there to help and answer any questions you may have, so when in doubt, ask. Throughout my internship each and everyone of the employees were to help me understand certain programs or visa requirements. All I had to do was ask :).  Internship Tip #4: Communicate.

After learning about the business side of the company, I was able to get to the really fun stuff – events and promotions! Being in PR, this is what I was pumped about! Getting to organize events for clients, and promote partner trips was very exciting to me. My first events with INTERNeX were planning a pub night and a barbecue, both of which enabled me to meet program participants and learn about many different cultures. It was fun to hang out with INTERNeX candidates, but it was also great to hear about their experiences as well. One thing to mention was that because I worked for INTERNeX and became friends with their clients, I had to maintain a professional attitude. This is why Internship Tip #5 is important: Be Professional. Every intern’s duties vary, but you should always be punctual, dressed appropriately and be professional in everything you do.

If you’re looking to complete an internship or are currently completing an internship, remember Internship Tip #6: The Success Of Your Internship Depends On YOU! Someone is not going to hold your hand at work. If you really want to learn, you need plunge into the ocean of opportunity available at the office. There are endless ways to learn and grown personally and professionally in a work environment, so, will you take the plunge?

I can say that my internship experience has been amazing. I have made professional connections, developed friendships, and have learned a tremendous amount. I got to work alongside the owner of the company, the program managers, and other interns. Even Nala, the office dog, taught me something: If you’ve had a busy day, take a short walk outside to clear your head and stretch your legs. You’ll feel amazing.  By following Internship Tip #7: Take Risks, you will find that if you push yourself, you will discover that you’re capable of more than you think ;).

If you’re looking to gain real-world, hands on experience, I would definitely recommend completing an internship. If you have a real sense of adventure, then doing an internship abroad makes the learning experience even more valuable. This world is a huge place. It’s full of great people,  amazing history and beautiful landscapes. What are you waiting for!

Canada is such a beautiful country. Since being in British Columbia I have had the opportunity to see some beautiful, picture-perfect landscapes.  My most recent and most-loved experience was a camping trip to Garibaldi Provincial Park. When you see the following picture, just know that what it looks like to you is nothing compared to when you’re standing in front of it. A picture says a thousand words but seeing with your own two eyes leaves you speechless. This is just one of the amazing places in Canada and I hope you get the chance to see it!

As my day slowly comes to an end, I still can’t believe my internship is almost over! I’ll miss the international staff, the busy atmosphere , even the gurgle of the water cooler beside my desk. But as one door closes, another one opens. Moving on is a simple thing, it’s what you leave behind that’s hard!

Goodluck to everyone in the future, and thank you to everyone at INTERNeX for a life-changing experience.

– Laura