INTERNeX Canada: Culture shock

Today I am going to speak about one topic kind of private. When we were in Whistler a bunch of girls we spoke about that….and the topic is…

Canadian washrooms!

What is wrong with the Canadian washroom´s doors? I don´t know why but all the doors has a specie of gap!!!Of course through you can see the people outside…but if you can see the people outside is obvious that they can see you as well! It´s impossible to have a complete privacy inside!

But that´s not all, in Whistler, Julia one of our candidates told us that when she was in USA, a lot of “restrooms” didn´t have directly any door! Haha Yeah that´s much worse that a little opening!

In Spain and in the rest of the other places I´ve been, I have never seen that. Sometimes you have to knock the door to know if there is someone or not, that´s something you don´t need to do in Canada, you just see or not him/her!

But I would really want to know why? Are safer the doors with an opening? Are the Canadians worried about the wood?  Or are just North America people more exhibitionist than Europeans? 😉

Do you know why? Please let us know! 🙂



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Cypress Mountain opens tomorrow!

Cypress Mountain – Vancouver’s only BIG Mountain Experience is very proud to announce that there will be a Big Mountain North Shore skiing open for Saturday morning.  Eagle Express Quad will be open to access all of the Gold Medal terrain on the north face of Black Mountain – Upper Fork, Jasey Jay (formerly PGS), Windjammer plus the return of Panorama which is again fully open for skiers and riders! Zoom to the top of Black Mountain in 4 minutes on the High Speed Quad Chair and get in all of the rides you need this weekend.  For those who prefer Beginner Terrain they also will be opening Easy Rider Quad Chair!
The amazing timber frame structure, the Cypress Creek Lodge will be fully open for all visitor services including the huge Crazy Raven Bar & Grill plus they now have additional new free paved parking areas only minutes from the Lifts (priority pay parking will also be available right beside the Cypress Creek Lodge).

Toronto’s Short Film Festival

If you’re in Toronto this week and want something to do, be sure to check out the CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival! During the festival, several 90-minutes programs will be shown throughout the city. Each program will show five to twenty-two films at different locations throughout Toronto.
The red carpet will be rolled out tonight for the big opening of the festival. Tonight’s show contains award winning short films from all around the world such as Seeds of the Fall from Sweden and the Six dollar Fifty man from New Zealand.

Tickets prices for a single program start at $10.00. You can also buy a daytime pass, which allows you to see any and all the short films you want before 6 pm, for only $40.00!

For more information on show times and programs in your area, visit

Have a great week guys and let us know if you check out this event!

Whistler Mountain Bike Park

Summer is here and this means that Whistler Mountain Bike Park is opening up! Open daily from May 15th till October 11th 2010 don’t miss out to take your bike out and enjoy some of the best mountain bike riding in the world!! Here is a map of the entire layout of the Bike Park, they boast some of the sickest/longest trails so don’t miss out!

Open from this Saturday, 15 May 2010 till Monday, 11 October 2010, so for more information check out their website